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LANĂšS LanĂşs is a small city located in the Southern area f Greater Buenos Aires and it has a population of 212,152. It is a major industrial centre, and it is served by freight and passenger railway lines. The city has chemical, armaments, textiles, paper, leather and rubber goods, wire, apparel, oils and lubricants industries, as well as tanneries, vegetable and fruit canneries.

The first place is called “LA DIVA”. There we can enjoy very delicious food of any type, like pizza, pasta or roasted meat. It is located in the city centre, just at the corner of the two main streets in Lanús. The second place is called “Planet Taco” and there we can eat only mexican food. The last place is “La coruña” and it is a spanish restaurant which serves “parrillada”, roasted meat cooked in the argentinian way. Both places are located in the commercial area of Lanús.

The first place is McDonald´s and is a fast food restaurant, where we can eat hamburguers, french fries, and salads. It’s the favourite among teenagers and children. The second and third pictures are ice cream shops, one is called “La Veneciana” and the other is called “Grido”. They serve the best icecreams in all Lanús, and they have different flavours like chocolate, strawberry, caramel, lemon, among others.

They are both restaurants, but they target different audiences. The first one is called “La Quintana” and it is a familiar restaurant where you can eat any type of food such as pizza and pasta. The last one is called “Punto Limite” and it is a favourite place among young adults. You can drink alcohol, eat snacks and you can even rent movies.

The first picture belongs to the restaurant of Lanus Club. It has a familiar atmosphere and you can eat any type of food there. They also make deliveries, you can order the meal and they take it to your house! The last picture belongs to a place called “Carlitos� and there you can eat lots and lots of different kinds of pankakes, both sweet and salty. Children and adolescents love this place!

These photos belong to Lanus Club, a football team which plays in the first division in our country and it has become a very important club lately. The first photo is the stadium and the second is the swimming pool which is situated in the club, next to the stadium. You can pay some money and spend summer days swimming and sunbathing there!

There are two museums in Lanus, one is called Juan Piñeyro and the other is Abremate. The first one is dedicated to the history of our city whereas the last one is an interactive and scientific museum. The last photo is a theatre which is located in Valentín Alsina, an area in Lanús. It is called “Carlos Gardel” after a very important argentinian tango singer.

Our city doesn’t have a big shopping mall, but there are areas where you can buy clothes from the most important brands. Both, the east and west part of Lanús have their main streets full of clothes’ shops, bars and restaurants.

The House of Music is a place which offers music, painting and photography among other things. 

La Zona is a Disco located on the main avenue, very near the station, right in the heart of lanús. It has illumiation and music from the last generation in all its areas.


The offer is varied as there are plenty of places to go in order to listen to good music and have a drink with friends. The most important ones are Your place and CapĂ­tulo 1. You can even play pool in these places!

This is Lanus University, which opened a few years ago. There are lots of careers for students to follow like medicine, law, accountancy, among others.

This is the town hall, which is situated in Hipolito Yrigoyen avenue, the main street in all Southern area of Buenos Aires. There we should do the paperworks of our shops, houses and if you want to get your driving license you have to visit this building. When there are demonstrations, people complain in front of this place. Girls who have their 15th birthday party or brides who are about to get married come to this place to take pictures because it has beautiful gardens and fountains.

This is the station, where we get trains and buses. It is situated in Hipolito Yrigoyen avenue too. When there are demosntrations people meet in this place and they go walking seven blocks approximately to the town hall to complain about different things.

These monuments are dedicated to the Heroes who died fighting in Malvinas War, some islands at the South of Argentina. The plane in the first photo points to the Islands. The second picture represents the shape of the Islands, painted with the colours of our National flag.

These are three of the most important hospitals in Lanús. The first one is called “Clínica Modelo” and it is private, the second one is “Evita” hospital and it is public. The last one is the “Narciso Lopez” hospital, and it is public too.

The first one is the San Judas church, and is one of the biggest and most important religious place in LanĂşs. It is situated in PiĂąeyro street, and it has a school called Estrada, located in front of it. The second picture shows a church called Santa Teresa but it is not open to the community every weekend. It is only used by students who go to the school which belongs to the church.


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