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Safe I  can  protect  myself,  my   online  identity  and  the   identity  of  others.   £ I  will  only  share  my  password   with  m y  parents  and  teacher.   £ I  will  not  give  out  personal   information,  including  my   birthday,  last  name,  address,   school,  picture  or  phone   number.   £ I  will  always  get  permission   before  I  upload  or  download   photos,  videos  or  games,  or  fill   out  surveys  or  forms  online.   £ I  will  tell  my  parents,  teacher  or   counselor  if  anything  happens   online  that  makes  me  feel  upset,   sad  or  not  safe.   £ I  will  tell  an  adult  if  I  see   something  that  is  inappropriate.  


The American   School  in  Japan  

£ I will  talk  with  m y  child  about  my   expectations  for  tech  use  at  home.   £ I  will  talk  with  m y  child  about   their  interests  and  help  them  find   things  online  that  are  appropriate   and  fun.   £ When  concerned  about  m y  child’s   technology  use  I  will  talk  with  m y   child  about  what  concerns  me  and   why.   £ I  will  work  in  partnership  with  the   school  to  support  you.  

School ü We  will  guide  you  in  how  to  work   responsibly,  safely,  respectfully   and  honestly  with  technology.  

Acceptable Use   Agreements  

ü We will  be  available  to  answer   questions  you  have  about   technology.   ü We  will  partner  with  your  parents   to  help  you  make  good  decisions.    

Signatures We  have  discussed  the  AUAs.  We   understand  the  AUAs.  We  agree  to  follow   the  AUAs.  

Grade 5  

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Please discuss  these  Acceptable  Use   Agreements  as  a  family,  then  sign  and   return  them  to  your  fifth  grade  teacher.  




I can  make  appropriate   choices  about  when  and  how   to  use  technology.  

I can  honor  the  work  and   ideas  of  others.  

My words  and  actions,  both   positive  and  negative,   impact  others.  

£ I will  follow  school  and  home   time  limits  for  tech  use,  and  not   spend  too  much  time  online.   £ I  will  take  good  care  of  my   laptop  and  be  responsible  for   any  loss  or  damage  to  it.   £ I  will  make  responsible  decisions   about  what  I  watch,  play,  upload   and  send.   £ I  will  bring  my  laptop  to  school   fully  charged.  

£ I will  give  credit  to  work  other   people  have  done.   £ I  will  follow  the  rules  m y  family   makes  about  tech  use  at  home.   £ I  will  follow  the  school   Acceptable  Use  Agreements.   £ I  will  be  honest  about  mistakes  I   make  and  be  ready  to  learn  from   them.   £ I  will  not  copy  other  people’s   work.  

£ I will  be  kind  and  respectful   when  commenting  on  someone   else’s  online  work.   £ I  will  make  good  choices  about   when  and  how  often  I  get  in   touch  with  my  friends  online.     £ I  will  not  exclude  my  classmates.   £ I  will  not  be  m ean,  rude  or   hurtful  to  anyone  online.    

£ I will  manage  online  distractions.  

Adapted from  CommonSense  media  agreements    

ASIJ Grade 5 Acceptable Use Agreements  
ASIJ Grade 5 Acceptable Use Agreements  

Acceptable Use Agreements for grade five students at the American School in Japan