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Air Pollution Jimena Timpanaro Gonzalo Gregorutti Delfina Urquizu Sebastian Rojas 5th green

The Purpose of this presentation is to…. Learn about air pollution Teach different types of air pollution  Teach children how to care about the air.

What is Air Pollution? • Air pollution has to do with the fumes apart from that smoke that release to the sky. •

How is air polluted? •


Air is polluted by smokes that factories release in addition to cars that release fumes Gases and electricity also contaminate the air

Different types of air pollution… 

“Natural air pollution” an example is: the volcanoes erupting.

“Artificial air pollution” an example could be: the fumes from cars.

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Greenhouse effect •


The greenhouse gases regĂşlate the temperature (without the greenhouse gases it would be much colder)

Conclusions Factories should take care about smoke they release.

What will happen in twenty years time if we keep on polluting the air?

Air Pollution By Delfina,Jimena,Sebastian and Gonzalo  

Air pollution.It includes Grren house effect,air pollution definition,how is the air polluted and differnt types of air pollution.

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