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respiratory problems because of vaping, and one who sought advice because of behavioural issues as a result of vaping.” Successive Governments have held steadfast to the promise that New Zealand will be smoke free by 2025. But vaping is not the way forward says Luke. “If it were only those people using vaping as a means of quitting smoking then there might be an argument for it. But we have no real idea of what vaping is doing to us in the long-term. “It’s important that we talk to our teenagers and have a conversation about vaping. We need to explain that the marketing is there to get them hooked, and that they are not designed for people who have never smoked. They are very high in nicotine, which is the addictive part. We have no idea or evidence about the effects of vaping on

Let’s get real about vaping Vaping is becoming a real problem in our community, and particularly amongst college age youth, says Fifth Avenue Family Practice’s Dr Luke Bradford.

our lungs, but we know it’s addictive.” Vaping E-juice with 12mg per ml of nicotine is widely considered to be a concentration that is adequate to replace one packet or 20 cigarettes per day. You can buy E-juices with 24mg per ml, which is the same as smoking two packets of cigarettes per day. There are also E-juices available at 36mg, which is the same as smoking 60 per day. “We need to be also lobbying politicians by writing to them, to express

While the apparent theory behind the

such as watermelon and bubble gum,”

our concern about the prevalence of

marketing of vaping products is to help

explains Luke.

vaping in our communities and the

current smokers quit, the reality is that

“The nicotine hit that these young

marketing of the products,” says Luke.

many people who have never smoked

people are getting via vaping products

nicotine products are taking up vaping.

means they are becoming addicted.

to be marketed as pink champagne and

They are vaping between lessons, in the

strawberries as opposed to a dirty old

toilets, whenever they can.

ashtray, and be advertised everywhere,

“This is particularly an issue with older school-aged youth, who are being drawn in by the attractive marketing of vaping products and their fruity flavours

“I have had at least one college patient come to me experiencing

“The fact that we are allowing vaping

with chains of pretty-looking vaping shops everywhere is of real concern.”


Health Care Home goes live Health Care Home quite literally means that Fifth

Summer skin

Avenue Family Practice should become the home of all your healthcare and

As we head into the beauty of summer, the very real

wellbeing needs. Part of

dangers to our skin also arrive. It’s critical that we are

the journey, which officially

aware of the damage the sun can cause when we don’t

launches on 1 December

take proper precautions to protect ourselves and our

2019, is to make accessing


care more convenient to you, our patients.

There are three simple steps to

New – Has appeared on your skin


recently. Any new moles or spots should

There are various ways in which we are

1. Stay out of the sun where possible.

be checked, especially if you are over 40.

addressing this accessibility in terms of

2. Covering up is the second-best protection to staying out of the sun. 3. Use sunblock and continue to re-

Australia and New Zealand have the

convenience and timeliness, but one key

highest incidences of skin cancer in the

area of progress is our phone triaging

world. Skin cancers account for around


apply regularly when you can’t stay

80% of all newly diagnosed cancers,

out of the sun or cover up.

with more than 90 of those skin cancers

December you may be connected with

We also suggest that you take a

caused by exposure to the sun.

a doctor-led phone triaging system.

look at the website Scan Your Skin

This SCAN guide, along with the

When you call Fifth Avenue from 1

This means you will have the option to

scanyourskin.org where using the SCAN

precautions outlined in steps 1-3 above,

either ask for an appointment at the

guide can help you self-check your skin

will offer you and your family best

surgery with a doctor, or to make a phone

for any concerns:

protection from the perils of the sun this

appointment where your doctor will call

Sore – A spot which is sore (scaly, itchy,


you back for assessment. However, in

bleeding, tender) and doesn’t heal within

If you have any concerns at all about

busy times, such as over the holiday and

six weeks.

lesions or your skin health in general,

Christmas periods, phone appointments

Changing – Changing in size, shape,

book in to see your doctor. At Fifth

will be automatically given in lieu of an

colour or texture.

Avenue Dr Todd Hulbert runs full skin

appointment at the surgery.

Abnormal – Looks different, feels

checks and we recommend getting these

different, or stands out when compared

done so that any changes can be tracked

to other spots and moles.

over time.


When your doctor calls, you will be able

to discuss your needs in the normal way, whereupon your doctor will be able to give advice about how to manage your needs. This advice may include coming into the surgery to see the doctor or a nurse, or to get some tests done. Feel rest assured that this system will provide better access, in a more convenient way, when you need it. Opening hours at the surgery are

Register now!

enhanced to ensure ease of access too.

There’s a new opportunity for patients to register with

Fifth Avenue is open 8am-6pm Monday

Drs Sam Mahesh and Dr Ella Haile. The two have joined

to Friday, then on Saturday for acute care

forces, working two days a week each. So, register with


either Sam or Ella and you will see whoever is at the

A further way to reach your doctor or the nurse practitioner directly without

surgery on the day of your appointment.

coming into the surgery is via email on Manage My Health. It’s a patient portal

Medicine isn’t the only thing they have

warmth and welcoming nature of the

that gives you, the patient, more freedom

in common. Both have recently returned

people here in Tauranga. We love the

to directly manage your health and

to practising after each having two

mount, beach, little cafés and parks.”

wellness. Features of the portal include


Initially working at Fifth Avenue as

the ability to check results online, request

Being a busy working mum, Ella says

prescriptions and to communicate directly

the best piece of advice she has ever been

came to permanently join the team, Sam

with your doctor. It’s intended to make

given is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

snapped it up.

life easier, assisting with better health

Ella grew up in Tauranga and is a beach

a junior doctor, when the opportunity

“I really enjoyed my time at the practice

outcomes over the long-term and the drive

and surf enthusiast who regularly enjoys

and when I got another opportunity to

to make Fifth Avenue your healthcare

walks up Mauao. She loves reading and

work here, I didn’t think twice.

home. Go to www.managemyhealth.co.nz


to register if you haven’t already – it’s quick and easy! We are also seeking feedback from

The best part of the job for Ella is

patients, their families and their journeys. I

getting to know her patients, “Forming

particularly enjoy the variety that General

a relationship with patients is the most

Practice brings.”

patients about extended late night hours

rewarding part of my job, as well as

one evening per week. If you have a view

working as part of a team.”

on this, please make it known to us at Fifth.

“I absolutely love getting to know my

Outside of work Sam is kept busy filling mum duties and enjoys spending time

The other half of the team is Sam

with family and trying out new recipes.

who moved from India to Tauranga with

Best piece of advice Sam has ever

her husband eight years ago, “I love the

received? “If nothing goes right, go left.” 5TH AVE NE WS | SUMMER 2019

Health Updates

Mirena now fully funded Mirena® is a hormone-releasing Intra

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Uterine Device (IUD) that is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for as long as you want, for up to five years. Mirena is now fully funded, except for a $5 prescription fee. Previously the charge for Mirena was $372, but this is now covered. The insertion fee remains, which is charged as a double consultation, at $150. We will also soon have funding for high needs patients to cover all Mirena costs, including insertion, as well as other long-lasting contraceptive devices such as Birth Control Implants. The Mirena carries 52 mg levonorgestrel, a hormone used

Here’s a guide to our times over Christmas: Days closed over Christmas holidays are: Christmas Day 25 December 2019

following: • A long-term reversible method of contraception. • For the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia). • For protection from endometrial hyperplasia (excessive growth of the lining of the womb) during hormone replacement therapy. Placed inside the womb, the Mirena slowly releases the hormone (at an initial rate of 20 micrograms per 24 hours) over a period of five years or until it is fully removed. If you want to talk about Mirena or other birth control options, please book in to see Dr Diana Ford for a consultation. Source: Medsafe.govt.nz


in many contraceptive pills. It is an option to consider for the

Boxing Day 26 December 2019 Saturday 28 December 2019 Wednesday 1 January 2020 Thursday 2 January 2020 Saturday 4 January 2020

Fifth Avenue re-opens as usual on Monday 6 January 2020. The dates in between the above indicated are business as usual 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Meningococcal Vaccine Access PHARMAC has decided to widen access to funding for the meningococcal ACWY vaccine (Menactra) from 1 December 2019. Eligibility for the funded vaccine will include people 13 to 25 years of age in close living situations. People

Please call reception on 07 578 7087 to make an appointment for a phone consultation with a GP. A time will be made for the GP to ring you back.

entering boarding school hostels, tertiary education halls of residence, military barracks or prisons within the next three months will be eligible for vaccination before they enter these institutions. If you would like to receive the vaccine, please contact the team at Fifth Avenue.


Find us online www.fifthavenue.co.nz

Profile for 5th Ave News

5th Ave News Summer 2019  

In this issue, we uncover the truth about vaping and its dangers. We also introduce a new doctor duo at Fifth Avenue and remind everyone abo...

5th Ave News Summer 2019  

In this issue, we uncover the truth about vaping and its dangers. We also introduce a new doctor duo at Fifth Avenue and remind everyone abo...


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