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12/16/11 8:19 AM

Stop Smoking  Already!   By  Rikako  Kent      

Don’t you  hate  it  when  you  are  eating   dinner  at  a  restaurant  and  then  you  smell   the  bad  smell  of  smoke?  Well  I  don’t  know   about  you  but  I  HATE  it!  It  is  so  rude  to  the   people  that  are  trying  to  eat  good  food.  My   eyes  water  and  my  nose  twitches.  Well  if   this  happens  to  you  and  you  don’t  like   smoking  read  the  rest  of  this  article.       Smoking  is  a  hard  habit  to  break   because  in  the  tobacco  is  a  thing  called   nicotine,  and  it  contains  medicine  that   makes  you  addicted  to  smoking.  I  wonder   if  people  know  that  smoking  can  get  you   addicted.  So  the  best  thing  to  do  is  not   even  start  smoking  in  the  first  place.     When  people  smoke  it  causes  them  to  get   cancer  and  heart  disease  that  can  shorten   your  life  by  10  or  more  years!  I  am  telling   you  that  you  are  going  to  miss  10  years  of   your  life!  Life  is  everything!  Stop  smoking.       Plus  the  habit  can  cost  a  smoker  thousands   of  dollars  a  year!  So  don’t  even  start   smoking,  it  makes  life  much  easier.  You   just  wasted  a  thousand  dollars  just  for   smoking  when  you  could  of  gone  on  a  big   vacation  trip  with  that  money.       Larissa  Hirsch,  a  writer  for  says,  “How  Smoking  Affects   Your  Health:   There  are  no  physical  reasons  to  start   smoking.  The  body  doesn't  need  tobacco   the  way  it  needs  food,  water,  sleep,  and  

exercise. And  many  of  the  chemicals  in   cigarettes,  like  nicotine  and  cyanide,  are   actually  poisons  that  can  kill  in  high   enough  doses.”  See  you  hear  me  and   Larissa  so  just  stop.         Next  you  will  see  the  interviews  I   took  from  my  class  members  and  the   health  teachers.     Ann-­‐Li  Hitosugi,  an  ASIJ  student   says=  “Yes  I  think  smoking  is  bad  because  it   is  rude  for  other  people  around  you  and  it’s   bad  for  yourself  too.  So  you  should  never   start  smoking  because  then  you  will  get   addicted  and  won’t  stop!  I’m  against   smoking!”       Moka  Gagnon,  another  ASIJ  student   says=  “Yes!  Smoking  is  really  bad!  I  don’t   like  it  because  I  can  smell  it  and  it  makes   me  want  to  puke.  I  also  don’t  like  it   because  it’s  bad  for  your  health,  and  it   causes  cancer  and  other  bad  stuff!”       Mrs.  Atsuko  Hall,  the  American   School  In  Japan’s  nurse  says=    “I  feel  so   sorry  and  yucky.  I  think  of  the  person  and   how  unhealthy  it  is.  I  don’t  like  the  smell  of   it  and  it  turns  me  off  when  I  go  to  a   restaurant.    I  would  like  to  leave  the   restaurant  if  there  is  a  smoker  inside.  I  feel   kind  of  sorry  for  the  education  the  people   got  of  not  to  smoke  and  the  awareness  of   smoking.  It  is  so  dangerous.  I  won’t   necessarily  pick  up  a  tobacco  that  is  on  the   ground  because  it  is  unsanitary.  Sometimes  

if someone  is  smoking  I  hold  a   handkerchief  on  my  nose  so  I  don’t  have  to   smell  it.  It  smells  sort  of  like  the  car  gas.   Cigars  are  better  smell  than  cigarettes  so   yes,  it  is  better  than  natural  smoking.    Non-­‐ smokers  get  sick  more  than  the  smokers   because  the  non-­‐smokers  aren’t  use  to  the   smell.  I  am  totally,  totally  against   smoking!”           Before  I  go  on  with  my  interviews  I   would  like  to  tell  you  that  17/18  people  in   my  class  do  mind  if  other  people  around   them  smoke.  I  am  one  of  the  people  that   do  mind  so  yes  let’s  go  non-­‐smokers!     Ms.  Gail  Lanier,  a  10th  grade  health  teacher   says:  “I  am  allergic  to  tobacco  smoke.  I  get   itchy  and  stuff  so  don’t  like  it.  I  wonder   why  people  that  smoke  make  that  life   choice.  If  they  are  over  the  age  of  60  now   they  didn’t  have  enough  education  about   smoking  so  they  smoke.  I  dislike  the  harm   that  they  get,  such  as  lung  cancer  and   illnesses  that  stay  with  them  for  the  rest  of   their  lives.  You  might  smoke  but  if  you  do   then  you  have  to  get  your  talking  box   removed  and  then  you  would  talk  like  a   robot.    You  get  heart  disease  too.  I  would   get  irritated  if  someone  lights  up  a   cigarette  next  to  me  because  it  is  rude!  I   don’t  like  the  smell  of  smoke.  I  think  that   education  and  knowledge  of  tobacco  is   risking  their  lives.  I  am  all  about  education   so  yes  people  should  get  enough  education   to  know  that  it  is  bad  for  them.  I  think  

people that  drop  cigarettes  on  the  ground   is  littering  and  is  rude!       Now  you  know  all  about  this  bad   smoking  stuff.  If  you  are  a  smoker  you   should  probably  stop  now!  If  you  keep  this   up  for  any  longer  you  will  die  faster.  And   dude  take  a  look  at  your  lungs!  It’s   disgusting!  Everybody  doesn’t  like  the   smell!  So  what  are  you  waiting  for  STOP   SMOKING!  If  this  as  a  addiction  you  could   take  yoga  to  calm  yourself  down!  I   mean…seriously!  And  people  that  aren’t   smoking  right  now,  good  job!  Don’t  smoke.  

12/16/11 8:19 AM

Stop Smoking Already!  

it is a feature article about smoking!

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