Cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms

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CHEAP BATHROOM REMODEL IDEAS FOR SMALL BATHROOMS So, are you thinking to remodel and redecorate your small bathrooms quickly and efficiently? But want to do it at a less expensive cost. The good news is you don’t need megabucks to transform your bathroom into a relaxing cool space.Just follow Bathroom Renovations Auckland who will give you plenty of new ways to redesign and renovate on a cheap budget. If you are planning to add a completely new bathroom or simply decide to make major changes needs to be done on existing bathrooms.You need to consider how much you can afford and whether or not you want to stick with cosmetic changes like new fixtures, new paint, or adding new tiles.Here are few Bathroom Renovations Auckland ideas you will appreciate eventually starting with,

1) LIMIT YOUR TILES: Tiles get expensive, especially whenever you hire a contractor to lay it all for you. To save money you can limit the number of tiles and focus on high impact area like floor instead of inside shower stall walls.Alternatively, you can use times as a horizontal stripe along the wall and paint the rest.

2) USE A CORNER SINK: In small bathrooms, a sink configured to fit in a corner can be a perfect space-saving option. Even pedestal sinks can be hard to fit in a very small bathroom.

3) CHOOSE A VANITY WITH ROUNDED CORNERS: In tight space, vanities with sharp corners can be dangerous. A vanity with rounded corners can prevent bruised hips.

4) MIRROR THE WALL: In tight spaces having a mirror occupy the entire wall behind the vanity can allow two people to use it at once which is quite a better and great option for small bathrooms.

5) FRESHEN GROUT AND CAULK: Another superb Bathroom Renovations Auckland idea yet it is always overlooked is grout and caulk. This can get grimy and unsightly. But simply cleaning the grout and adding straight clean lines to caulk around the sink and tub you can add sparkle in some dollars.You might be surprised by the difference this can make. Grout and caulk are both cheap so this is an inexpensive way to freshen up your small bathrooms.