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Japan IS  Not  A  Smokers  Paradise     By:  Moka  Gagnon       Ewww,   is   very   bad   for   their   health?   My   parents   Isn’t   it   disgusting   when   you   walk   into   your   don’t   smoke   so   when   other   people   smoke   it   favorite  restaurant  and  smell  smoke?  Don’t   makes   me   want   to   grab   their   cigerrate   and   you   hate   it   when   people   smoke?   Doesn’t   it   throw   it   away   because   of   such   bad   smell   make  your  eyes  water,  your  nose  twitch  and   and  that  even  if  we  don’t  smoke  but  breath   your  mouth  go  dry  when  you  pass  someone   it   in   we   could   also   get   sick.   When   I   see   a   who  smokes?     really  beautiful  lady  and  I  see  her  smoking  I   I   look   around   me   in   Tokyo   and   see   about   think   what   a   waste   of   life.   She   might   even   one   third   of   the   people   in   Japan   smoking.   die!  I  am  sooooooo  against  smoking.   There   are   smoking   rooms,   cigarette-­‐vending     machines,   ashtrays   on   the   streets   –   it’s   a     Also   Ann-­‐Li   Hitosugi,   another   smokers’  paradise.   student  at  ASIJ     I   think   smoking   is   really   unhealthy.   People     Did  you  know  that  Japan  is  in  the  top   who   smoke   think   it   is   great,   but   that’s   not   th ten  countries’  that  smoke?  Japan  is  the  7 ,   right.   They   may   be   having   fun,   but   their   but   that   is   still   very   bad.   The   more   people   lungs  aren’t  happy.  If  these  people  keep  on   smoke   the   more   people   who   don’t   smoke   smoking,   the   worst   thing   is   that   they   may   and   the   people   who   smoke   will   eventually   die   L!   It’s   also   very   rude   to   the   people   get   sick.   The   people   who   do   smoke   need   a   around   them   who   want   to   breath   in   fresh   right  education  so  they  know  not  to  smoke.     air.   How   would   YOU   like   it   if   you   were   About   1/5   of   the   people   who   smoke   don’t   eating  and  all  you  can  smell  is  smoke?   even   know   that   it   could   kill   you.   See     Nicotine  is  put  into  the  cigarette  and  makes     Mrs.   Hull,   our   school   nurse,   Hates   you   addicted   to   smoking.   Smoking   will   not   smoking  she  is  really  really  against  smoking   make  you  cool  even  though  your  friends  do   and  this  is  what  she  has  to  say  about  it.   it   don’t.   It   is   bad   I   mean   it   will   rot   your   It  smells  very  gross  I  just  can’t  describe  it.  It   teeth,   damages   lungs,   make   your   eyes   is   bad   for   you   in   every   way.   I   feel   so   yucky   water,   sore   throat,   irregular   heartbeat,   and   and  disgusted.  I  fell  very  sorry  for  the  some   will   even   make   you   die   if   you   have   too   people   who   smoke   because   they   don’t   much.     know  that  it  is  very  bad  and  bad  for  others   This   is   what   Rikako   Ashley   Kent,   A   student   to  even  if  they  don’t  smoke.  The  thing  that   at   The   School   American   School   In   Japan(   really   irritates   me   is   the   smell.   I   soon   as   ASIJ)  has  to  say  about  smoking,   someone   smokes   I   try   to   finish   what   I   am   Smoking   is   really   bad!   It   is   very   rude   to   doing   and   go   somewhere   else   so   I   don’t   people  who  are  trying  to  eat.  It  is  really  bad   inhale   the   smoke.   I   think   that   some   people   for  your  health  and  it  can  cause  cancer.  Why   need   more   education   so   they   know   not   to   do  people  smoke  even  though  they  know  it   smoke.     The   smell   is   very   bad.   I   don’t   like  

smoking! I   don’t   smoke   cigars   or   cigarettes   because   they   are   both   bad   for   your   health.   Some   people   smoke   80   cigarettes   a   day   sense  they  don’t  have  the  right  education  to   do  the  right  thing.  I  am  totally  totally  against   smoking.     If   I   could   stop   smoking   I   would   make   a   lesson   in   every   school   all   about   smoking   and   drugs   so   kids   don’t   do   what   other  bad  people  do.  I  am  against  smoking!         I   interviewed   my   whole   class   which   is   18   and   17   people   did   mind   if   someone   around  them  lit  a  cigarette.  Would  you  mind   if  someone  lit  up  a  cigarette  around  you?  If   you  stop  now  you  could  probably  live  longer   instead   of   suffering.   Just   ask   yourself   “Do   you   think   smoking   is   a   bad   idea   or   a   good   idea?”           Mrs.   Gail   Lanier,   the   high   school   health   teacher,   has   some   words   about   smoking.   I  am  allergic  to  tobacco  smoke.  My  eyes  get   a   little   itchy   when   people   around   me   start   smoking.  I  am  wondering  why  people  smoke  

when basically   everyone   knows   why   smoking  is  bad.  I  think  the  people  over  60  I   understand  they  smoke  because  they  didn’t   have   the   right   education.   When   people   smoke   they   get   disease,   cancer   on   voice   box,  cancer,  lung  cancer,  emphysema  (holes   in  lungs),  heart  disease.  I  would  be  irritated   if   someone   lights   a   cigarette   next   to   me   because  I  am  allergic  and  it  is  rude.  I  would   teach  people  about  tobacco,  the  diseases  it   causes,   the   knowledge   and   everything   so   people  know  that  there  are  risks.         The   next   time   you   go   out   to   buy   some   cigarettes   why   don’t   you   go   get   your   favorite   candy,   fruit,   or   vegetable   instead.   When   you   want   to   light   up   a   cigarette,   DON’T  because  you  know  now  that  it  is  very   bad  for  your  health.  And  if  you  see  someone   smoking   do   the   person   a   favor   and   tell   him/her   to   stop.   You   will   be   making   the   world  a  better  place  if  you  quit  smoking  and   help  other  people  to  quit  smoking  too!    

Stop Smoking!

Japan Is Not A Smokers Paradise  
Japan Is Not A Smokers Paradise  

This my feature artical about how rude and unhealthy smoking is.