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Confused about auto-enrolment?

We have the solution

The detailed requirements of the government’s workplace pension reform represent an enormous challenge for UK business. For the first time ever it will be mandatory for all employers to make pension contributions for their employees. More importantly, the cost of implementing and maintaining a compliant workplace pension scheme can be high, not just in terms of money, but also because it takes time and deflects focus from core business activity. At Edward Frazer pensions are our business. We understand your responsibilities under auto enrolment and we can advise you on the impact it will have on your business and the changes that you will need to make. We also understand that you probably have other priorities right now.

the solution Our solution is simple. For each of our clients we design and implement a pension scheme with the minimum of fuss and disruption to their business. We put in place IT solutions that integrate with payroll systems to ensure that the on going requirements of auto enrolment can be met with confidence. Our first priority is always to listen, and our initial consultation process is designed to give us a clear picture of your company. We need to properly understand your businesses needs and priorities, your payroll systems and the structure of your workforce. Only then are we in a position to design the right solution for your needs.


the right solution will reduce costs and save time     

gather data about your company and establish your staging date. assess your workforce - determine what types of employee you have and what your duties are for each. review any current scheme and advise on any changes that are necessary model different options for your scheme design the solution & produce a final report


we have a wealth of experience managing pension projects and a detailed understanding of the rules of auto enrolment      

detailed design to establish how your pension will actually operate in the real world agree an investment strategy create an implementation plan setting out time scales and responsibilities final implementation - train your staff and make the scheme live engage with your workforce register your scheme with the pension’s regulator


ensuring that your pension continues to run smoothly and is compliant     

data upload - a simple CSV upload each pay period ensures that the provider has the right information to administer your scheme a guided process – the system applies the scheme rules and will guide your payroll through any processes communication material – we will ensure that all the documents required by the regulator are sent to your employees at the correct time record keeping – all the necessary information will be held to ensure your company’s on going compliance with the regulatory requirements governance – proper management and oversight

Taking care of pensions while you take care of business.

Edward Frazer Auto Enrollment Leaflet  

Edward Frazer Auto Enrollment Leaflet

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