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Fairbanks Concert Association invites you to

Explore the world and never leave your seat

KV 2008 /2009 61st Performing Arts Season

The Fairbanks Concert Association’s programs are supported, in part, with funds provided by the Western States Arts Federation, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the City of Fairbanks through the Fairbanks Arts Association’s re-grant process.

We’d like to thank these sponsors for their past and current support.


To present, promote and sponsor artistically and culturally diverse performing arts events and educational opportunities of the highest quality from stages around the world.

Dear Intrepid Explorer, Welcome to the tour! Are you ready to explore? We’ve been planning this journey with you for years, coordinating with you to plan your travels through the world of the performing arts. Your tour starts not-too-far from home in Minnesota, as the trees begin to color and the air takes on a freshness that promises cooler days ahead. Come in through the back door; we have some tuna hot-dish, steam rising, on the kitchen table. Rhubarb pie for dessert. From there we travel to Spain—to a late night supper of tapas and sherry, after the bullfight is over and the locals have settled down. Then, we take a different turn—after all, it’s life’s contrasts that bring us the most pleasure, like warming up by the fire after coming in from the cold. Each piece of our trip flows into the next. We’ll travel to Celtic lands and Latin America. We’ll soar into outer space and whisk you away on a magic carpet. Whether you are a savvy traveler or an armchair tourist, this year’s season will have the perfect itinerary for you. Let us be your tour coordinators, your travel guides, your agents, your ship’s stewards. We are ready when you are and you won’t have to worry about the TSA, the price of fuel or your carbon footprint. It’s going to be a fabulous trip! The adventure of a lifetime. Won’t you join us?

Your FCA Travel Guides FCA Board of Directors

Cori Anthony

Edie Husby, President

Marvilla Davis

Scott McCrea, Vice President

Mike Cook

Melody Schneider Marie Zib-Chord

Beverly Davis, Theodore Fathauer Emeritus Leone Hatch Alex Kienle

Chris Zimmerman, Charles Lemke Treasurer Charles Mason Celeste Hansen, Barry McWayne Secretary ’Nanne Myers


Anne Biberman, Executive Director Rhonda Gilbertson, Operations Manager


Lake Wobegon’s favorite storyteller delivering humor and pathos Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 8:00 PM

CALO FLAMENCO A fiery display of live music and dance Friday, October 10, 2008, 8:00 PM

BALTIMORE CONSORT Early music from around the world Sunday, October 19, 2008, 4:00 PM


Celtic melodies meet West African rhythms Saturday, November 1, 2008, 8:00 PM


Post inaugural humor that will be appreciated by both sides of the aisle. Saturday, January 24, 2009, 8:00 PM


The most sought-after Irish-American group in Celtic music Sunday, February 22, 2009, 4:00 PM


Grammy Award-winning string quartet plays the music of Latin America Saturday, March 7, 2009, 8:00 PM


Juggling digital high-tech laser magic with traditional vaudeville theater Saturday, March 28, 2009, 7:00 PM


Creating musical bridges between three Middle Eastern cultures Saturday, April 18, 2009, 8:00 PM

Garrison Keillor An Evening With

Tuesday, September 9th 2008, 8:00 PM

Dear Lars, Uff Da! We’re heading for Lake Wobegone tomorrow, land of tuna hot-dish and ice fishing. It will be good to see the family though, hear what Pastor Inkvist has to say and be around some modest people for a change. Got stuck in the snow, but the neighbors came and towed us out. Call ya when we get home,




America’s greatest living storyteller comes to Fairbanks for a one-man, one-night show! He will be in Fairbanks on Tuesday, September 9th at Hering Auditorium at 8 PM. Tell your family, friends and neighbors and come celebrate our 2008-2009 season premiere!

“Glaxiola... stole the show. This guy is a born star. He ... had people cheering and gasping... he was the closest thing a human body can be to a musical instrument, a very sensual musical instrument.” Janet Anderson, Philadelphia City Paper

Calo Flamenco From a dimly lit stage,



Friday, October 10, 2008, 8:00 PM

the silhouettes of the dancers emerge from the darkness. Percussive rhythms pierce the silence, establishing the heartbeat of the performance. The guitarist creates a melody that breathes life into the developing song, which in turn starts the lamenting cries of the singer. Calo Flamenco creates an experience that will leave you energized and awestruck. The symbiotic relationship created by artistic director Martin Glaxiola and music director Chris Burton Jacome, the “duende,” is said to be the motivational and unifying force among the performers on stage – relationships that make flamenco an electrifying art form. In Spanish, “Calo” has several meanings including heat. What could be more perfect, to keep us warm and energized as the cool short days of fall start to creep in?



Hola from Spain!


Sure is colorful here. Tried our Spanish out at the local taverna and ended up eating tripe for breakfast. Not bad actually. you never know until you try I guess. Saw the bullfights and some flamenco. Magnifico! Picked you up some castanets from a stall by the Alhambra. Got to go, will write from our next stop.

BaltimoreConsort The

Sunday, October 19, 2008, 4:00 PM

…They brought their lutes and viols to Glasgow…It ought to be offensive that the most exhilarating Scots music performance to turn up on our native soil this year should come from America…a mix of jazz and joy, of improvisation and uncanny insight… The Scotsman, Scotland’s National Newspaper

To the musicians of the Baltimore Consort,

it’s an easy jump from the Elizabethan court to the Appalachian countryside. They are comfortable with music from the New World and the Old, playing music from England, Scotland, France, Italy and Spain, Nova Scotia and the Appalachians. “A concert by The Baltimore Consort is like sitting down with some incredibly gifted friends to have fun… These performers are totally unpretentious, quite informal, and obviously love what they are doing.” (Rod Parke, Seattle) They must love it, they’ve been together since 1980. Here’s your chance to hear a rebec, a bandora, a crumhorn, and a viol (to name just a few of the many instruments they play) at the hands of true virtuosos. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



We thought we were going to Baltimore, but we seemed to have traveled back in time. We went round to all the castles. They really do throw their bones over their shoulders at the feasts. We picked up a kemenche or maybe it’s a rebec - perhaps you can learn to play it. We’re off,

Imagine traditional Celtic melo-

dies married to traditional West African rhythms. In the hands of Baka Beyond the combination makes for a delicious musical stew. Since their early beginnings in 1992, Baka Beyond has evolved into a multicultural, dynamic live stage show. Band members hail from Brittany, Cameroon, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Ghana as well as Britain. Each musician brings their own influence and talent to the music creating a unique spectacle. After 15 years, Baka Beyond have become one of the finest danceable bands, creating the sound of the global village.

“…if you are not dancing, maybe you should have someone check your pulse.”

Baka Beyond Saturday, November 1, 2008, 8 PM

We wandered off the beaten path and got lost! Can’t seem to pinpoint what country - or even what continent we’re in. Just when we know it’s Africa, we think maybe it’s the Emerald Isle after all. We finally have a djembe to add to our collection. We danced til sun up and we’re still going. What a night, we’re having a wonderful time!



Capitol Steps The

“They’re the best. There’s no act like them, no one in their league.” Larry King, CNN



Saturday, January 24, 2009, 8 PM

Let’s face it, by next year, no matter

who you voted for, the only thing left to do will be to look back and laugh! And that’s just what we’ll do when The Capitol Steps comes to town. This troupe was born when a group of former Congressional staffers were asked to provide entertainment for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Christmas party in 1981. Now they travel the country satirizing the very people and places that once employed them. They have a special brand of satirical humor that plays as well in Peoria as it does on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Flew to D.C. for the Inauguration. Everyone here is just crazy! After all that we are ready for a good laugh. There’s an event put on by local staffers - as if the politicians don’t provide enough humor! We were going to get you a campaign button but couldn’t remember what side of the aisle you favored. Will be home soon!


Cherish the Ladies Sunday, February 22, 2009 4:00 PM

“Cherish the Ladies has been a leading group in the Irish traditional world for more than a decade…it is simply impossible to imagine an audience that wouldn’t enjoy what they do.” The Boston Globe



With their unique blend of instrumental talents, beautiful vocals, captivating arrangements and stunning step dancing, this powerhouse group combines all the facets of Irish traditional culture and puts it forth in an immensely humorous and entertaining package. They are equally at home in a symphony hall, a performing arts center, or a folk festival. The ladies continue to blaze forward, named Best Musical Group by the BBC and voted the Top North American Celtic act by Thistle and Shamrock, and continue to enchant audiences worldwide.


Finally made it to Ireland! I could hang out in the local pub forever! The locals are friendly, the Guinness is warm and the music is the great. Everyone seems to play an instrument and they play all night! I’m dying to join in. I’ve decided to look for a bodhran so I can be part of the fun. Wish me luck!

“One can always expect creative, against-the-grain programming from these prophets, who long ago anticipated and helped set off the current boom in Latin American classical music.” Los Angeles Times

This award-winning ensemble

from Mexico consists of the three Bitrán brothers, violinists Saúl and Arón and cellist Alvaro, along with violist Javier Montiel. The Cuarteto has recorded most of the Latin American repertoire for string quartet, and the sixth volume of their Villa-Lobos 17 quartets cycle was nominated for a Grammy award in 2002 in the field of Best Chamber Music Recording as well as for a Latin Grammy. Their music is gorgeous, intense, beautiful, lyrical, soulful and sexy! Formed in 1982 they are known worldwide as the leading proponent of Latin American music for string quartet.

We’ve arrived South of the Border and have been gorging on fish tacos, mole and green sauce. Got a touch of “revenge,” Went to hear a marvelous quartet play last night, They had a lyrical quality that only Latin American music seems to possess. I’m in heaven! Picked up a lovely Oaxacan animal to add to our collection. Got to go–the bus is leaving. I’ll write from our next stop!

Cuarteto Latinoamericano THIS IS A


Saturday, March 7, 2009 8:00 PM


LAZER VAUDEVILLE Saturday, March 28, 2009

“If there were an Olympic sport called extreme juggling, Lazer Vaudeville would take home the gold.” New York Magazine



Note: This performance will be at 7:00 PM to accommodate families!

Lazer Vaudeville combines high-tech la-

ser magic with the traditional arts of vaudeville to create an original theatrical production. With superlative juggling, black light illusion, acrobatics, zany comedy, and audience participation, Lazer Vaudeville offers clean, classy fun for the entire family. A cast of fantastical characters leads the audience on a journey through the imagination, a neon cowboy kicks up a luminescent rope-spinning display, and an audience member escapes from a straitjacket. A seven-foot tall, fluorescent, fire-breathing dragon named Alfonzo is the master of ceremonies. Bring the whole family – Lazer Vaudeville is irresistible to “children” of any age.

Greetings from somewhere in space. We took the leap through the time/space portal and have emerged on the other side. The synthetic ale is terrible but the local entertainment is amazing! Sometimes you just have to take a chance and try something new. The light displays are awesome! I was going to get you a light saber, but they won’t let me travel with it! Whatever, don’t wait up for me,

The Yuval Ron Ensemble includes Arabic, Jewish

and Christian artists who come together to unite the sacred musical traditions of Judaism, Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition) and the Christian Armenian Church into an unusual musical celebration. Composer Yuval Ron imparts the ancient and deep inter-cultural connection between these three traditions and the musical influences they share. The concert features songs of Sufi origin from Turkey, Jewish prayers from Morocco, Yemen and Israel and Armenian chants. This program is a feast for the senses!




Yuval Ron The


Saturday, April 18, 2009 8:00 PM

We’ve joined the caravan. Made camp at an oasis. After dinner it was as if all the people of the desert converged. Trading, making music, eating and socializing. For me, it was like Babel, but they all seemed to understand one another. We head for home soon. I’m so glad we took this trip! I’ll never forget it. Wait til you see the little camel I bought you I think you’ll love it!


Save up to 22% on ticket prices and don’t miss the boat!

Choose your own itinerary, travel first class and always get the seats you want by ordering season ticket packages of 3, 4, 5 or 6 events - they are duty free (with no outlet fees) when you become a member or a subscriber. Your membership helps FCA fulfill our mission to present the highest quality entertainment and provide educational opportunities to the community. Ticket sales account for about half our travel expenses. The rest of the freight is covered by grants, corporate support, in-kind donations and by generous contributions made by individual members. Your generous donations help us to keep ticket prices affordable and our budget balanced and we’ll never charge you for additional luggage.

Subscriber Benefits • Up to 22% off the normal ticket prices • Reserved seating in our subscriber section • No ticket outlet fees for subscription or special events (must be ordered through FCA office) • Convenience: no lines, tickets are mailed • Priority seating for Special Attractions • Free lost ticket replacement • Priority seating choice for future seasons

Member Benefits

All of the subscriber benefits plus: • Premium seating in membership section • Donor listing in event programs and on the FCA website • Advance notice of FCA’s season schedule • Purchase tickets to special attractions before they go on sale to the public • Invitation to annual member gala

How to Order Memberships or Subscriptions

Simply complete the order form to the right and you may mail it to us at Fairbanks Concert Association, P.O. Box 80547, Fairbanks, AK 99708. You may also phone in your order to us at (907) 474-8081, or fax it to (907) 474-0266. Ticket requests will be filled in the order in which they are received.

How to Order Individual Tickets

Individual tickets are sold through AlaskaTix, and are available by calling (907) 490-2858, or by visiting their web site at All individual tickets include an outlet fee of up to $4 per ticket. All ticket orders placed less than a week prior to the performance date will be held at will call at the box office on the date of the performance. Individual tickets go on sale August 1, 2008 to the following events: •Garrison Keillor •Calo Flamenco •Baltimore Consort •Baka Beyond Individual tickets go on sale December 1, 2008 to the following events: •Capitol Steps •Cherish the Ladies •Cuarteto Latinoamericano •Lazer Vaudeville •Yuval Ron Ensemble Members and subscribers may order individual tickets at any time.

Youth/Child Tickets

Youth/Child tickets are for patrons age 18 and younger. All children, regardless of age, are required to have a ticket. Any child attending an evening performance should be able to sit quietly through the show. As a courtesy to other audience members, please use discretion in bringing a young child to a performance not designated for children.

What a Great Gift Idea

Season tickets or individual performance tickets make exciting presents. Your gift of concert tickets can be sent directly to the recipient, with a special letter acknowledging you as the generous donor. Call (907) 474-8081 for more information.

Special Seating

If you require special seating, please indicate this on your ticket order form and arrangements will be made to suit your needs and wishes. Patrons with disabilities who require accessible seating or other services are encouraged to phone ahead, and we will provide special assistance

Late Arrivals

Please be in your seat at least 5 minutes prior to curtain time. Your reserved seat is held for you until performance time only. As a courtesy to the audience and to our artists, latecomers will be seated only at appropriate intervals.

NEST (No Empty Seats Today) Program

If you cannot make it to a performance, we encourage you to turn in your tickets to the FCA office or the box office. We cannot give refunds; however, the returned tickets will be acknowledged as a tax-deductible contribution to our Education Partnership fund, provided that they are returned to the FCA offices at least 48 hours prior to the given performance. We will share your unused tickets with local service and non-profit organizations so that others in the Fairbanks community can enjoy the performances.

Refunds, Exchanges and Lost Tickets

All FCA ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered. As a benefit to members and subscribers, if you lose your tickets, the FCA office will issue replacement tickets. Call the FCA office at 474-8081 as soon as possible after the loss of tickets to arrange for your duplicates.

Student/Senior/Military Discount Tickets

Student: 18 years of age and younger, or full-time college student (please note that college students will not receive the student rate for the family performance Lazer Vaudeville). Senior: 62 years of age or older. Military: Active Military personnel and immediate family members. Identification is required for all discount tickets.

Becoming a FCA Volunteer

It is exciting to experience a “behind the scenes” view of the performing arts as a volunteer. For more information, please contact the FCA office at (907) 474-8081.

FCA 2008-2009 SEASON RENEWAL FORM Other than the Friend Level, all Memberships are designed to include tickets to each of the six subscription events. The number of tickets is indicated at each level. Additionally, your membership donation helps FCA further its mission to present, promote and sponsor high-quality artistic and cultural events.

Membership Options $5000 + o Angel

Subscription Options

Up to 4 tickets to each subscription event, and 2 tickets to each special and family event and invitation to Post-Concert Artist Receptions $2,000 o Champion Up to 4 tickets to each subscription event and a pair of tickets to one Special event, and invitation to Post-Concert Artist Receptions $1,500 o Benefactor Up to 4 tickets to each subscription event and invitation to Post-Concert Artist Receptions $800 o Patron 2 tickets to each subscription event and invitation to Post-Concert Artist Receptions $500 o Donor 2 tickets to each subscription event o Contributor $250 1 ticket to each subscription event $125 o Friend 1 ticket to three subscription events (your choice, please check subscription events to the right)

Indicate the number of subscriptions below and select events you wish to attend. # of Events Adult Discount Student/Senior/Military Six events ___ $160 ___ $135 Five events ___ $140 ___ $118 Four events ___ $115 ___ $98 Three events ___ $90 ___ $78 Subscription Events

o Calo Flamenco o Baltimore Consort o Baka Beyond o Cherish the Ladies o Cuarteto Latinoamericano o Yuval Ron Ensemble

Special Events

Tickets to Special Events are available for advance purchase only to subscribers and members. Garrison Keillor Seating in: Rows AA-I Seating in: Rows J-T Seating in: Rows U-Z

___ $63 ___ $48 ___ $38

Capitol Steps Adult ___ $35


Lazer Vaudeville

Student (18 and under) ___ $10

Adult ___ $24


___ $31

Family Pack ___ $60 Includes 2 adult and 2 child tickets

Total From Memberships $______________

Total From Subscriptions $______________

Total From Special Events $______________

Seating Options

Payment Method o Check enclosed o Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard Only)

Your Information

Card#:___________________________ Exp. Date:________




Total From Memberships



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Additional Donation Amount


Subscribers’ Circle Members’ Circle All performances will be held at Hering Auditorium Please understand if we cannot fill your exact seat request. We assure you that every effort will be made to assign the best possible seat(s) available. o Renew My/Our Current Seat(s) o Prefer New Seats(s) (please specify) _______________ o New Request




All programs and artists are subject to change.

Phone (Day):________________________________________ (Evening):__________________________________________ Email:_____________________________________________


P.O. Box 80547, Fairbanks AK 99708 • Phone: (907) 474-8081 • Fax: (907) 474-0266 • Email:

(907) 474-8081

From Minnesotato the Middle East You won’t want to miss a single leg of this journey!

We’ve taken the worry out of reservations and getting the right seats. Join us and we’ll even serve you coffee and ice cream.



P.O. B o x 80547 Fa ir b a n k s , AK 997


Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Permit NO. 8 Fairbanks, AK

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2008-2009 performance season brochure

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