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Happenings in and around Historic 5 Points November 2011

Cleo Dancing With The Denver Stars

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Nita Henry, Director of the Kalidoscope Project takes center stage with CPRD Ensemble member Devin Baker

A month ago Nita Henry had never heard of the Dominican Bachata. That did not hinder her at the 2011 Dancing with the Denver Stars Gala where she took center stage along with Devin Baker, and performed it with ease. “There is great power in fully experiencing the unknown,” she said. The Gala was a primary fundraiser for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance in support of education and programs reaching over 20,000 youth in the Metro area. Read more on page 10.

Occupy Seatle • Occupy Wall Street • Occupy L.A. •

Occupy Denver • Occupy Africa • Occupy Abilene

The 99% movement

Greg Goodlow was a crowd pleaser as his group headlined the Annual Juneteenth Festival on Welton street. The legendary Charles Burell thrilled seniors at the reemerging Juneteenth Senior Luncheon. Born in 1920, he was the first Black symphony performer in the country. Goodlow and Burell prove music is timeless.

Is this what a shift in history looks like in real-time? Fifty years from now, will historians classify the Occupy Movement as a pivitol turning point in America’s history? On September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street started a movement that has reached across gender, race, background, political, religious and geographic lines with impact and velocity. Occupy’s Robinhood Global March was held on October 29, 2011. Occupy Denver protesters delivered their message at the Colorado State Capital. The message according to is defined as a goal, “ending the greed and corruption of the wealthiest 1% of America.” November 17, 2011, in solidarity, Occupy Denver joined Occupy Wall Street along with Occupy demontrators nationwide in what they called a Mass Day of Action, which marked the second month anniversary of the movement. Protests in Denver have been peaceful for the most part, however, several arrests have been made and three Occupy activists will face felony charges as a result of tentions flairing between protesters and the Denver Police Department during the not-so-peaceful aspects of the protests. Both sides site the other as being the agressors. –Cynthia Martin

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Various photos from Occupy Denver. Police overtime said to cost well over of $200,000 and will increase substantually as protests continue.


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In All Your Giving, Give Thanks

brother jeff and the Rev. Frank Davis Senior Pastor Zion Baptist Church

Thanksgiving does not have to be a one-day holiday. It can be celebrated at any moment. In this edition of 5 POINTS NEWS, we’re giving thanks for great visionary leadership, and want to congratulate Rev. Frank M. Davis on his installation as the new shepherd of Western States Baptist Convention of Colorado and Wyoming. His local, national, and international efforts are a testament of deep faith, commitment, and compassion. There is no doubt the convention is in capable hands, and will exceed all expectations. Speaking of holidays, this may sound strange, but I’m also thankful for the tough economy, not in terms of high unemployment and homelessness, but as it relates to frivolous consumer spending. Why? A tough economy does not allow for non-essentials. A tough economy demands prioritization and a focus on what’s most important. With that said, this year’s holiday spirit may not come gift wrapped in mounds of debt. In days of splendor and plenty, the true holiday spirit tends to be purchased, with over-consumption being the norm. A tough economy takes all that away and forces us to focus on what is truly important—family, friends and time spent together, perfect gifts, you don’t have to pay for. Happy holidays, and remember, in all your giving, give thanks. –brother jeff

Celebrating the Installation of Rev. Frank M. Davis


Monthly Publication - November 2011

Publisher brother jeff Editor brother jeff Layout & Design Cynthia R. Martin Photography Lens of Ansar brother jeff A-Team Photography

Journey to Zimbabwe

Reverend Frank M. Davis, Pastor of the Zion Baptist Church, a historical site and landmark, a church that has served this community for 146 years, lead a delegation to the continent of Africa, and the country of Zimbabwe. Upon their arrival in Harare, Zimbabwe, Reverend Davis and Reverend Lewis delivered “The WORD” daily, through a minimum of two services a day and five services on Sunday. Another focus of the group was the unveiling of the Borehole at the Chamapango School in Murehwa, which was sponsored by the members of Zion Baptist Church. Cholera has run rampant in the area and been responsible for a large percentage of deaths. The well will provide clean drinkable water to the students, teachers and community. The delegation also established a library with the 14 boxes of books and art supplies for 1000 students provided by the congregation, over 700 toothbrushes and of tubes of toothpaste, school supplies and first aid kits for each classroom. The gifts were presented during a jubilant school celebration, which also included the community, members of the Zimbabwean Pastors Connection To Zion (ZPCZ), the district Councilor C. Chinyani, Prime Minister Dr. D. Parirenyatwa, and special guest speaker, Reverend Frank Marvin Davis. Emma Jackson, RN, provided workshops to educate and inform the community about the dangers and preventions of HIV/AIDS, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes. Blood pressure machines were generously donated to several churches. Sister Jackson also presented a powerful and well received session on the importance of self examinations and mammograms for women in the early detection of Breast Cancer. During the presentation, the participants made it clear that they were unfamiliar with mammograms and their role in early detection of breast cancer. Ruby Carter presented a motivational session to the women entitled, “Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?” The session was inspirational, interactive and scripture based. Sharon Simpson presented a session to the teachers of the Chamapango Primary School on the importance of including the Five Human Values of love, truth, peace, non violence and right conduct consistently as a part of the curriculum. – Sharon Simpson

Writers & Research Terrance “Big T” Hughes Kenneth Drew Lakisha Rankin Brooklyn Dorsey Nita Henry brother jeff Cynthia Martin Euda Green 5 Points News is a publication of 2836 Welton Street Denver, CO 80205 303.297.0823 November 2011 8


Happy Haynes Wins School Board Seat

Help your child enter school ready to learn!

NANNA’S HOUSE For the Holidays

Order the best COOKIES and SWEET POTATO Pie for the holidays! Allegra “Happy” Haynes shows lucky earrings she wore throughout her successful campaign

Former Councilwoman and Denver Public School administrator, Allegra “Happy” Haynes received 53,639 votes winning the DPS School Board At-Largeseat. Haynes bested school volunteer, Roger Kilgore, community leader, Jacqueline Carole Shumway, Denver Public School teacher, Frank Deserino, and Engineer, John Daniel. Haynes amassed an impressive support base, and was endorsed by Mayor Michael Hancock, former School Board

Superintendent and pioneer, Evi Dennis, and Sen. Michael Bennet’s wife, Susan Daggett, to name a few. She not only beat her competition with votes, Haynes also beat them financially raising $230,037. This did not go unnoticed by her competitors and several of them openly complained about the difficulty of competing against that kind of financial advantage. –Terrance Hughes

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If you believe that you have been the victim of workplace discrimination or are involved in another workplace related dispute – Contact us today! 7900 East Union Avenue, Suite #1100 , Denver, CO. 80237 (303) 866-9793

Bundle Up the Hood Coat Drive

$12 $12.99 $10 $25


Frederick Douglass Community Center African Drum Circle • Potluck, Youth Poetry Open Mic • Games • Great Conversation Play Area for the Children •A Family Affair

Every Sunday | 2-7 p.m.

UNITY For more information contact Deka at 213.923.2981 2745 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado 80205 Syeed Malik from Fredrick Douglass Community Center gives Lady Bug a new coal

As the holiday season approaches and we begin our holiday shopping, let’s not forget about the gifts that cost absolutely nothing, but mean everything. Bundle up the Hood is a coat drive that began with those gifts in mind. This effort was formed by a small group at the Fredrick Douglass Community Center after noticing the alarming number of children that were going to school coatless. So far, the response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, but there is still a long way to go. 4 8 5 Points News

As temperatures continue to drop, to be able to put a coat on everyone that needs one is the goal. Anything we as a community are able to do to reach this goal is wonderful. “There is no coat too big or too small,” says Syeed Malik. “We do ask that it be gently used.” Coats are still being collected and can be picked up Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Fredrick Douglass Building, 2745 Welton. – Lakisha Rankin

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You Can Hold Your Head Up Now

Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system that existed between 1887 and the mid-1960’s. Jim Crow was about rigid anti-Black laws, but it was also a very real, institutionalized way of life. The older I get…the more I see how much of this institution is still alive…inside of us. I write about my mother a lot because I love her deeply and she is my own personal historian. Growing up in Atlanta, I saw a lot of this history – “colored” water fountains, segregated schools and businesses and even cross-burnings. Sometimes it is hard to believe some of these things occurred in my lifetime. My mother recalls even more of this Jim Crow history. The difference between the two of us, however, is that she has somehow institutionalized what Jim Crow set out to do. On a recent trip to Atlanta, I was making some social rounds with my mother and introduced her to a long-time colleague (who happened to be White). I noticed that my mother had a hard time making direct eye contact with this woman. Every time my mother spoke, she held her head down. There was nervousness about the interaction – a nervousness that I didn’t understand. My colleague later invited us to dinner and my mother made up some lame excuse about her schedule that prevented her from being able to join us. Now, where on earth was my mother going on a Friday night where she would

be too busy to have dinner with me…and the White woman? Though I struggled with confronting her, I called her on what I considered very odd, submissive behavior. I told my mother her behavior reminded me of a scene from Gone with the Wind. I asked her why she kept holding her head down when she was talking to this woman. Though my mother seemed to be a little unaware of her actions, she did say something that resonates with me in a very powerful way… She said, “I just don’t have experience talking to White people. I don’t even know what to say to them. I guess when you spend most of your life not being allowed to say anything to them…when you finally can…you don’t really feel comfortable doing it. I guess I opted out of it all.” You could have knocked me over with a feather! My mother, a retired educator, didn’t know how to talk to a White person…in 2011. I realized something life-changing that day. I realized the real impact of Jim Crow. The real impact has to do with our spirits and our psyche around our own credibility. I realized you can be told or shown that you are less than to a point in which it is adopted by your spirit. You can dress that spirit in education, fine clothes and a beautiful home and Jim Crow rises up to remind you of your place. Well, I’ve got news for you…You Can Hold Your Head Up Now –Nita Henry

Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system which operated primarily, but not exclusively in southern and border states, between 1877 and the mid-1960s.

Listening Tour Comes to 5 Points

At each meeting there will be staff from Brooks’ office collecting information about general neighborhood concerns. The core of the meeting will focus on the strengths, ideas, and areas of neighborhood improvement with an opportunity for everyone to have a voice in shaping the future of District 8. The event will take place November 30, at RedLine, 2530 Arapahoe St. from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Translation and childcare services will be provided. Please RSVP to and include the number of people attending and whether translation or childcare services are required. For more information call Chy Montoya at (720) 337-8888.

Tony Pigford, Executive Director, Engage 8

Engage 8 is partnering with Councilman Albus Brooks and the Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program on a district-wide tour designed to hear from residents and encourage involvement in the community. Coordinators believe the solutions to neighborhood problems rest in the collective minds of District 8 residents, so in collaboration with existing community groups, they are embarking on a districtwide listening tour. The Imagine 8 tour has been successful in South City Park and Whittier neighborhoods, bringing out people who want to be engaged, but don’t generally attend public meetings.

The mission of Engage 8 is to enrich and empower the residents of District 8 by supporting their ideas, building upon their strengths, sustaining existing community organizations, encouraaging civic activity and developing innovative initiatives. We are hoping that the Imagine 8 tour will be a catalyst for connecting brilliant people, existing amazing organizations, and sustainable businesses, to make District 8 the most vibrant community imaginable. Engage 8 Executive Director, Tony Pigford 303.704.5043

Sharon S. Daniels Real Estate Broker

Dave SmitH Realty Co. 2015 E. 26th Avenue, Denver, CO 80205

Office 303.295.2084 Home 303.366.2239 Cell 303.908.6252

29th Annual

Hiawatha Davis Senior Luncheon

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Please join Councilman Albus Brooks and Councilman Chris Hearndon for a luncheon celebrating the seniors of Northeast Denver RSVP by December 2, 2011 (720) 337-8888 Double Tree Hotel 3203 Quebec Street, Denver, Co 80207

Talkn’ With Dr. Daddio

Saturdays 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. November 2011 8


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Support the many businesses and services in and around Five Points.

Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary

Serving the Denver community for 60 years.

2101 Marion St., Denver, CO 80205 303.861.4644 •

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2590 Washington, Denver, Colorado 80205 • 303.832.0929 Stop by Crossroads Theater every first and last Monday of the month for

Slam Nuba.

This competitive performance poetry event is sponsored by the Pan African Arts Society

Five Points & Northeast Denver Restaurants

DURA AWARDED $850,000 TO SUPPORT HOUSING REHABILITATION AND REPAIR PROGRAMS Funding will help Denver residents of low and moderate incomes address housing needs, stay in their homes

Tom’s Cafe 800 E. 26th St., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 388-8035

Coleman’s Diner 2622 Welton St., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 296-3389 Welton Street Cafe 2736 Welton St., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 308-0860

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The City of Denver Office of Economic Development has awarded the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) $850,000 in funding to support the City’s housing rehabilitation programs. Through the Single Family Rehabilitation (SFR) and Emergency Home Repair (EHR) programs, DURA helps low- and moderate-income homeowners throughout Denver address their housing rehabilitation needs through low- or zero-interest loans. “These are critical programs for creating safer and more livable neighborhoods for Denver residents,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “They not only help reduce the amount of foreclosures around our city, but they create an environment of economic stability for some of our neediest citizens during one of our most difficult economic times. These housing programs truly do have a positive impact on our entire community.” Through the EHR and SFR programs, DURA has provided more than $66 million in rehabilitation assistance to more than 16,000 qualifying Denver homeowners, providing the opportunity for economic stability among Denver’s low- and moderate-income residents. “The SFR and EHR programs are designed to assist qualifying Denver homeowners in obtaining very low-interest loans to preserve and protect their homes through necessary exterior and interior house repairs,” said Tracy Huggins, executive director at DURA. “In addition to helping Denver residents stay in their homes, the SFR and EHR programs also preserve the existing inventory of affordably priced housing options, which are often older and in need of repair.” The SFR program, which received $600,000 in funding, provides low- or nointerest loans for essential home repairs such as roofing, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furnace and water heater repair/replacement, electrical, plumbing, sidewalks and driveways, exterior and interior painting, floors and carpeting, windows and doors, insulation, and handicap accessibility. Qualifying homeowners may receive up to $24,999 in loans through SFR.. The EHR program, which received $250,000 in funding, provides similar assistance but for emergency situations that require immediate attention, such as a leaking roof, hazardous or inoperable furnace and water heater, plumbing, electrical or sewer system failure. The EHR program provides qualifying homeowners with low-interest loans up to $6,000. To qualify for a loan, the applicant must meet the following criteria: property must be located in the City and County of Denver; homeowner must possess documentation of legal residency in the United States; own and occupy the home; have a household income that falls within income guidelines, which are based on the HUD Area Median Income (AMI) The EHR and SFR programs have slightly different income requirements. Interested residents can find out if they qualify by visiting housing-rehabilitation, or calling DURA at (303) 534-3872. EHR loans are immediately available for residents of all Denver neighborhoods, and SFR funding gives priority to nine Denver neighborhoods: Barnum, Barnum West, Lincoln Park, Globeville, Sun Valley, Elyria/Swansea, Villa Park, West Colfax and Westwood. Priority will also be given to disabled or elderly clients regardless of neighborhood. In addition to administering the loan, DURA helps residents complete their loan applications and assists with loan closings. The organization also manages home inspections, provides experienced and licensed contractor referrals and works to ensure the repairs are done correctly and on schedule.


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Five Points Media

Forest Street

C o m pa s s i o n at e C a r e C e n t e r

and see why US News & World Report rates us one of America’s best nursing homes

“We don’t leave

the compassion out!”

Happenings in and around Historic 5 Points

Maya Wheeler Community Outreach Liaison 3345 Forest Street, Denver, CO 80207 ph: 303.393.7600 •

November 2011 8


Mayor Hancock Appoints Police Chief

Robert C. White Denver’s newly appointed police chief

Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced Robert C. White as the new Police Chief. White, 59, currently is the Chief of Police for the Louisville Metro Police Department in Louisville, Kentucky. He has served as Chief since 2003, leading a consolidation that brought together the Louisville and Jefferson County police departments. “The Police Chief is one of the most important positions in my administration,” Mayor Hancock said. “Chief White comes with a considerable amount of experience in developing police-community relationships that have earned him a high level of respect nationally. With the addition of Chief White and Alex Martinez to the safety team, I now have the needed leadership to implement my vision of restoring public trust in the department and delivering to the people of Denver an even better police force.” With more than 40 years of law enforcement experience, Chief White was selected for his proven ability to

transform the police department culture in Louisville, and for his success with restoring community confidence. White began his career with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. where he spent 25 years rising through the ranks before being tapped to create and lead an independent Housing Authority Police Department for the District of Columbia in 1995. In 1997, he returned to the Metropolitan Police Department as the Assistant Chief of Patrol Operations for a year before becoming the police chief in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has served as Chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department since 2003. “Chief White has been a high-caliber leader who has made our city safer and who has earned tremendous respect across the city,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said. “It’s not a surprise that, over the years, many cities have tried to hire him. Denver is gaining a police chief of high integrity.” White is renowned for developing strong partnerships in the community and implementing best practices from around the nation in police departments where he has served. Crime prevention has been the focus of his efforts to improve police services. “I am honored to join Mayor Hancok’s law enforcement team,” said Chief White. “We share the same values around building a world-class police department. We both believe the primary responsibility of police is the prevention of crime, and that you can only achieve success through collaboration with your community. We have to have their trust and we have to create opportunities for them to work with us.” As defined by charter, Chief White’s contract is contingent upon City Council approval.

Ballard Family Mortuary

Congratulations AALI Class of 2011

L-R AALI Board Member Geneva Doss Smith, 2011 Graduate Phyllis Reid, AALI Board Member John Marsh

Phyllis Reid has been a Denver resident for 42 years. Well known for her community service, she is especially dedicated to educating the community about better health. Reid is also one of nine recent graduates of the African American Leadership Insititute (AALI) class of 2011. AALI started in 1990 as a vision from concerned citizens including Larry Borom, Helen Perry, Bob Jackson and Walter Jones. The organizaion offers world-class, cost effective adult leadership program to address the challenges, misconceptions and pressures faced by African Americans who are in or aspire to be in leadership positions. Dr. Ronald Knights served as the first

executive director and graduated the inagural class in the spring of 1991. Since that time AALI has graduated over 227 leaders with this years class serving as a transition group. “They will be stepping up to connect the alumi in a much stronger way,” says Executive Director, Linda Williams. “They will also continue to help fulfil AALI’s mission of designing and implementing programs to have a positive impact on commlunity.” Participants represent a varitey of backgrounds, and are sponsored by their employers in the public and private sector. To learn more about AALI visit: www.

Common Roots in Benedict Park Place

When Dignity is a Must

• The three tenants of Common Roots Shared Space: Urban Land Conservancy, Denver Preschool Program and Education Reform Now would like to extend an invitation to our neighbors to use our common space for your next meeting or event. • We are located within Denver Housing Authority’s (DHA) Benedict Park Place, a Hope 6 redevelopment of the former East Village Apartments at 305 Park Avenue West in Denver. • Our Shared Space includes a large conference room, foyer and kitchen facilities. • Please contact the Urban Land Conservancy to reserve the space for your next gathering.

Cremation Complete Funerals Ship In/Out Casket Sales 720-220-2122 8 8 5 Points News

Community Space Available for meetings and events at no charge.

Urban Land Conservancy 305 Park Avenue West, Unit B, Denver, Colorado 80205 303.377.4477 •

Continuing the Daddy Bruce Legacy

Above: Rupert Bryant (Left) was one of 1,200 volunteers distributing food baskets Below: Pastor King Harris (First Left) along with photos of volunteers and participants

A tough economy, families in need, and the holiday spirit came together, as thousands spanned several blocks down Bruce Randolph Avenue to receive a free Thanksgiving food basket. At the opposite end of the avenue, hundreds of volunteers worked an assembly line unloading semi-trailers and filling thousands of boxes with turkey, corn, cranberry sauce, and enough food to feed a household of eight. “It’s sad to see there are so many people in need,” said Pastor King Harris, Executive Director of The Epworth Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for the Annual Denver Feed A Family Day. “God has commanded me to do certain things, and I hold myself out as a servant.” For the past eight years, The Epworth Foundation has united with Wal-Mart, Sam’s’ Club, other sponsors and volunteers to continue the tradition of Daddy Bruce Randolph, Denver’s legendary restaurant owner who provided free holiday meals for over 25 years. Known nationally for his generosity, Daddy Bruce died in 1994 at the age of 94. He was known to say, “You can’t beat love.” There was lots of love along Daddy Bruce Avenue as 1200 volunteers distributed over 8,100 Thanksgiving food boxes. No one was left out as volunteers from Metro Cab personally delivered food boxes to the elderly and shut-in. To date more than 45,500 baskets of food have been distributed to Denver-area families in need. –brother jeff

Editor’s note: Although Denver Feed A Family Thanksgiving Food Distribution was a huge success, event organizers have fallen $75,000 short of covering costs for the event. The Epworth Foundation has taken funds from other programs to ensure the event took place. Please consider making a financial donation at: www.

Neat Stuff at the Black Market Featuring Unique Items for Every Occasion

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Bravo to Cleo and the Denver Stars

Five Points own Vern and Carla Harris along with Cleo Parker Robinson Cleo is more than a name. Its vision and determination. It’s Five Points. It’s a worldclass arts institution celebrating 41 years, and of course, Cleo is dance. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) has consistently enhanced the lives of tens of thousands through artistic expression, education, and international ambassadorship. They recently held the 2nd Annual Dancing with the Denver Stars Gala, pairing 16 business and community leaders with Ensemble members, as they danced center stage. “It isn’t often that we have an opportunity to dance out of both love and purpose,” said Nita Henry, Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Project, who performed the Dominican Bachata with Devin Baker. “I am honored to be a part of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance family and consider it a privilege to help the organization further its beautifully important work.” The Gala brings together a wide range of “Who’s Who” for an elegant evening in support of CPRD school and educational programs for youth that reaches more than 20,000 young people in the Denver area. It also helps provide scholarships which account for over 75 percent of year-round dance school enrollment. Born in 1948 at Denver General Hospital and taken home to the second floor of the Rossonian Hotel, Cleo knows firsthand the pain of Jim Crow, a time of American racial segregation. At ten years-old she almost died of heart failure, when a Texas hospital wouldn’t quickly admit her. It’s no wonder her life’s work is centered around healing, inclusion, and bringing people from all cultures together. In Cleo’s world no one is ever discounted or excluded, especially young people. “We all share a common goal of offering our youth a better today and a brighter tomorrow,” Cleo said, while thanking everyone who sacrificed to make the Gala an overwhelming success. “The exhilaration for us comes from the understanding that our community remains present and vital in manifesting this dream.” –brother jeff

Let America Be America Again

Top L-R: Gwendolyn Crenshaw, Terri Nelson Bottom L-R: Rev. James Lawson, Dr. Vincent Harding and Terry Sullivan O, yes, I say it plain. America never was America to me. And yet I swear this oath– America will be! In this poem, Langston Hughes penned what ordinary people moving toward liberation demanded, a true America. In that spirit, activists, academics, and artists coordinated a variety of activities in conjunction with Blair-Caldwell African American research Library surrounding the traveling exhibition Freedom Riders. “What began as a stand alone exhibit, grew into a community-wide effort,” Terry Nelson, Senior Special Collections and Community Resource Manager told a standing room only crowd at the opening reception. “ The community really got involved and coordinated an impressive month of events.” Blair-Caldwell overflowed with workshops, movie screenings, teach-ins and even a Lift Every Voice and Sing Tea.” Filmmaker Donnie Betts produced a live radio drama and community dialog with human rights activists and Freedom Riders, the Rev. James Lawson, Dr. Vincent Harding and Terry Sullivan.

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Freedom Riders Reception

Everyday Ways To Reduce Your Diabetes Risk -- Researchers and medical professionals have been saying for years that healthy lifestyle choices can reduce the risks of developing Type II diabetes. New studies by the National Institutes of Health demonstrate that various individual healthy practices may actually reduce the risk even more significantly than originally believed, and these strategies can combine synergistically in dramatic ways. Smoking–It is common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy, but new research shows that not smoking decreases your risk of developing diabetes by as much as 20 percent. Many chemicals contained in cigarettes cause inflammation and can have a toxic and unhealthy impact on the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. Additionally, it appears that much of the damage from smoking can be reversed in individuals who adopt healthy lifestyles and have not smoked for an inordinately long period of time. Physical Activity–A sedentary lifestyle greatly increases the risk of diabetes, and only twenty minutes of sweat-inducing exercise at least three or four times per week can greatly reduce your potential for the disease. Exercise is also good for reducing stress, improving cardiovascular health and circulation, so it is always a win-win situation. Healthy Diet–Eating a heart-healthy and sensible diet can reduce the risk of diabetes by approximately fifteen percent. Emphasize fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins while avoiding processed, fried and fatty foods, and this is the basic building blocks of a healthy diet and lifestyle, not to mention the avoidance of diabetes. Alcohol–Drinking more than one drink a day (for women) and two drinks a day (for men) definitely boosts the probability of developing diabetes. While red wine has been shown to have benefits for cardiovascular health, even those who do not drink alcohol are still at risk of diabetes in terms of other lifestyle areas. Overall, moderate alcohol consumption is the safest route to take if you choose to drink at all. Obesity–Much has been written about weight control and the risks posed by obesity, and recent studies do indeed bear out the notion that even being slightly overweight makes diabetes a much more significant possibility. Carrying extra weight increases inflammation throughout the body, reducing cells’ sensitivity to insulin, the hormone most crucial for the control of blood sugar. The Perfect Storm–According to the research, individuals can decrease their risk of developing diabetes by up to eighty percent if all potential lifestyle areas are addressed in a positive way. A healthy diet, optimal body weight, refraining from smoking, moderate alcohol intake and moderate exercise all combine to create a “perfect storm” that makes diabetes an unwelcome and improbable guest. Research shows that such changes in lifestyle can begin at any age, and the benefits are great no matter when the individual chooses to implement them. While such changes in lifestyle can be difficult to begin and maintain, each individual lifestyle change carries the possibility of reducing diabetes risk by 31percent for men and 39 percent for women. These numbers are significant, encouraging, and may indeed spawn a new interest in preventing diabetes while improving overall health.

No Charges Filed Ashley Death

A New Beginning and a New Location A memorial laid at the Denver Zoo in remembrance of Alonzo Ashley

It was a hot July afternoon when Alonzo Ashley decided to visit the Denver Zoo. He used a nearby fountain to cool his head, and had an altercation with a Zoo security guard. Denver Police were called; a struggle ensued, and Ashley died. The Denver County Coroner ruled Ashley’s death a homicide. However, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey disagreed and stated the involved citizens and law enforcement officers were justified in using the degree of force used. “It is very difficult to understand how the Coroner can determine the cause of death as homicide, and yet the District Attorney Mitch Morrissey does not charge

anyone for the homicide,” says Fidel “Butch” Montoya on behalf of the Latino Ministerial Alliance and the Black Ministerial Alliance. “It is these types of decisions starting with the coroner, that creates a sense of injustice and lack of accountability from the Coroner to adequately explain to the public why the determination of homicide is a medical term.” Denver Zoo Spokesperson Tiffany Barnhart released the following statement: “We continue to extend our sympathies to Mr. Ashley’s family during this difficult time. For us, this was an unprecedented tragedy and we remain dedicated to the safety of our guests, staff and animals.”

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