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How Much  McDonalds  Are  You  Consuming?   By  Justin  Hager       Did   you   know   that   a   regular   cheeseburger   some   classmates   I   got   some   very   helpful   at  McDonalds  has  390  calories  in  it?  That  is   information   like   I   asked   them   do   you   think   a   lot   of   calories   in   a   regular   sized   McDonalds   is   healthy   and   every   buddy   I   cheeseburger!   asked  said  no.  My  next  question  was  do  you         think   it   tastes   good   and   everybody   Also   over   about   10   billion   people   eat   answered   yes.   But   that   doesn’t   mean   that   McDonalds  every  year  and  about  1.2  million   that  it  is  healthy  because  if  you  think  about   people   eat   it   every   day!   I   wonder   if   all   the   it  if  you  had  a  huge  big  milk  chocolaty  cake   people   that   go   to   McDonalds   really   know   you  would  want  to  eat  it  but  you  shouldn’t.   how   many   calories   they   are   consuming   in     what   they   eat   and   how   unhealthy    When   I   asked   my   final   question   do   you   McDonalds  really  is?   think  that  other  people  should  go  there  and     Thomas   Benfell   answered   “I   think   they   I  love  to  eat  at  McDonalds  but  sometimes  I   should   have   a   choice,   if   they   want   to   be   have   to   make   the   right   choice   and   walk   by   unhealthy   they   can   be.”   And   I   agree   with   all   it.   Its   time   that   you   make   the   right   choice   of  the  answers  I  got.     and  walk  by  McDonalds  too.       So   next   time   you   walk   by   some   golden    If  you  think  about  10  billion  people  going  to   arches   just   keep   on   walking   by   and   maybe   McDonalds  a  year  and  that  there  are  6.978   find   a   subway   sandwich.   Just   remember   billion   people   in   the   world   and   that   there   that   McDonalds   is   unhealthy   for   you   if   you   are   more   than   33,000   McDonalds   in   the   eat  it  for  breakfast  lunch  and  dinner.   world   that   is   a   lot   of   people   eating     McDonalds.   When   I   went   and   interviewed      

How much mcdonalds are you consuming?  

It is a featured articale about mcdonalds.

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