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A People’s Association Teens Network Club Newsletter

Club k r o w t Ne s n T ee

a t i i c o e n r p Ap

Luncheon 2013 To show our gratitude and appreciation, Teens Network Club (T-Net Club) invited their members and volunteers to a sumptuous luncheon at The Grassroots’ Club on 7 April 2013. The event was well received by the Guestof-Honour, Mr Ang Hak Seng, BBM, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association. There were hip hop and Indian dances, drums and even lion dance performances by the various interest groups from the eight T-Net Clubs. The T-Net Club musical cast also performed two song items that afternoon.

Various awards were presented to members and volunteers for their outstanding contribution and achievement. T-Net Club would like to thank all the members and volunteers for their commitment and involvement as without them, many of the events and activities organised by T-Net Club would not have been possible. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with the volunteers to reach out to even more youths in Singapore.

“I must congratulate Teens Network Club for such an excellent event this afternoon. Not only did I enjoy myself but I also learnt that even at a young age, the teens can build confidence in what they are doing. This confidence skill will become important life skills when they become adults, helping them in maximising their potential and in enriching their lives.

My advice for the young volunteers is to look beyond volunteerism and look at people beyond their age group. The energy can be harnessed and bring values to the youth.

Mr Ang Hak Seng, BBM, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association 2

This is my second time receiving an award from T-Net Club and I feel very happy and appreciated for being recognised. I will encourage my younger members to join more activities in T-Net Club.

I feel extremely happy to receive this award as I feel that all the time I spent volunteering with T-Net Club has been finally recognised and appreciated. I encourage more females to join T-Net Club and to participate in their activities.

lub @ T-Net C urong Taman J n

so @ MacPher T-Net Club

T-Net Club @ MacP herson

Special Award Recipients

This is my first time receiving an award for volunteerism. I am happy and glad that T-Net Club does appreciate and recognise volunteers’ effort and time. Through the activities and events organised by T-Net Club, I am able to engage and interact with the members and their family members. I hope to be able to inspire younger members to be volunteers when they are older.


Merit Award Recipients

Over the years, T-Net Club has helped me to build my confidence and make new friends. I also enjoy the activities organised by the Club. I feel very happy, proud and excited to receive the award, and I will try my best again next year.

As a family, we feel very happy and proud for him. Syamin used to be a quiet boy but after participating in the activities at T-Net Club, he has become more active and sociable. He has many friends now and is very popular among them. Syamin has definitely become a lot more confident.

Mohd Syamim

Merit Award Recipient 4

im’s Syam Sister

I have joined T-Net Club for eight years and I enjoy working with all the youth. The challenges I face is to keep a lookout for the members and their different behaviours. Through the eight T-Net Clubs, more youth can join as volunteers. When I joined as a member, I was very playful and my focus was to have fun with my friends. After I became a volunteer, my priority shifted to actively promote positive changes in the lifestyles of the teenagers.


I have been a volunteer with T-Net Club for one year and I really enjoyed myself. I hope to see more youth like me joining as volunteers and we can have fun together and create a more bonded environment. The challenges I face is to handle the youth as they tend to be more playful. However, I believe that with our knowledge and experiences, we can handle the youth well. In order to encourage more youth to join as volunteers, T-Net Club can publicise through Facebook and our network of friends.

! w o W 5

Colours Award Recipients Partners Mai Sarah ( Performing Arts Manager ) Hazwan Mohd ( Former President ) Perbayu National Institute of Education

I would like to thank T-Net Club for their partnership in Teater Pelajar last year and I hope that we will continue to work together for this year’s Teater Pelajar, making it an even bigger event!


I think T-Net Club should continue to organise Teater Pelajar to reach out to the Primary and Secondary levels to widen the outreach to youth . If possible, try to get more schools to participate as it is an event that can bring youth together.


Michael Lee. Senior Officer, Community Relations Division Public Utilities Board PUB has worked with Taman Jurong Grassroots and T-Net Club to organise the World Water Day at Jurong Lake for the community. We are very appreciative of T-Net Club’s support for the past three years. We hope to tap on T-Net Club’s expertise and Grassroots connections with the youths and residents. This will bring across the message of appreciating our precious water resources. At the end of the day, we hope T-Net Club can continue to organise more vibrant activities for the youths and community.

Partners from Perbayu National Institute of Education 7

etwork Club N s n e Te

a i n P t g i n g g E Competition 2013 In conjunction with Easter, this year’s Egg Painting Competition was graced by Guest-of-Honour Mr Ivan Ho, Chairman of Geylang West Teens Network Club Management Committee. It was a great time of bonding as families gathered at Geylang West CC on 20 April 2013 to challenge one another with their creativity as well as ingenuity! This year’s event was divided into four categories and was well represented by all races and age groups. It definitely serves as an excellent platform for our young artists to showcase their talents and imagination.


We enjoyed ourselves today. When we grow up, we hope to become artists!


T-Net Club ah @ Bukit Mer

I drew a flower today! I enjoyed myself because I like Arts!

My friends and I are having lots of fun drawing and painting the eggs!

T-Net C lub @ B ukit M erah

T-Net Club @ Bukit Merah

I like to draw and paint so today’s event was really fun for me!


My favourite colour is yellow and black. I like to paint, colour and draw so today’s event was very enjoyable for me.

T-Net Club @ Geylang Wes t

Fa Chong 2nd place, Category D We participated in last year’s competition and we really enjoyed ourselves as a family, so we decided to take part again this year. This time round, we signed up my youngest son, Hong Yu who came in first for the category that he took part in. We practised a lot at home before joining today’s event and we see this as a wholesome family activity. We hope T-Net Club will organise more of such events where family members can bond and have fun together.

Eve Cong (Champion, Category D), Fa Chong (Runner-up, Category D), Yuxi (Champion, Category B), Hong Yu (Ch 10

What do you think of today’s event? Seeing all the participants and family coming together, happily socialising regardless of their races testified the success of this event. I am very happy to see such harmony and I think the event is a great success.

How can T-Net Club promote fun and creativity? With the success of this competition, I am thinking of expanding it to painting on cups and plates as painting on objects (rather than paper) is more fun and creative. We will push for the involvement of schools to participate more actively.

How can the events organised by T-Net Club promote family bond? A special Category was created for adults so that parents and other older family members can participate together with the younger ones as a family. This is one way to use Arts to foster closer ties within the family. I am very impressed by the level of participation and the creativity of the finished works today.

Mr Ivan Ho, Chairman, Geylang West Teens Network Club Management Committee

hampion, Category A)


l a s t u F

3 1 0 2 p m a C s t r o p S

On 21 April 2013, 64 teams of football enthusiasts descended on Kovan Sports Centre for Sports Camp 2013. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Lee Hong Chuang, PBM, Chairman of Teens Network Advisory Council. The competition was divided into eight different categories, from Under-10 to Under-17. Each T-Net Club sent eight teams to pit their skills in each category to promote sportsmanship and teamwork. The atmosphere was very lively and joyous as there was a good mixture of players as young as eight to nine years old playing in the Under-10 category to players as old as 17 who are in their tertiary level. The mid-morning rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm and energy level on the Futsal courts as tired but determined legs and lungs completed the day with gusto and goals aplenty.

Mr Lee Hong Chuang PBM, Chairman, Teens Network Advisory Council What do you think of today’s event? This is the first time T-Net Club has organised such an event where we catered to age groups of ten and 17 years old. This allows potential members and also senior members to participate in our activities. And as I was walking by the pitches, it was very interesting and heart warming to see our young footballers playing together, learning what team spirit and teamwork are all about.

How can T-Net Club promote fun and sports? I think children at this age, especially the younger ones have a lot of energy, and one of the better ways to engage them is through sports activites such as today’s sports camp. Such events organised by T-Net Club allowed our youths to express themselves without us being too tough or stringent on them, as ultimately we want them to enjoy and have fun.


Besides teamwork, what do you think the team can learn from the competition?

Other than team spirit and teamwork, I believe the youths will also learn how to respect their opponents and also their team mates. The referees who are officiating the games will also make sure that they play clean and fair games. So all in all, they have the opportunity to learn so many things through sports.

I enjoyed myself here. The most interesting thing today is watching the Under-12 teams. My team consists of my classmates and we have been playing together for the past three years. Every player has his own unique ability, and our team accepted criticism which is good for improvement.

T-NET Club @ Taman Jurong, Under-15 & 16 Category

T-Net Club has helped us in many ways such as giving us opportunities to play in such tournaments. We will definitely want to play more.

! w o W


I enjoyed myself today playing with my team mates. We have been playing together for a very long time and we have very good communication skills among ourselves. We hope that T-Net Club will continue to organise such activities in the near future!

T-Net Club @ Marine Parade, Under-13 Category

We are very happy to be here today. We love playing football and love taking part in T-Net Club’s activities because they are all very fun. It’s very fun to play with members from other T-Net Clubs as we get to make many new friends.

T-NET Club @ Bukit Merah, Under-10 Category


Go Go Go!! h! a e Y

T-NET Club @ Be dok, Under-12 Catego ry

I enjoyed myself. We sco red and are heading for the finals. We have been together as a team for more than a year and have good teamw ork. T-Net Club helps us to improve ou r football skills, communication skills and teamwork by organising such tourna ments where we are able to play an d compete with teams from other T-N et Clubs.






T eat e r P e l aja

r P r e l ims 2013 The Malay storytelling and dram a competition re auditions, all vyin turns for a third g to compete in th season as school e finals with acts s gear up for the by their students that have put in ho urs of practice. Te e ns N e two

r k C lu b Lov es In conjunction w R e d – YOUt h G ith the National Day Celebration, ot Ta l e nt! 201 called the ‘PAYM T-Net Club will be T-Net Loves Red’ 3 introducing a ne where the particip addition, all finalist w competition ants will have to s will have to wea sin g a National Day r red-coloured to 2013 at Youth Pa theme song. In ps during the final rk opposite *SCA s which will be he PE. ld on 31 August D ua l L eag u e

F ina l s 2013 This annually held sports league, for both basketball an all eight T-Net Club d football, sees riv s square off once alries renewed as ag ain to contest the results of their to players from coveted challeng ugh training regim e trophies. Players e an the course of a se d experience how will reap the ason. professionals stay on top of their ga me over

Come down perso nally to any of the Teens Network Clubs with your answ ers and you will get

a 3-yea r memb ersh ip free!

You will also get to redeem a goodie bag with limited edition collaterals from Teens Network Club! While stocks last!

Quiz Be part of Teens Network Club by answering these simple questions. 1) Who was the Guest-of-Honour for Teens Network Club Appreciation Luncheon 2013? 2) Where was the Teens Network Club Egg Painting Competition 2013 held? 3) How many categories were there in the Teens Network Club Futsal Sports Camp held at Kovan Sports Centre?

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