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Neptune Melody Wu

This book is to my mother, who had encouraged me to read the series Heroes of Olympus. That’s when I started to get interested.


Even though we heard and know about Neptune, but did you know that Neptune’s storm the Great Dark Spot is as big as the earth? Or who discovered Neptune?

Contents The Blue Planet......................... 4 The Discovery........................... 5 The Parts of Neptune............. 6 Naming Neptune..................... 7 Glossary...................................... 8 Cited Sources........................... 9 About the Author..................... 10

The Blue Planet GAS PLANET

Sea God

Neptune’s blue color is the result of the gas “methane”. Like other planets with gas, Neptune has a load of rapid winds and large storms. Neptune’s winds are the fastest in the solar system, reaching 2000 km/hr.

Neptune, is also another name


for the sea god in Roman. In

The first space In 1989, the U.S.

Greek, he is called Poseidon. The

planetary spacecraft Voyager 2

symbol for Poseidon/Neptune is

was the first human spacecraft to

a trident or a dolphin and

visit Neptune. We got most of our

sometimes, a horse cause

information of Neptune today

Poseidon/Neptune is also the

was from the Voyager 2. The

god of horses.

spacecraft departed from earth at August 20, 1977, and came back at December 31, 1989.

A Trident

The Discovery DISCOVERED!! Today, Urbain-Jean-Joseph LeVerrier, a astronomer, gets most of the credit for calculating Neptune’s precise location. But although LeVerrier certainly did determine where the planet is, and should be honored for his work, he wasn’t the only one searching for Neptune. At the same time, LeVerrier published his work, another astronomer, called John

He had almost got the same calculations that LeVerrier had. He hadn’t been able to published his work quickly. Astronomers and politicians from England and France had fought about who should get the credit. In the end, they had decided to give the credit to both of them. UrbainJean-Joseph LeVerrier and John Couch Adams.

Couch Adams, was also working hard to find Neptune.

Urbain-JeanJoseph LeVerrier

John Couch Adams

Naming Neptune NEPTUNE’S NAME After discovery, Neptune was only called as “the planet exterior to Uranus” or as “Le Verrier’s planet”. The first suggestion of name was from Johann Galle, who suggested Janus. Another suggestion was Oceanus. Le Verrier, had the right to name his discovery, He named it: Neptune.

Johann Galle

The Parts of Neptune RINGS AROUND Neptune has 6 rings circling around it. These rings are more


different than the other rings from the other planets. There

Neptune has 13 moons.

are areas of varying thickness

Triton, Proteus, Larissa,

through the rings.

ICE GIANT Neptune is 17 times larger that the earth, but is only 1/19th of Jupiter. Neptune and Uranus ofter are considered a gas giant called ‘Ice Giants�.

Nereid, Galatea, Larissa

Laomedeia, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Psamathe, Sao, Neso and Halimede. These names are the names of the old sea gods before Neptune. Triton

Glossary Methane

Calculations cal-cu-la-tion A mathematical determination of the size or the number of something.

meth-ane A colorless, odorless flammable gas that is the main basic of natural gas.



Forming, situated on, or relating to the outside of something.


rap-id Happening in a short time or at a fast pace.

Varying Spacecraft space-craft

var-y Different in size, amount or degree.

A vehicle used for traveling in space.

Considered con-sid-er

Astronomer as-tron-o-mer An expert or a student in astronomy.

Thinking carefully about something.

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About the Author

Melody Wu Melody is from Taiwan. She is a SAS student. She is kind-of good at technology, especially with computers. She likes to read. She was a library page in the first trimester. She is in the 5th Grade Orchestra, she plays cello.

Thank You for reading!

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