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| SUMMER 2017

Getting healthy in 2018 We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year and to wish you a merry Christmas and holiday season. Wear sunscreen and a hat, drink in moderation, don’t drink and drive, and be kind to one another! Let’s try and make 2018 a healthy year, together. And if your New Year’s resolutions include improving your health by quitting

follow-up phone calls to monitor your

smoking or losing weight and getting

progress and provide encouragement

Green Prescriptions Programme,

fit, or just taking control of your health,

and support.

as we can refer you to this healthy

we’re here to help.

Chat to us about Sport Bay of Plenty’s

lifestyle support programme for adults.

Losing weight

It provides support, motivation and

all of these goals – and having support

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose

information all designed to help you

is proven to make attaining your goals

weight and get fit, talk to us about our

develop a healthy lifestyle through

more realistic.

Weight Management Clinic.

sustainable physical activity and

We offer services to support you in

The clinic is for all ages and

Quitting smoking

emphasises portion control and healthy

If you’re thinking of stopping smoking,

living, rather than prescribed meal plans.

we really encourage it. Make an

We’ve had some great success stories,

nutritional changes.

Exercise Here’s our best tip to improve your

appointment with your doctor or

with people achieving weight loss and

health in 2018: exercise for 20 minutes a

nurse so we can advise you about the

better general health. Some patients lose

day, five days a week. It’s the best thing

resources available to you, such as

as much as 20kg, and also see fantastic

you can do for your mental, physical

Quitline, support groups and nicotine

results in terms of their body’s fat

and emotional wellbeing in the short,

replacements. We will schedule regular

percentage and muscle percentage.

medium and long terms.

Good luck Kerryn After nearly 16 years of service, practice manager Kerryn Stephens is moving on to new challenges.

She has also seen changes in compliance and accreditation in the medical profession, which have become stricter over the last 16 years. While technology may have changed, the personal level of service and dedication to patients has always been at the forefront at Fifth Avenue Family Practice, says Kerryn. She points out that the previous practice manager had a lengthy 21 year tenure – meaning that in the last 37 years, Fifth Avenue Family Practice has had just two practice managers. That says a lot about the calibre of the people and the practice, she says. Kerryn is looking forward to taking a long summer break and spending time with her family before moving on to her next project. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Kerryn for her wonderful service – the practice has thrived under her sound management. Kerryn, you will be missed!

Phone appointments Kerryn has seen plenty of positive changes during her time here at Fifth Avenue Family Practice. When Kerryn joined the team back in March 2002, the

What you need to know! Our new phone consultations are aimed

practice had recently moved from its old Fourth Ave premises

at helping patients put their health first

to our Fifth Avenue home. Since then, Kerryn has also been at

by making it faster, cheaper and more

the helm as the practice has grown, including opening our new

convenient to speak with their doctor.

clinic at Promed House, Tenth Ave, a year ago. “The practice is really moving into the future, and is providing lots of new services” says Kerryn. “I have loved my time here and met lots of great people. It’s

We’ve received lots of positive feedback from patients since this service began a few months ago. Dr Luke Bradford, Dr Kiran Singh, Dr Fhiona Barrett

a fantastic team and I will really miss working with them all and

and Dr Jen Hollway are the first to offer the service, which

our wonderful patients.”

is optional and available only to patients registered at Fifth

During her time at the practice, Kerryn has seen advancements in technology and in how patients access our services. This includes patients being able to access and maintain

Avenue Family Practice. It’s important to note that due to paperwork requirements, the following appointments can NOT be conducted by phone:

their medical records online, as well as book appointments,

• ACC consults for injuries

request repeat prescriptions and view latest lab results, via the

• Sickness benefit assessments

ManageMyHealth website. And in the last few months, patients have been able to experience consultations with their GP by phone for the first time. 5TH AVE NE WS | SUMMER 2017

If you’re feeling extremely unwell or have symptoms that need to be looked at (for example abdominal pain), we also recommend you come in for an appointment in person.

Staffing updates We are farewelling some staff, welcoming others, and to one, saying ‘see you later’! A huge thank you and good luck to General Practice Registrars Dr Bushra Wahid and Dr Anita Page. Bushra and Anita will be known to many of our patients, as they have spent six months each at the practice. They are now off sitting their final exams. We wish them all the best, and congratulate them on completing their training.

Welcome Diane and Maddy!

We also say goodbye – for now! – to Dr Ella Haile. Ella is heading off on maternity leave with her second baby. Congratulations to Ella and her

We’re delighted to welcome nurses

family, and we look forward to having her back on board in due course.

Diane Newland and Maddy Hooper to the team. Maddy previously worked at Fifth Avenue Family Practice before a stint in Australia, and will be the nurse working with Dr Nick Hanna. Diane will be a relieving nurse working across the practice as required. We’re sure you’ll join us in making them feel welcome!

Dr Bushra Wahid

Dr Anita Page

Dr Ella Haile

Don’t get food poisoning this summer! Summer is the time for parties and barbeques with friends, but

Cook: Use a food thermometer to be sure meat and poultry

unfortunately it’s also peak time for food poisoning.

are safely cooked (60 ºC or above) and eat within 2 hours.

Foodborne illness occurs when you become ill from eating

Undercooked chicken is a classic food poisoning culprit!

contaminated foods. Most of us are all too aware of the

Cover and chill: Refrigerate or freeze promptly (as soon as

common symptoms – stomach upsets, diarrhoea, stomach

hot food has stopped steaming). This is especially relevant at

cramps and even tingling and fever.

family gatherings, barbeques and parties where food is often

But you can greatly reduce your chances of catching

left sitting on tables.

foodborne illness by following these simple rules:

Get help: If you do become ill, make sure you come and see a

Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often with soap and warm

GP. Some of the most common causes of foodborne illnesses

water. Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses by

in New Zealand include infections from the bacteria shigella,

maintaining good personal hygiene standards and keeping

campylobacter, salmonella and listeria, and from the virus

work surfaces and utensils clean.

known as norovirus. Your GP will be able to assess you and see

Separate: Avoid cross-contamination. Keep raw meat (and

what can be done to help you get better, faster.

platters that have had raw meat on them) apart from cooked foods. Have separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables.

Have a brilliant Christmas party and barbeque season and stay food-safe! 5TH AVE NE WS | SUMMER 2017

Doctor’s Hint

This edition’s tip is for patients who come to see their GP with a long list of issues. Firstly, we recommend that you make a double appointment. This is so that we can give the appropriate amount of time and attention to you


and give you best care. It also stops us running late for other patients. Please prioritise your complaints! That means telling us about anything seriously worrying you before you talk about your minor problems. This will ensure we can deal with your most crucial heath issues fully and appropriately.

Christmas Hours Fifth Avenue Family Practice will be

Foodbank Christmas Appeal We are collecting for the 2017 Foodbank Christmas Appeal! You can leave any non-perishable food items at our collection in reception at both our practices, and we’ll

closed on the statutory holidays over the

make sure it’s delivered to the foodbank in time to go out

festive period, as well as on Saturday

in Christmas food parcels. As healthcare providers we care

December 23 and Saturday December 30 (we’re always closed on Sundays). Here’s a guide to our hours over this time: Saturday December 23: CLOSED

deeply about this community and we encourage all our patients and staff to donate if they can.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year, from all the team at Fifth!

Christmas Eve: CLOSED Christmas Day: CLOSED Boxing Day: CLOSED Wednesday December 27: Normal hours Thursday December 28: Normal hours Friday December 29: Normal hours

Please call reception on 07 578 7087 to make an appointment for a phone consultation with a GP. A time will be made for the GP to ring you back.

Saturday December 30: CLOSED New Year’s Eve: CLOSED New Year’s Day: CLOSED Tuesday January 2: CLOSED Wednesday Jan 3: Normal hours resume 5TH AVE NE WS | SUMMER 2017

Find us online www.fifthavenue.co.nz

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5th Ave News Summer 2017  

The Fifth Avenue Family Practice team wishes you a happy and safe Christmas and holiday season. Check out our newsletter to get tips on how...

5th Ave News Summer 2017  

The Fifth Avenue Family Practice team wishes you a happy and safe Christmas and holiday season. Check out our newsletter to get tips on how...