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| WINTER 2019

advanced care planning. “It’s for well patients, as well as anyone with a long-term condition, and obviously for people with a terminal illness. We just want people to think about it,” explains Julia. “Equally, if you were ever involved in a serious accident and you couldn’t make a decision for yourself, those are the sorts of situations that this plan addresses.” The session will take you through the forms and what’s required, with the opportunity for plenty of questions and discussion. There will then be a followup phone call to go through any parts of

Your wishes made clear Advanced Care Planning is a new concept in Tauranga, but it’s gaining real traction. This is a process by which you plan the healthcare you want in the future and for the end of your life. It’s about taking responsibility for how you want to be cared for in critical health situations – both planned and unplanned – and describes what is important to you, as well as the healthcare and treatments you want.

the form you might need assistance with. “There are five main steps: think about it, talk about it, write it down, share it and then review it. We will take participants in the sessions through these steps to bring clarity and ease to this process,” says Julia. Once the documentation is completed, it will go to the hospital, where a person specialised in advance care planning will check it and enter it into National Health Index system. You will be contacted if gaps in your paperwork are identified or if more

Key considerations include how you’re

health and take ownership of that by

information is needed. The document

treated, what you’re treated for and

acknowledging your rights, views and

will also be kept at the practice and

where, and by whom. The plans consider

wishes and ensuring those are expressed

shared with St John.

your spiritual requests, as well as your

clearly and effectively in the provided

physical wellbeing. It’s also about the


conversations you have with your family

We are recommending this process be

When: Wednesday 21 August and Wednesday 18 September, 10-11am

and loved ones about your advance care

undertaken by everyone, but initially by

both days.

plan and what access they have to it.

our palliative and elderly patients.

Where: Fifth Avenue Family Practice

The process involves completing a

To help you navigate the process,

Cost: $50/person

form, which documents step-by-step

we are offering small group information

To Book: Call Fifth Ave Family

your answers to all these considerations.

sessions with our Nurse Practitioner

Practice reception on 07 578 7087

You’ll consider the future of your

Julia Perry who has trained in the area of

Aiming for better flow

Currently we have increased availability of appointments in

We aim to make your experience at Fifth Avenue Family Practice efficient by ensuring the flow of appointments and consults works well for you.

We are focussed on putting more time into proactive

the quieter ‘shoulder seasons’ – February-April and October-

healthcare and routine preventative measures and planning,

November. The other months of the year represent peak

so that as patients you are more in control of your own health

summertime and winter, which are busy times.

and managing it. Equally this will allow us to be nimbler to

We are keen to encourage everybody requiring proactive

accommodate and deal with urgent, unplanned care needs

and routine preventative care and health planning (this includes

when they arise, particularly in the peak summer and winter

chronic health conditions such as diabetes, skin checks outside


of the skin clinic, and repeat prescriptions) to move their

Talk to your doctor about moving your six-monthly reviews

regular appointments to these quieter shoulder seasons.

to the shoulder seasons, as opposed to less valuable and more

This will mean there is more time during your appointment

time-consuming quarterly reviews through the year. For a lot

to provide the tools and detail required to care for your own

of people twice a year is fine. And we can enable you to better

health in the months between visits to see us.

take care of yourself in between visits.

Referral letter fees We will now be charging a $10 fee for non-admission

full-time typists dedicated to referral letters to keep

referral letters. The fee is substantially less than other

up with demand and pride ourselves on delivering this

practices in town. We have had to do this because of the

service well. The $10 fee is for all referral letters except

sheer volume of referral letters and the time they are taking

acute admissions to hospital and will come into effect

to cover outside of consults. We currently employ two



Immunisation awareness Since the recent measles outbreak, which is now coming under control, it’s been heartening to see the myths relating to immunisation being well and truly dispelled in the media as totally unfounded.

rates are also at one to two per 1000 in New Zealand. It’s critical you and your family stay on top of your immunisations to not only protect yourselves, but the health of everyone in our community. Vaccination is completely safe and any fears about the immunisation of children being connected to autism have been proven to be false. So you should feel rest assured that

The outbreak of measles in Tauranga alone included

immunising your children is the best course of action to protect

approximately 23 cases, one of which has been elevated to the


Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, while at least seven other

Note, if you think you have measles, please come to Fifth

cases were admitted to hospital. One in every 20 children

Avenue Family Practice and call reception from your car.

experience a serious complication with the onset of measles,

Measles patients are infectious five days before and until five

often manifesting in pneumonia or encephalitis (inflammation

days after the rash appears.

of the brain), while one in 10 people are hospitalised. Death

You should feel rest assured that immunising your children is the best course of action to protect them.


National flu jab shortage There is now a national shortage of flu jabs, in part thanks to an increased uptake this year. At Fifth Avenue

been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness. Protect against flu by washing hands regularly and using hand sanitiser, and if you have any symptoms we advise that you seek medical advice and stay away from others to avoid the spread.

we only have very limited supply for pregnant women (any

To find out if you qualify for a free jab, visit

trimester) and children aged four years and older who have or call the surgery reception.


Helpful Hints

Making the most of your appointment It was touched upon in the last newsletter that we are going to be

VIRAL VS. BACTERIA We often have to explain to patients that sometimes the best remedy is rest and time. This is particularly in the case of symptoms starting with a sore throat and a runny nose. If these are your symptoms within the first week of feeling unwell, and there’s no difficulty with breathing, it will likely be a viral illness. It doesn’t mean you’re not sick, you just have to take care of yourself, drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. Antibiotics usually aren’t necessary. We also recommend that you

offering new ways to improve your health

don’t go to work as you will be contagious to others.

journey with us.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

Some changes have already happened. You will see that Health TV is now running in both waiting rooms. From important health messages such as how best to protect you and your family from the measles outbreak, to letting you know when your doctor may be running late, we will be delivering key health messages and important notices

Newsflash: More Next Time! We are delighted to announce our new team

on those screens to help inform you while you wait. We hope

taking on patients is Dr Sam Mahesh and

you find them useful and feedback is welcomed.

Dr Ella Haile. Watch this space for more

We’re also harnessing new technology in the form of a new health kiosk in the waiting room which will measure height, weight, calculate your BMI, and will also take your blood

information about the partnership in our next newsletter. Also coming up next time:

pressure. We are encouraging people to do this as a matter of

Fifth Avenue has been accepted to start the

course because it’s accurate, calibrated and helps you know

Healthcare Home journey – an initiative to

more about yourself. The kiosk will produce a slip that you will be able to give to your doctor, allowing you to get straight into talking to your doctor about what matters to you, rather than

enable individuals to be more proactive and take control of their own healthcare.

using that time to do these basic health measurements. The kiosk is free and will develop over time to ask more questions so that we can build a better picture and save valuable consult time. It will make the flow of patients better too, benefiting everyone. We also urge you to register for ManageMyHealth: This will allow you to communicate

Please call reception on 07 578 7087 to make an appointment for a phone consultation with a GP. A time will be made for the GP to ring you back.

directly with us. You will be able to book your own appointments through this online facility, as well as order your medicines, see your results and interact with your healthcare teams. 5TH AVE NE WS | WINTER 2019

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5th Ave News Winter 2019  

Don’t leave things to chance and instead take advantage of our Advanced Care Planning sessions that will help you consider and record the he...

5th Ave News Winter 2019  

Don’t leave things to chance and instead take advantage of our Advanced Care Planning sessions that will help you consider and record the he...


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