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• Introduction • What is Jupiter? • What is Pluto? • What is Mars? • How was Europa • Glossary • About the Author

Introduction Ever since the first time a person set eyes on a planet, it has been an object of wonder, amazement and curiosity, like people are curious about aliens. But truthfully, we don't really know. Scientist says that the aliens live in Exoplanets that are far away from the eight planets.

Our Solar System The Exoplanet

These are Planets Sizes


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Now, I’m going go to talk about Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet, and also the scientist saw the largest storm. If you saw a picture of Jupiter, you will probably see a thing called the Great Red Spot. It is 24,000 kilometers long, and Earth could probably fit in it. Its wind blows up to 400 kilometers per hour. Almost all the other planets can fit in Jupiter.

Jupiter doesn’t have a surface its basically hydrogen, and helium. It spins every 10-hours.


Now, Mostly a lot of people think Pluto is a planet, but actually its

not, although scientist named the planet 75 years ago. In the 1930, they figured out that Pluto is not really a planet. It was demoted in 2006, the astronomers says that Pluto is not really like the other eight planets. It is actually a dwarf planet. Another Dwarf planet is sieres located in asteroid belt.

Pluto is pretty tiny. It has a moon called Charon; the moon is almost bigger than Pluto. It actually moves around the Pluto every six and a half days. Pluto also has another two small moons called Hydra and Nix.

Since its so far from the sun, it is frozen and dark. Its covered with frozen nitrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide.

Europa Europa is made out of iron core, a rocky mantle and a surface ocean of salty water. On Earth, the ocean is deep enough to cover the surface Europa, and being far from the sun, the ocean surface is globally frozen over. Europa orbits Jupiter every 3.5 days, just like Earth's Moon.

Jupiter’s strong gravity pull makes Europa warm. The moon Europa was found by Simon Marius in December 1609. Galileo discovered Europa on January 8 1610. The discovery, along with three other Jovian moons, was the first moon was discovered orbiting a planet than Earth.

But had been unable to identify until it was night. Galileo originally called

Jupiter's moons the Medicean planets. Scientist figure out that there was a story about Europa. Europa was adopted from Zeus, the Greek of the Roman god Jupiter.

Europa was so happy by the monster that a women gave a flower and rode upon its back. Zeus try to have his opportunity go with her into the ocean to

Glossary •

Exoplanet- Planets that are far away from our solar system.

• Helium-

Is a chemical with symbol He and atomic number It is a colorless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas that heads the noble gas group in the periodic table.

• Jovian is a formal god of Jupiter.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Ryan. I was born in September 28 2003. My hobby is I like to listen to music, and swimming. I’m from San Francisco. My dream is to become an Author and become a swimmer. I hope you enjoyed my story about Planets!!!


My book is filled with great information of things that you won't know about planets. I hope you enjoy my story about planets!

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