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The Car Crash By Ellie Webb

The sun streamed in to my room from my window. It hit my green bedroom wall making it look as green as a lime. I glanced at my clock on my desk. It read 6:25, 5 more minutes before it goes BEEEEPPPP! My alarm clock was 5 minutes early Arrgg! “ELLIE’ WAKE UP!” I yanked off the covers marched over to my closet flung open the doors and pulled out the first clean shirt and pants I could find then I slumped down stairs. My cat, Dallas was lounging on the living room chair. My mom was making pancakes in the kitchen. I chewed my big pancake happily and gulped down a glass of milk. My dog, Mason banged the door with his snout so I opened the door so he could slip through but Dallas was too fast for me. He leaped up from his spot on the couch and dashed out the door with Mason following him. Dallas, not again! I said to myself. I shut the door thinking nothing bad was going to happen, but boy, was I wrong! I went upstairs to get ready for school. When I came back down, my mom was waiting for me with my lunch. “Want me to walk you to school?,” my mom asked me, she handed me my lunch “Ok,” I told my mom, we walked out of the house together. Cars zoomed across the street and the sun shined through the trees making the leaves look bright green and the grass was wet with dew and water from the early morning sprinklers. Dallas was playing in the grass happily when me and my mom set off for school Dallas was trotting behind us happily. About half way down our street, Dallas ran into the road. It was very busy because we lived on the street our school was on. A white van came by and hit Dallas! I screamed. Oh, no, is he going to be ok? I am so stupid. I was the one that let him out. I will never do anything bad ever again, just please let him be ok. The rest was a blur. My mom was yelling at me to go home. I raced home as fast as I could. When I got home, I flung open the door. My sister, Beth looked surprised to see my red, blotchy face. “Dallas got hit by a car,” I told Beth “he was ok. I saw him run off. Mom is going to look for him.”

My mom came back. She told me she had not found him yet but he was ok, he had ran a bit. I was crying big, wet, salty tears. My mom had to drive Beth to school. She said I could stay home from school but I said no, so she dropped me off at school and I had to suffer through it. Everyone was happy except me. I told my friends what had happened. They said it would be ok. My teacher knew because my mom had told her. When school let out and my mom came to pick me up, I asked her if she had she found Dallas. She hadn’t. My mom and dad were going out so they got my favorite baby sitter, Audrey. For about 2 hours all I thought about was fun. When I got into bed, I felt safe. I did not think about anything, just sleep. It was morning and my sister was at camp. It was like any Saturday but this Saturday was different. Today was going to be a day where everyone would be happy, but it’s not and it won’t be. The day passed slowly. It soon grew night. My mom and I went to the movies so we could see a new movie that had just come out. It was called Tangled. It was nice to be with my mom only and not with my snotty sister or my rude brother. When the movie was over we got in the car. Suddenly my mom’s phone rang. She picked it up. It was my dad. He said that Dallas was home and he had just walked in. I was filled with joy OMG he’s ok he’s not dead he is alive I thought. When we got home ran to go see Dallas. He was sitting on my mom’s bathroom stool. There was a big patch of fur gone from the top of his head and he had a scratch on his face. We all climbed in to our blue Honda Minnie van and headed for the vet. The people that worked there had to do ex-rays on Dallas and they gave him a pain shot and all kinds of stuff. They said, “Dallas is going to have to stay over night.” It was about 12:00 midnight when we were able to go home. In the morning we went to the vet to pick up Dallas. It felt good to have my cat back. And Dallas is still alive to this day. J

The Car Crash  

This story is about when my cat got hit by a car read to findout if her makes it.

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