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Global Warming

By Cora

Global Warming

By Cora

Table Of Contents Introduction

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Greenhouse Effect

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Causes Of Global Warming

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Global Warming’s Impact

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What We Can Do To Help

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About The Author

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Introduction What is Global Warming? Global Warming is basically, the earth getting warmer. Over the past one hundred years the earth has gotten 1 degree F 째 or 3 quarters of a degree C째 warmer. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is because all living creatures might die. One of the reasons is the Greenhouse Effect.

The Earth

Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect is when the suns rays come in to the earth’s atmosphere and then the gases that are in the air trap the heat from the sun’s rays, just like a greenhouse. The gases that trap in the heat are these, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. Carbon dioxide is produced when animals or humans breathe, it can also be made when we burn fossil fuels. Nitrous oxide is created by reactions of soil and water, but it can also be made when we use fertilizer or fossil fuels. Methane is made in the following ways: when vegetation decays in low oxygen areas, rice cultivation, raising livestock, breaking down of organic matter in landfills, and of course fossil fuels. The Greenhouse Effect

Causes of Global Warming Global Warming has many causes. We are the biggest cause of global warming, this might sound not true but it is.We have been burning tons and tons of fossil fuels. We burn fossil fuels everyday when we use electricity, drive in our cars, and in other ways. The other things that we do to make methane, one of the gases in global warming, are when we send organic matter to landfills, raise livestock and rice cultivation. How we make nitrous oxide is when we use fertilizer in our gardens and in farms. The other cause is nature, like soil and waters reactions or when animals and humans breathe or even the decay of vegetation in low oxygen areas. So these are a few of the causes of global warming and the causes of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming’s Impact If global warming keeps going on the world will be changed forever. Over the next few years the earth will get warmer bit by bit, causing the polar ice caps to melt causing a huge flood in places all around the world. Then the animals, plants, and humans that live there will have to go and adapt in new environments. The water temperatures will rise and the coral reefs will die due to the warmer water, and then the fish that live there have to move somewhere else to find food. Another problem global warming makes is it increases the chances of a Polar Bear stranded on a block of ice.


What We Can Do To Help

So we should all work together to try to save our planet. A fews ways to help our planet are: burn less fossil fuels, ride your bike or even walk to school instead of taking the car. We can help our planet by using electronics less and always making sure that our electronics are turned off when we are not using them. Another way to help save our planet is to plant some more trees and clear fewer forests. We can also use less fertilizer, recycle and try to raise less livestock. These are just a few ideas, but there are lots of other ways to help save our earth!

About the Author Cora is the author of this book. She is 10 years old and is in fifth grade. She goes to Shanghai American School and lives in Shanghai, China. She has one little sister ,two loving parents and a little black dog. She is creative, imaginative, and loves art. She also likes to write. She hopes you enjoyed her book. :)


Glossary Adapt- Get used to Cultivation- soil is prepared to allow plants to grow Decay- Breaking down Fossil Fuels- Fuel that is from the remaining of fossils Landfills- place where garbage is dumped Reactions- The action or emotion in a situation Vegetation- plants that only grow in one habitat and grow in groups

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Global Warming  

Do you want to learn about Global Warming? Well then read this book!

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