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cultivated nature

The concept A search how one can connect pictures and words. This meaning is mostly subjective and different to each spectator. (Texts are quotes from F. Hundertwasser)

The underlay Exploring our part of the city, we noticed there is only a fine line between nature and culture. The botanical garden is on of the places where we spotted this ‘cultivated nature’. And it led us to many other examples of how our modern society protects, nourishes and cultivates nature in a way that it becomes part of our culture. Sometimes with the most absurd but beautiful results...

Great art lives from the artist's mistakes. Somebody who paints perfectly is not an artist.

The plant is never wrong. He who follows the rules of the plant. But the rules of plant life appear to be too simple, too easy to be true. Therein lies the biggest mistake of man.

Something grows; then it can't fail. Only quick things fail. You feel that they do not have that patina, the mark of evolution, the mark of age. Slow-growing trees are better than fast-growing, the wood is better, they look better.

If man walks in nature´s midst, then he is nature´s guest and must learn to behave as a well-brought-up guest

Through the changeable forms of the plant world the insightful beloved now sees the unchangeable 'Ur-phenomemon': the idea of the plant just as the Creator fashioned it on the third day.

city project  

group assignment for cultural policy

city project  

group assignment for cultural policy