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Same Rights  For  All!     By  Thomas  Benfell       that   could   get   them   a   scholarship   or   a   It’s   6:00   and   Nathan   Benfell   is   walking   out   career.   Or   they   can’t   practice   a   sport   they   the   door   to   hang   out   with   his   friends.   His   want  to  play  when  they  are  older.”     younger   brother   Thomas   painfully   watches     from   the   table   stuck   inside   eating   dinner.   It   should   be   that   no   matter   how   old   you   are   Thomas   thinks,   “if   he   can   go   why   can’t   I?”   you  should  be  able  to  do  the  same  things.   but   he   doesn’t   ask   his   mom   because   he     knows  the  answer  he’ll  get,  he’s  older.   It   is   unfair   for   the   younger   siblings   so   it’s     about   time   parents’   start   letting   all   their   Oliver  Rogers  a  fifth  grader  at  ASIJ  says,  “My   children  have  the  same  privileges.   older   brother   can   go   as   far   as   he   wants   on   the   train   while   I   can   only   go   two   stops   unless   I   have   someone   else   with   me.”   This   means   that   he   can’t   go   to   his   best   friend’s   house   5   stops   away.   While   his   brother   can   go   twice   the   distance   to   his   friend’s   house   10  stops  away.     Jill   Benfell   a   parent   of   three   says,   “When   I   was  younger  my  older  brother  got  to  go     More   sports   camps   that   I   wanted   to   got   to   too.”  This  blocks  talent  that  can  be  learned      

Same Rights For All  

my featured article about that if your younger you should still have the same rights as the people older then you.

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