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Air Pollution Agustin Sanchez,Tomas Paladino Valentina Muguelar and Belen Renda 5thB

The Purpose of this presentation is to….  Teach

children how to help the environment.  Help nature.  Stop pollution.

What is air pollution and how can people stop it? Air pollution is anything that gets into the air and harms.

Types of air pollution: Natural: it is caused by nature.  Artificial: it is caused by people.  Pollution is making a hole in the ozone layer. 

The importance of the ozone layer: It is important because it protects us from the sun´s rays. Otherwise, we can get burned.

Two types of ozone: There are two type of ozone:  Ground level ozone is formed by all the pollutants.  Ozone layer is the ozone at the atmosphere. 

To stop pollution... To stop pollution we should: Recycle: if we recycle we save energy required to make new things. Control factory´s smoke: if we do it we can reduce smoke.

Conclusions: We pollute the air.  We shouldn´t produce smoke.  We shouldn´t burn rubbish.  If the ozone layer disappears our skin can get hurt because of the sunlight. 

Air pollution(By:Agustín,Tomás,Valentina & Belén)  

this is a PowerPoint Presentation & is about Water Pollution

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