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Air Pollution Mia Rinaldi Felicitas Aguirre Federico Berro Joaquin Rosenman 5th Blue

Purposes The Purpose of this presentation is to…. Teach children about air pollution, Let the people know what can happen if we continue polluting, Start being more conscious, Give people an idea on how to protect the earth.

Air pollution 

Air Pollution is when the air gets dirty because the factories, cars, airports or volcanoes send smoke, ashes and gases to the atmosphere. That is why the sky isn´t blue any more. The types of air pollution we can mention are People Pollution and Natural Pollution.

People pollution • People pollution occurs when people make the

air dirty by sending smoke, smog or gases that came from cars or factories.

What are fossil fuels? • The fossil fuels are the coal, gases and oil that heat our home. They are made by fossilized remains of living things that died millions of years ago. They can be harmful if you breath the toxic or poisonous gases that they release.

Polluting gases Polluting gases


Carbon monoxide

It is a polluted gas, it is very dangerous if you breath it indoors because it can kill you instantly.

Chemicals mixed with water

They are very dangerous, they cause trouble when they come down to the ground with rain or snow, they build up in animal's bodies if they drink the polluted water.

Acid rain Acid rain pollutes the air because when the water evaporates it goes to the atmosphere with the fumes from factories and smoke from cars. In the atmosphere they mix up and create polluted clouds. When hot air mixes with cold air, it rains and this rain is polluted. That acid rain pollutes the oceans and lakes killing the fish that live in them.

How is smog formed? • The smog is a thick dark unpleasant mist. It is

formed by the factories, cars and aerosols which send fumes to the atmosphere. The problem with the smog is that the people canb not breath properly.

The tipes of ozone layers • 1-Natural ozone in Earth’s atmosphere: It is a

good thing because it acts as a sunscream and it filters out the sun rays. • 2- Ozone formed at ground : It is a type of air pollution. Chemicals called CFC's used in refrigerators, air conditioners and some cleaners produce the ozone at ground level, which destroys the natural ozone layer.

What is happening to the ozone layer? • The ozone layer has holes in the North and South Poles because the chemicals from aerosols, and cleaners are destroying the layer. The consequences are that the UV rays can damage the skin.

Pollutants Pollutants


Airborne pollutants

Airborne pollutants can make breathing

Carbone monoxide

Carbone monoxide is so dangerous that it can cause death if breathed in doors.


Smog interferes with people´s breathing, especially if they have lung diseases.

Acid Rain

When the acid rain pours, the water and the trees get polluted.

difficult and can cause cancer


Greenhouse effect • The green house effect causes the rise in temperature. CFCs

methane, and carbon dioxide are called green house gases . These gases trap heat in the atmosphere the same way the glass in a greenhouse calls the sun´s warmth inside. Without greenhouse gases the earth would be much colder. However, too much of a good thing may be causing trouble because they increasethe earth's temperature.

The consequenses of air pollution • If we don´t stop building factories, the air will be black. • If we throw rubbish to the rivers, oceans, etc, acid rain • • • • • •

will pour and it will pollute the air. If we use cars, the smoke will pollute the air. If we use the aerosols, the air will keep on polluting. Air born pollutants can make breathing difficult and can even lead to diseases such as cancer. Smog brings breathing problems. Air pollution destroys the protective ozone layer. Air pollution can cause climatic change all over the world

How can we stop polluting? •

Walk or ride your bike instead of riding in a car. Recycle glass, aluminum, steel, paper, and plastic. Donate clothes toys to charity. Everything you can reuse or recycle saves energy required to make new things. Turn off lights and appliances when you do not need them. Choose air-friendly energy suppliers if you have a choice. Some generate electricity using solar and wind power. These are clean energy sources that will never run out. Skip the power tools and use air-friendly push mowers and hand clippers for yard care. Plant trees and flowers. Plants are natural “air cleaners”, removing carbon dioxide .Trees also provide shade, cutting cooling costs.

Conclutions We learnt that if we build factories the smoke pollutes the air. If we use cars, airplanes and aerosols we will pollute the air, too. We learnt what about air pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect, fossil fuels and the ozone layer.

Air pollution  

5thform blue, Newlands school, Adrogue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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