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| AUTUMN 2020

COVID-19 and Fifth Ave Family Practice Firstly, we want to acknowledge all our patients during this lockdown and the difficulties that it is presenting for so many of us. We are all in this together – together we can follow the guidelines under Alert Level 4 to lessen the spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand. We are doing everything at the practice we can to play our part. With the best advice and health

you are sick and need to be seen, you

essential supplies and short local

guidelines to keep you and your families

will have that opportunity. The phone

walks. Stay two metres away from

safe, we have moved to a teamwork

triaging system we have implemented

anyone outside your bubble if you do

model that means we can best attend

over the past year has been increasingly

venture outside your homes.

to your health needs throughout this

successful and ensures there are always


appointments set aside for those who

contact us about any health concerns

are sick.

you have – don’t neglect your health

We urge you to get in touch by phone about any health concerns you have

Please note that there are charges

2. Stay at home and use your phone to

during this time. We are here to help

during lockdown. We can then assess

related to any consultations, including by

you. If your concern is COVID-19

your needs by phone first, getting all the


specific, you can call the dedicated

important information we need to be

The surgery is still open for service

able to advise next steps. We are here

for those that need to attend AFTER

to attend to your concerns – whether

consulting with us on the telephone in

they be acute or exacerbated long-term

the first instance.

conditions. Fifth Avenue Family Practice is already well-placed in terms of our ability to phone triage, which means if

COVID-19 Healthline number on 0800 358 5453. 3. Pay particular attention to personal hygiene, especially frequent washing of hands for at least 20 seconds

Stick to the following three steps:

each time, using soap and drying

1. Stay at home in your bubbles. Avoid

thoroughly. Please note the best way

leaving home for anything other than

to clean your hands is with soap and

water. Hand sanitiser should only be

“The key message we want to get

used in lieu of soap and water, or for

across from general practice is that we

door, we have flow limiting the number

extra protection, because it is not as

definitely want people to stick with the

of people in waiting rooms and anyone

effective. If you cough or sneeze, do

lockdown and not come in unnecessarily.

with medium to high risk is being given

so into the crook of your elbow.

But, we are open and we are all running

a mask and put into an isolation room

If you call us with concerns that you

telephone consults,” says Luke.

before they’re being seen.”

may have COVID-19, our doctors will be

“It’s really important if you have a

“Those that do come in are met at the

To read the full article, click here.

able to give you advice on what to do

concern, not just about COVID-19 but


normal health stuff, that you are phoning

For more information and updates, visit

in because one of the dangers is that

the official Ministry of Health website

Community Services Card from Work

people say ‘oh, I can’t do anything about

COVID-19 page.

and Income if you have lost your job

this’ and just sit on things that actually

recently. This card will ensure your

could be worrying signs about other

Or the local Western Bay of Plenty

healthcare is subsidised and therefore

illnesses we need to know about.”

Primary Health Organisation’s dedicated

We also urge you to apply for a

cheaper for you. Click here to find out more about the Community Services Card. Our own Dr Luke Bradford was

There are strict processes in place to

COVID-19 local page.

ensure the safety of staff. “Nobody can come in without a

The BOP Health COVID-19 Response

phone call to a doctor. The doctor

website also has some good information,

recently quoted in a New Zealand Herald

decides what their risk of having

including a contact email address

article, praising patients’ approach to the

COVID-19 is and if they need to come

for questions about COVID-19


in,” adds Luke.


Community Based Assessment Centres (CBACs) The Tauranga Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC), which is testing those with potential COVID-19 symptoms, is located at Baypark everyday from 9am.

Manage My Health – Register NOW! While we grapple as a health system with the effects of COVID-19 and the extra demand this creates, we urge you to register for ManageMyHealth: www.managemyhealth.co.nz

This drive-through facility is intended to assess, test and manage people with potential COVID-19 symptoms. All patients with the following symptoms are eligible to be seen at the drive-through facility:

please bring this with you. If you are unsure if you meet the

Manage My Health is aimed at making your interactions with

eligibility, please call us at the practice

us more efficient, enjoyable and

for advice.

effective. It’s a system geared

The opening hours for the CBAC at

towards preventative and

Trustpower Baypark Stadium, 81 Truman

proactive management of your

• Cough

Lane, Mount Maunganui, is 9am-6pm,

health and wellbeing.

Shortness of Breath

seven days a week.

Sore Throat

Loss of smell or flu-like illness

All symptoms can be with or without fever. If you have your NHI number,

All patients are required to arrive at the drive-through assessment centre in a vehicle, only with people within your bubble.

Register Now 5TH AVE NE WS | AUTUMN 2020


Meet Anna Bourne patients that need to be seen the same

Our practice nurse


of four years, Anna

“I run a healthy lifestyles clinic, which

Bourne, has just

focusses on healthy eating and weight

completed her training

management. The patients in this clinic

at Fifth Avenue Family

have been successful at losing weight and improving their overall health, such

Practice to become

as improved blood glucose levels, blood

our second Nurse

pressure and cholesterol.”


Seeing an improvement in patients’ health is what motivates Anna, as well as

During this time at Fifth she has completed her postgraduate Master of Nursing through Auckland University,

working on new projects, one of which Nurse Practitioner Anna Bourne

sitting her professional panel interview

she is currently developing relating to gout management. Tauranga-born, Anna has always lived

exam to become a Nurse Practitioner in

“I run a healthy lifestyles

in Tauranga apart from short stints in

late January 2020.

clinic, which focusses on

Wellington and Auckland.

“I am now working two days per week at Fifth Avenue Family Practice

healthy eating and weight

“Tauranga is home, where I feel I belong, so I don’t see myself venturing

as a Nurse Practitioner. Since beginning

management. The patients in

my nursing training, I have always been

this clinic have been successful

are growing up here and it is where my

interested in extending my practice to a

at losing weight and improving

family and friends are. I love to travel,

prescribing level. It is important to me to provide a comprehensive and thorough consultation, and to provide the best possible service to every patient I see,” says Anna.

their overall health, such as improved blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.”

The highlight of Anna’s training came

but I love coming home also. Driving over the Kaimais and seeing the Mount, I think.... ‘ahh, I am home!’. Tauranga has an amazing outdoor lifestyle and our family loves the water and the beach.” For the past four years Anna says

in the final year of the Nurse Practitioner training. “This is a practicum year,

too far away from here. My two children

her hobby has been to study, just to get In her new role, Anna will

through the degree and practicum.

where you work two days a week with

be focussing on her passion for

a doctor for the whole year, learning to

preventative healthcare, underpinned by

master’s degree whilst still working as

diagnose health conditions and prescribe

a belief that it is important to maximise

a nurse, and running the kids around to

medicine. This was the highlight of my

wellness to help prevent disease, and

school and sports, I haven’t had much

training, where I learned to advance my

intervene early when things aren’t going

time for anything else!

clinical assessment skills and the new

as planned.

“I guess between completing my

“But our family does enjoy boating,

role of diagnosis and prescribing.

“Throughout my training, I have set up

“Extending my skills was both

extra initiatives such as the pre-diabetes

busy at home running our small lifestyle

interesting and challenging, however I

clinic, to prevent the development of

block, which always needs mowing, and

appreciate the support I received from

diabetes for those at risk. My role as a

last year I decided to put my money

the practice, particularly my clinical

Nurse Practitioner is managing chronic

where my mouth is and try to get fit, so

mentor Dr Fhiona Barrett and my

health conditions such as pre-diabetes

now I climb the Mount twice a week,

nursing colleagues who supported me

and diabetes in partnership with patients

rain or shine, and yes, it’s hard every

throughout the whole year.”

and their families, as well as seeing acute

time, but the view at the top is amazing.”

snow skiing and travelling. I am kept


Lockdown Health and Wellbeing

Don’t put concerns on hold! Since the lockdown we have been noticing that some patients are not reaching out when they need to, resulting in their conditions becoming worse. We all need to take care of ourselves during this time, so paying attention to your health and seeking medical advice as soon as you need to is critical. To this end we are going to do more work on chronic care over the next few weeks, so please expect calls from your nurse practitioners or doctors as they endeavour to check up on you. Your health and wellbeing is our priority.

Mental Health Support Primary mental health support groups are suspended until after the Alert Level 4 is lifted. However, phone and video support (where possible) will continue to be available to existing primary mental healthcare patients. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand has created a new section on its website specifically related to COVID-19 and mental wellbeing. covid19.govt.nz also has useful information for managing the lockdown. If you, or anyone you know needs extra mental health support at this time, visit the Mental Health Foundation website in the first instance or contact the 1737 – Need to Talk?’ telehealth mental health service. Anyone in New Zealand can call or text 1737 for free, any time, to talk to a trained counsellor.


Seasonal Health

Diabetes Support Support for people with diabetes will be available from a specialist diabetes nurse from Thursday 26 March on 0800 920 033 and will be available Monday to Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm. Anyone with COVID-19 health-related questions should call Healthline on the dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453.

Thank you Flu Jabs have never been more important Flu jabs are available NOW to priority groups, so please make your appointment as soon as possible.

We want to thank all our staff who have volunteered to be at the Community Based Assessment Centres (CBACs) – drive-through facilities where the purpose is to assess, test and manage people with potential COVID-19 symptoms. We thank everyone who has been involved in this frontline service. And to all our patients and our wider community, we are thinking of you at this uncertain time. We know there are

This jab is recommended for everyone, but particularly for

people alone, scared and suffering. Kia kaha! We will get

those in the highest risk groups – pregnant women (any

through this together.

trimester), people aged 65 years and older, people under 65 with some specific medical conditions such as respiratory illness, and children aged four years and older who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness. To find out if you qualify for a free jab, visit www.fightflu.co.nz. Fifth Avenue is focusing on flu vaccinations, with priority

Please call reception on 07 578 7087 to make an appointment for a phone consultation with a GP. A time will be made for the GP to ring you back.

going to those over 65 and those with chronic health conditions. It’s hoped that by the end of April we will be able to offer the flu vaccination to others less vulnerable. If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other severe lung diseases, you are also eligible for a free pneumonia vaccine as well. Call us if you want to discuss whether you qualify for funding.

Find us online www.fifthavenue.co.nz 5TH AVE NE WS | AUTUMN 2020

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5th Ave News Autumn 2020  

In this issue of our newsletter, find out about how we are adapting to the current Alert Level 4 lockdown and what that means for you. We pa...

5th Ave News Autumn 2020  

In this issue of our newsletter, find out about how we are adapting to the current Alert Level 4 lockdown and what that means for you. We pa...