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Condition-focussed work programmes, particularly in the areas of COPD, diabetes, gout, kidney disease, heart disease, eczema and asthma will also get closer attention. We’ll be really working on patients’ ability to access us through phone and email appointments when it’s more convenient for them, and using a lot of analytics to try and identify patients who could use extra help and intervention. With the move to Healthcare Home

Welcome home Healthcare Home is a concept that means our general practice should become the literal and holistic home to all your health and wellbeing needs.

there will be a second nurse practitioner coming on board, which you’ll hear more about soon. We want each and every patient to know that they can come to Fifth Avenue Family Practice and know that it’s their healthcare home- that we can meet your needs holistically and that we can connect you to whomever else you

It is an integrated care management

three-year programme of development.

model that will help us improve how we deal with unplanned, urgent care and get better at proactive care for

need in your healthcare journey to make outcomes better for everyone.

What will it mean for me? For you, our patients, it means that

We need you!

patients with long-term health needs.

your healthcare needs will be better met

Part of this process of development

The Healthcare Home approach will also

in an easier, more efficient way and with

is our intention to set up two patient

improve links between patients and the

access to a broader range of services.

advisory groups. The first will be a

multiple services and teams to which

The whole idea is that the delivery

general population advisory group, the

they may need access, for example

of primary healthcare becomes more

second a Maori health-focussed group.

patient navigators, social work support,

adjusted for patients and centred around

The two groups will give our patients

mental health workers and pharmacists,

you and what you really need to improve

a voice directly into the surgery to

as well as allied health professions such

your health and wellbeing now and into

provide feedback, so that our patients’

as physios and occupational therapists.

the future.

views about how we run our services

Doctors’ time at the practice will be

and surgery are heard. The commitment

one of the first surgeries in Tauranga to

freed up for urgent and unplanned care-

from members of the groups will involve

embark on the Healthcare Home journey

something that we will all experience

physical meetings at the surgery and

in earnest. Thanks to much of our team’s

from time to time. Doctors will also be

email communications. If you think you

effort in getting prepared to start this

able to provide much improved proactive

might like to join one of the groups,

adventure, we were recently chosen

care for people with chronic disease and

please put your name forward by giving

by the Western Bay of Plenty Primary

long-term conditions, and to the elderly,

it to reception. We will make contact in

Health Organisation (PHO) to do this – a

including routine and preventative care.

due course.

We are proud to announce that we are

Everyone can be protected Human papillomaviruses or HPV are a common group of viruses that can lead to cervical cancer. The good news is

Once your smear is done, you can feel rest assured that you’re not going to die from this preventable cancer – it’s as simple as that. We are also hoping to reduce the amount of HPV linked

that this type of cancer is completely

cancers through the well-publicised vaccination, which is free

detectable, completely treatable and

to boys and girls under the age of 25 and can be booked at

completely preventable with early


detection through the smear process.

We are currently offering free smears to the following groups:

While we understand that having a smear might not be your favourite thing to do, it’s done at Fifth Avenue with experience

• Women who have not had a smear for five years

and sensitivity to make it as quick and easy as possible. We

• Women between the ages of 30-69 who have never

urge anyone who thinks they are due for a smear to contact the surgery to make an appointment.

had a smear before • Maori, Pasifika and Asian patients


Beating the blues Beating the Blues is the most widely used and most

The 6-8 week online therapy course has been shown

evidence-based online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

to be as effective as medication and individual therapy

course for low mood and anxiety. It’s freely available to you

for mild to moderate depression. So, if you’re feeling low

when you book an appointment with a doctor to talk about

or struggling and you’re not sure you want to go and see

it and we both agree that it’s the best course of action.

someone one-on-one, or simply can’t afford it, then maybe

Beating the Blues is accessed through Manage My Health

Beating the Blues will be right for you. Simply book an

(a portal to which you can easily subscribe at

appointment with your doctor and ask. and a link that is provided via

In the meantime, check out the Beating the Blues

a prescription from your GP.


website at

Quit smoking with real support We’re excited to announce that we now have a dedicated smoking cessation nurse at Fifth Avenue Family Practice. Karlene Purves is an enthusiastic advocate for those wanting to give up smoking. She works with you to identify your motivations and barriers, and most importantly is there with you when things might get tough. “Expect good support with sound advice, backed up with tips and strategies to improve health and wellbeing,” says Karlene. “We will ensure we co-create a good plan, suited to the individual with achievable goals.” And there’s no time like the present says Karlene, “Don’t procrastinate, now is as good a time as any, together we can beat the little green monster!” If you’re keen to get started, book in at reception for a funded 30-minute consultation with Karlene.

Karlene Purves

60% of doctors at

Fifth Avenue will be running a daily phone consultation triage service.

Understanding phone consults International studies and our own auditing shows that we can generally manage approximately 65% of your cases and needs with a phone consultation. So please remember and make use of our phone consultation triage service. If you call up for an appointment

previous article), with available slots

will triage you into the next possible

with your doctor and they are fully

both in the morning and afternoon.

appointment via a phone consultation.

booked, ask for one of their phone

Once you have the phone consultation,


your doctor may want to see you

through Manage My Health

You can also contact your doctor

face-to-face and has specially reserved

( and they

be running a daily phone consultation

appointments for this purpose. If it’s a

can get you into an appointment from

triage service like this with the

routine consult that’s needed, then just

there, or manage your needs online.

introduction of Healthcare Home (see

book in advance, but if it’s urgent, we

60% of doctors at Fifth Avenue will


Helpful Hints


Charges for missed appointments We will be enforcing a $20 fine for patients who do not show up for booked appointments. We realise that sometimes there are circumstances that mean you can’t attend and we will treat those circumstances sensitively and fairly as they arise. But please, if you cannot make your appointment, pick up the phone and let us know so that other patients who are in real need of appointment can get one. We appreciate your cooperation with this.

WE ARE OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS Tell your friends and family the books are now open at Fifth Avenue Family Practice and that they can register with our new duo Dr Ella Haile and Dr Sam Mahesh who will be working together. Watch this space for interviews with doctors Sam and Ella in the next newsletter.

Please call reception on 07 578 7087 to make an appointment for a phone consultation with a GP. A time will be made for the GP to ring you back. 5TH AVE NE WS | SPRING 2019

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5th Ave News Spring 2019  

Fifth Avenue is one the first surgeries in Tauranga to embark on the Healthcare Home care management programme. Find out how this approach w...

5th Ave News Spring 2019  

Fifth Avenue is one the first surgeries in Tauranga to embark on the Healthcare Home care management programme. Find out how this approach w...