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Identity and Belonging

Who do I take after?

We wrote letters to ourselves about our future dreams‌ And we found out what our parents dreamed of at our age‌

Dear me; Now I am 14 and I am in my third year at the school, in 20 years, I will be 34 year old, I think that at 34 I will be studying because I will study medicine and that is a very long carrer. But in the future, I hope that I will be a very good surgeon. Franco C.

The dream of my grandfhater was to be a very important bussinesman and he became the manager of YPF.

Dear me; When I read this letter again in 20 years, I will be 34 years old. That is hard to imagine at the moment. Right now I am in my third year at the school. I hope to play football in a good club. I am training every day. Now I am playing in Lanus but I played in San Lorenzo and other clubs. So I am hoping to start playing in the first category when I turn 18. I have a lot of contacts. I would like to play in San Lorenzo or other big club and then go to Europe. But I don’t know what is going to happen in many years. Tomås G.

Dear me; When I read this letter again in 20 years, I will be 34 years old. Now I am in the school . I expect to finish that in 3 years. I hope to go university. I will study medicine. I will be a dentist. Now I dream to be Lean’s girlfriend, one of the singers of One Direction. He is perfect, his eyes, his mouth, his hair, his body. I am crazy. I know that but I don’t want to marry an old and angry man. Every day I imagine that I am a superstar and every body loves me. I am going t travel to Australia and I am going to meet Clinton Cove, he is my favorite youtuber. Sofía

My grandmother wanted to study at University when she was my age. But at that time people didn’t have money. She wanted to be a teacher. She expected to have sons and marry a beautiful man. She didn’t want to work, but it was necessary, because of the money issues.

Dear me, In my future I would like to finish my school studies first. Then I am going to study medicine in the university because I’d like to be a doctor. I like to help people with problems or injured body parts or ill people. But the only thing I am not sure about is the speciality. I’d like to be an oftalmologist, radiologist or forensic doctor. But medicine isn’t the only plan. I’d like to continue studying instruments like drums, guitar, bass, piano, violin and harp. And my last plan is to travel to Germany. I hope I can do it. Berenice

When my moher was my age she didn’t know what to do in the future. She couldn’t imagine what she wanted to do because she didn’t know anything about jobs. Finally, when she needed to decide she started studying law but then she discovered she didn’t like it. So she started tudying to become a kindergarten teacher.

Dear me, In a few years I will be studying at medical University of Buenos Aires to become a doctor. When I finish my studies I will specialize in gynaecology, and then I will study to become an obstetrician, to help pregnant women have their babies. BelĂŠn.

When my mother was 14 she wanted to be a doctor too but she only wanted to specialize in gynaecology. Later she decided to study accountancy.

 Dear me, When I am 30 I expect to have a beautiful family with a husband and children. I want to be a history professor or maybe I would like to study English too. I want to teach in a school and have a good job. I really want to go to University after secondary school and finish my career. In the future I expect to continue seeing my friends. I don’t want to forget them. Carolina.

Dear me, When I read this letter again in 20 years’ time I will be 34 years old. I will finish University and I will go to travel the world. I hope that I will be working in some subject related to art. I expect to marry and have three children. I am aiming at travelling to Disney and playing in the different games of the parks. I will be an artist in the world. I intend to work in a famous company and have money. Antonella C.

When my grandmother was my age she wanted to play the piano. She imagined herself married at the age of twenty and having one or two children. She wanted to have a pretty house and to travel around Argentina.

Dear me, In the future I want to be a psychologist and I have to study many years and devote myself to doing what I like. I also want to start a family, and work as a psychologist. In the future I want to keep my friends and my family. Ornella.

In the past my mother wanted to study medicine and work as a doctor. She wanted to start a family and live in a farm with a lot of animals. My father wanted to be a radiologist and have a family too.

Dear me, In ten years’ time I would like to have a house, my current friends, a family with two children (a boy and a girl), a decent job, good health, a country with less uncertainty, without personal problems. These are the most important things for me. Then I would like to have fun, go out among other things. Camila

When my grandma was young she had a dream about a future in which she would be a teacher, but she could never achieve it because she couldn’t study.

Dear me, I am 14 years old and today I am thinking about my future. I have got too many expectations about my life and destiny. Nowadays I am studying in an Art Academy to become a professional ballet dancer. I hope to improve my style of dancing but I know that I have to work very hard for it. I would like to be like Eleonora Cassano, the best ballet dancer in Argentina. She is my inspiration. I expect that I will travel around the world when I become famous. I will meet many people and I will know a lot of great artists. So I am hoping to spend the next four years practicing in the Academy. If I make it I will get a scholarship in Juliart. So I will make my dreams come true. It’s going to take a long time but I think I’m on the right way. Micaela L.

Dear me, When I read this letter again in 20 years I‘ll be 33 years old, that is hard to imagine at the moment. Right now I am in my third year at secondary school. I hope that I can graduate with a good degree but I know that is very difficult. I want to train football with the National Football Team, which is more important than any other club. I expect to make successful contacts and a lot of money. I am aiming to join a match with the selection of Argentina and to go to France to play in Paris St Germain. It is my dream, but I don’t know… Dear me, In 20 years’ time I see myself teaching biology in a school. At my age my mother wanted to be a doctor. She liked to play with dolls and she also dreamed that she was a pharmacist. My father wanted to be a fire fighter or a soldier because he wanted to be a hero. Bruno.

Dear me, In my future I will be a scientist and I will live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will live with my wife and I will have one son, two cars and two houses. I am going to live in one house which will be very big and I will go on holidays to the other. Ramiro L. Dear me, In 20 years’ time I think I will be a skater and I will live with a beautiful woman and three sons in Los Angeles. I will have two cars and a motorcycle. Agustín B.

Dear me, In 20 years’ time I hope to be a sports journalist with a big and good family and I hope I live in Lanus, Buenos Aires. I want to travel around the world. I am going to see all football matches. Finally, I will have a lot of friends and an good life. Gonzalo.

Dear me, In 20 years’ time I think I will have a big company, a family and I will be a good hockey player. At my age my mother wanted to have a family too. Tomás. Dear me, I will be the best guitarist in the world, married with a beautiful brunette woman. I will have two or three kids. I will be a bank’s manager, I will travel to Europe, Asia, Oceania and I will live in California. Joaquín. Dear me, Hi me from the future, I hope you have become a rich man with a nice family, if not, you will disappoint me. If you have a nice family, say hi to them from me! If you receive this letter and you answer it back to me, it will be awesome! Ramiro

We hope our dreams come true‌

Letters to our future selves