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11/11/11 8:20 AM

Red Ants   By  Theo  lampel  

It was after school in the middle of the fourth year. I found a whole colony of red ants and saw my big chance to get some real fun. Each one looked like three seeds put together covered in blood with spider jaws. A familiar tingling sensa-, no, this was a different tingling sensation, a more powerful one which had more energy then any other sensation I had ever had started building excitement inside me. I went over to my best friend’s house and asked him, “Hey Simon, do you want to smash red ants with me?”

“Sure, when?” replied Simon “Right now.” “Oh…well…ummmm, okay. I’ll ask my Mom. Mom!” “Yes Simon,” said Simon’s Mom from the kitchen “ Can I go outside with Theo to smash red ants?” “Sure sweetie, as long as you come home at 5:30. Don’t get hurt or bit.” “Okay.” “Come on, Simon, the red ants are down the hill,” I said, as I started to walk down the doorsteps. So we went down the hill to the place with the red ants. I was living in Brunei. Simon and I lived right across from each other. The red ant colony was on a huge tree by the gold and silver gate to a mansion just down the hill. There were at least 2,000 red ants on that tree. Isn’t it strange that red ants live on a tree right next to somebody’s house? I mean, wouldn’t the person who lived there call an exterminator or something? I wonder if I should call the exterminator my self. I’d rather not. We went to my house to get some weapons to smash the ants. The weapons we got were: a blue leather bat that was short but not really short,

a silver, red, black scooter, made out of steel and rubber mini tires to squish the ants, a nerf gun (which is a foam dart blaster) called the maverick, a super soaker water gun and bug spray. When we were ready, Simon and I went down the hill towards the house. When we arrived there we started smashing ants. I started with the leather bat and Simon started with the scooter. I wonder why I didn’t think of this idea sooner. This is way better than anything Simon and I have played. Smashing red ants was probably the best idea I ever came up with! We smashed around 250 red ants in about 1 hour. Simon and I smashed red ants the next day to with a bash and a crash and a slash! We did that the next day too. I noticed that no matter how many ants we squished or killed, they just kept coming. I’m surprised that there are this many red ants. Killing red ants is not the smartest idea, but hey, were just kids and kids do this kind of thing. It’s fun so; Simon and I don’t really care. But the fun ended on the third day. That was all because while I was dashing up the hill to my house, I felt like I had been zapped by a hundred laser guns on my legs! I ignored it and kept running to my house. When I arrived to my house I ripped open the door, zipped inside, rocketed up the stairs to my room, dashed inside my room, locked the door as fast as I could and folded up my trousers. I was shocked; there were at least 10 to 15 ants on my legs! I started smashing them with my bare hands! After all of them were dead, I wiped them off so I could see how many stung me. My legs looked horrible; there were at least 20 to 25 red lines on both of my legs each. After I saw all the red scratches on my leg, I started to feel guilty for what I had done. I realized that I had felt this feeling a lot of other times. It was sort of like there was a killing machine, a robot, and I had two choices. One, I could let the robot kill me then I would resurrect, or two; I could fight the robot and destroy it. I always chose choice one. When the robot killed me I revived but then it would start attacking other people and me again. Nothing would get fixed. If you destroyed the robot then you would live and everybody else would too. That’s the part when I start to regret what I did. When I choose choice one that just means I’m selfish and don’t care about anything else. Never

choose choice one because if you do, then you haven’t learned your lesson yet. That’s how I ended up getting a lecture from Mom about not smashing red ants and I had to wear long pants for several weeks before the stings healed because I would get embarrassed if my friends saw all the scratches. After all that happened, I was relieved it was over. On the weekends, I went over to Simon’s house to play. He let me in. Before we started playing I said, “Let’s never do that again.” “Never do what again?” said Simon. “Smash red ants.” “Agreed, but that was still fun.” “And dangerous too,” I said.

Red Ants  

This is about me and Simon smashing ants

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