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Stylish and Quality Composite Timber Decking Using composite decking is one the simplest ways to make your home appear more beautiful. Moreover, it is also the product that would be damaged easily and demands minimum maintenance. It provides you with a space that is both beautiful and makes you feel comfortable in letting your kids play.

Smooth Silver Gum Decking:This kind of decking is stylish, versatile and easy to install. It adds definite style and sophistication which is both long wearing and safe, regardless of whether you are planning to have a deck, entertaining platform or pool/ spa area. These are absolutely splintered free that makes them absolutely safe for children. Most of them are specially formulated for higher strength and moisture resistance. They are specially designed to suite pool and commercial environments and usually come in 88*23 mm. Brushed Jarrah Deck:Another kind of quality composite timber decking is brushed Jarrah deck. These are featured with very rich color. With medium coarse textures and straight grains that are sometimes interlocked these are an excellent option for classic timber flooring. Also, they can produce stuffing results with a high quality stain and polish. These are available in a varietyof gradesand they are

used for a wide range of commercialand residential purposes ranging from typicalbackyard decks to coastal promenades. The average dimensions of these are 88*23 MM. Smooth Black Bean Decking This is another kind composite timber decking is Smooth black bean deck. These are extremely darkin colorwith very light streaks. Moreover, they are also mildly greasy to touch with the grains often wavy and interlocked. Their average dimensions are 137* 23 mm.

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Stylish and Quality Composite Timber Decking  

5 Star Timber is basically known it’s quality composite timber decking. Although it is basically a timber merchant it is extended itself to...

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