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Happenings in and around Historic 5 Points and Northeast Denver Holiday Edition 2011

Lights, Santa & the Holiday Spirit

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Perry Ayers prepares holiday lights while young Daylen Horace shares a moment with Santa (Michael Sapp)

Kicking off the holiday season, Perry Ayers and his crew meticulously hung holiday lights along Welton, as part of the second annual Five Points Business District’s “Holiday in the Points.” This collaborative community event featured arts and crafts provided by the Colorado Creative Giving T.A.B.L.E. Children visited Santa at The Halo Center, and Denver Fire Station Number 3 made an appearance with their fire engine. –Terrance Hughes

Ron Lyle, a Champion In and Out the Ring

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Community Celebrates the Life of a Legend

Greg Goodlow was a crowd pleaser as his group headlined the Annual Juneteenth Festival on Welton street. The legendary Charles Burell thrilled seniors at the reemerging Juneteenth Senior Luncheon. Born in 1920, he was the first Black symphony performer in the country. Goodlow and Burell prove music is timeless.

Ron Lyle February 12, 1941 – November 26, 2011 The Golden Age of heavyweight boxing includes such legends as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Denver’s own Ron Lyle, who died unexpectedly November 26, of stomach complications. Lyle was 70. In 1975, Lyle fought for the heavyweight title against champion Ali. Known as a tough power-puncher with an incredible ability to inflict pain, Lyle controlled the battle, and was winning through 11 rounds, when Ali delivered a strong unanswered combination causing the referee to stop the fight. Lyle’s 1976 fight against Forman is viewed as the most thrilling and vicious in boxing history. Forman won the fight, but later remarked, Lyle was the toughest man he ever fought. After retirement, and up to his death, Lyle continued to contribute to boxing and youth by co-founding with Bob Cox, The Salvation Army Cox-Lyle Boxing Club at Denver Red Shield Community Center. ­–brother jeff

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Top Right - Bottom: Coach Tito Tovar, Minister George Roberts, Captain Ron McKinney and former WBC Light Welterweight champion Lightning Lonnie Smith, were among hundreds sharing Lyle memories, condolences, praise and reflections. ( 1996 Lyle photo by Patricia Duncan)


Alvin Braswell, Sr.

J. Mark Pipkin

Now Open s y e a P a c e y b d e i a l y o o u r Gift during the H M and your Blessing all year through... You are cordially invited to attend our OPEN HOUSE, BLESSING, and BUILDING DEDICATION Saturday, January 7, 2012 Noon until 6:00 PM Dedication Service at 1:00 PM 6601 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80220 | 303.996.0869 2 8 5 Points News

Remembering Those Who Went Before Us

Kwanzaa-A Mile High Tradition

brother jeff with his mother the late scholar-activist Joy Lynn lighting the Unity candle

Letitia Williams assists Baba Joda, who passed away this year, with a libation ceremony

10…9…8…Wait! Is it that time again? Are we really about to ring in another new year? Weren’t we just updating our computers, preparing for Y2K? 7…6…5…Don’t rush. I need a little more time to review my 2011 resolutions. What were they? I don’t recall, but I’m sure I committed to something important. I don’t want to make the same resolution two years in a row. That would not be efficient. Efficient. That’s it! I resolved to be more efficient. 4…3…Can’t this month hang around a little longer? Have you noticed the way people act during December? Aside from the occasional scrooge, people seem to be on their best behavior. I think it has something to do with all the simultaneous religious and cultural celebrations. Whatever, the reason, I love it. 2...Speaking of two, that’s me and my mother leading a community Kwanzaa celebration, and the other photo is Letitia Williams doing the same with Baba Joda. My mother and Baba Joda are ancestors now. Kwanzaa is about remembrance, and honoring those whose shoulders we stand on. It is my hope that everyone will take a moment to reflect, and remember an ancestor who made our path a little easier. I also hope we will be remembered by future generations for doing the same for them. 1...Happy New Year! –brother jeff

Pipkin Mortuary Moves to Next Level When one door closes, another opens wider, as in the case of Pipkin Mortuary, a ministry committed to serving grieving families. J. Mark Pipkin and Alvin Braswell, Sr. had a vision for the mortuary, and knew they had to make a change moving forward to meet the needs of the community. “Funeral service is not the same as it was 35 years ago when we went into business,” say Pipkin. “It’s a totally new era. We had to sit down and take a look at where we have been, and where we wanted to go. We had to take a look at what our community deserves, and that’s the very best.” Moving forward and providing the very best meant, changing names, changing locations, and providing 21st Century funeral and cremation services, or as Pipkin says, “We had to take it to another level.” That next level is Pipkin-Braswell Funeral Home, a spacious facility resting on an entire city block off east Colfax in the location originally owned by Olinger Mortuary. Pipkin and Braswell spared no expense in renovation, and creating a premier facility. The new location offers large and small viewing rooms, state of the art technology, and the largest casket and cremation showroom in the region. “We can offer families full service in a way we could not do in the past,” says Braswell. “ For example, many families over the years are not church families, and did not have the means of using a fellowship hall in a church. Now because we have this as part of our facility, we can do everything, and families can have peace of mind and comfort to know that it is done well, dignified, and with total grace and service.” A facility as elegant as Pipkin-Braswell, may lead some to believe it is exclusive, and only for those who can afford luxury. “This is certainly not true,” says Pipkin. “ We will continue to provide burial needs at reasonable costs, and no family will ever be turned away.” Braswell underscores this point, “I don’t care how large and beautiful this facility is. We are still here to serve the families when they need us most.” Pipkin-Braswell Funeral Home is located at 6601 E Colfax Ave. An open house, blessing, and building dedication will take place Saturday, January 7, noon- 6 p.m.


Monthly Publication - Holiday Edition 2011

Publisher brother jeff Editor brother jeff Layout & Design Cynthia R. Martin Photography Lens of Ansar brother jeff A-Team Photography

Habari Gani! Happy Kwanzaa. Families Embrace the Seven in 2011 is this year’s Denver Kwanzaa theme. Kwanzaa, a Swahili word meaning first fruit is a seven-day, non- religious, non-political, and non-hero African American cultural celebration based on agrarian harvest celebrations of Africa. Created in 1966 by scholar and cultural activist Dr. Maulana Karenga the celebration is observed annually from December 26 through January 1, and includes five basic activities—ingathering, reverence, remembrance, excellence, and good. From intimate gatherings of family and friends to community wide public events, Kwanzaa celebrations reaffirm the best in us as a people by sharing the African American story in many creative ways. Whether through symbols, words, songs, dance, music, food or otherwise, every celebration reaches back beyond the enslavement blocks of Jamestown Virginia 1619 into the birthplace of civilization— Africa. From the mother continent Kwanzaa moves forward to inform the present and provides a guidepost for the future. The Denver Kwanzaa Committee, brother jeff’s Cultural Center, Moyo Nguvo Cultural Arts Center, and Shorter Community AME Church, are among several organizations offering free or lost cost public Kwanzaa celebrations. Each year Kwanzaa continues to spread. As such, many are looking for information, or ways to coordinate private or public celebrations. Kwanzaa-A Mile High Tradition is a booklet written by brother jeff. It can be downloaded FREE along with a complete listing of Kwanzaa celebrations at: Additional Kwanzaa contacts include: • The Denver Kwanzaa Committee: • brother jeff’s Cultural Center: • Moyo Nguvo Cultural Arts Center: • Shorter Community AME Church:

303.371.4792 303.297.0823 303.377.2511 303.320.1712

Writers & Research Terrance “Big T” Hughes Kenneth Drew Lakisha Rankin Brooklyn Dorsey Nita Henry brother jeff Cynthia Martin Alijah Fard 5 Points News is a publication of 2836 Welton Street Denver, CO 80205 303.297.0823

For a Free copy of Kwanzaa-A Mile High Tradition, and a complete listing of Kwanzaa activities visit

Holiday Edition 2011 8


Asfaw Foundation Gives Back to Community

Help your child enter school ready to learn!

Ronald McDonald was on hand at the Manuel Thunderdome assisting with bike give-a-way

Geta and Janice Asfaw, founders of the Asfaw Family Foundation International presented three hundred students from the Denver metro area a new bicycle, helmet, and goodie bag, because of their academic achievement, good citizenship, financial need, chronic illness, or having parents serving in the Military.

Additionally, 10 Colorado male high school seniors were awarded college scholarships. The Asfaw Family Foundation International was created to serve as a vehicle to give back to the communities Geta and Janice Asfaw have served over the past twenty-­one years.

brother jeff’s Cultural Center Presents the crowning event of Black History Month

The State of Black Colorado Education: Are We Making the Grade? Save-the-Date Saturday, February 25, 2012 If you are interested in this timely event, and would like to attend, help organize, volunteer, or provide resources, email:, or call 303.297.0823 4 8 5 Points News

READER CONCERNED ABOUT EDUCATION Dear 5 Points News: Parents from Kepner Middle School are upset with proposed school board changes that may end up sending their children farther away from their neighborhood school. This is just another example of Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg and “the reform-minded school board” who don’t bother to listen to the community or parents and just go ahead and implement their unilateral “school-reform plan.” No input needed or necessary. No assembly required, comes completely built by school board members who know nothing of your community or the specific educational needs of your children. Sorry, but there are no returns or guarantees that the new reforms will actually impact your children’s education. All parents have asked for is the right to have input into the future educational needs of their children. A DPS Town Meeting is generally a Power Point presentation that informs parents, students and teachers what already has been decided. This situation has been repeated around the city, and when parents do speak up or are joined by community members, they are accused of being against school reforms. There is little or no opportunity to present input or suggestions. School

board members that work for Boasberg merely rubber stamps many of his decisions since they control the majority on the school board. In a recent newsletter from Boasberg commenting on the last school board election, he referred to the pre-election rhetoric as “the low point of democracy.” No matter that thousands of dollars were spent by “reform-oriented school board candidates,” from outside special interest groups, thousands of dollars that were used to spread lies, distortions about opponent candidates, and doing all that was possible to confuse the issues facing our school district. I believe it is a shame when, the superintendent, instead of calling for unity on the board after the election, takes one more opportunity to widen the gap on the school board. It is time we supported one another when we have input and recommendations for changes. I merely ask parents to remember bad reform decisions will affect the educational future of your children. We must stand together in demanding that the superintendent and his school board listen to parental concerns and recommendations for their children. – Fidel “Butch” Montoya, Director Latino Ministerial Alliance , a Multicultural Coalition

In preparation for The State of Black Education: Are We Making the Grade? 5 POINTS NEWS will run education letters to the editor. If you would like your opinion printed, submit 350 words or less to:

Tis the Season...

Each year, around this time, I spend quite a bit of time reflecting upon the year. What went wrong? What went well? I go down this path of self-reflection that mostly creates anxiety for me. I realize that I have 20 days left in the year to get my whole life in order. I never do get my whole life in order in 20 days, but I go through the pressure anyway. Then, like a bolt of lightning (or a frying pan), I am knocked back into my senses. This season is not about my life, my wins, my failures…it is a season of pure thanksgiving. It is the season of getting out of your own head long enough to serve others. Don’t get me wrong. I love this time of year. It is a great laboratory for watching what brings out the best and the worst in us. By design, this is the season of thanksgiving and of course, we have managed to screw that up. Here are a few examples: • Black Friday…it seems to be less about giving; more about buying things we don’t need. Consumer gluttony. You do know that 51-inch television was $399 last week, too, don’t you? • Telling Santa what you want for Christmas…where did THAT come from? Christmas isn’t about YOU! It’s not YOUR birthday! • White Elephant Gift Exchange…This is a popular holiday party game of giving inexpensive, humorous or used items from home. Wouldn’t it make more sense (in this season of thanksgiving)

to take those same items and give them to someone who really cares about and needs the item? • Pulling up in your Lexus to partake in the free Christmas toy giveaway…I’ll just leave that one alone! • Being charitable only in November and December…It is amazing to see the number of us who want to receive sainthood because we volunteered during the holidays. Holiday volunteerism is great, but if you go right back to being self-serving January through October… well? • Not being able to identify families who are in need…You would be surprised at how often organizations call me to identify needy families that might benefit from food baskets, gifts, etc. and the number of times they are told by US that “we don’t know anybody off-hand who might benefit from these services.” What? Are we asleep? I could pick out a family an hour that could use help. • Arguing about Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays…Here’s the deal. Don’t argue. Say what you believe to be true in your own life. I am Christian and Christmas is what I celebrate…so Merry Christmas! However, I respect and honor the fact that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Day of Enlightment and many other celebrations occur during this season. They are all important to those who celebrate them. So…”Mazel Tov” and “Khag khanuka same’akh,” to my Jewish brothers and sisters, “Joyous Kwanzaa” to all who celebrate family, community and culture and Happy Holidays to those who, in the spirit of inclusion, knowthat-there-are-over-twenty-Decemberholidays-and-it-is-too-hard-to-keep-upwith-all-of-them. So, with all this said and all of the complexities that we have during the holiday season, remember that one of the holidays in December is National Fruitcake Day. It is December 27th. Pretty ironic. Maybe we should start the holiday season out with this one. It would explain a few things, wouldn’t it? –Nita Henry

All Politics is Local

If its not felt by you then it is not reality

Last week brought us two significant events that indicate a turnaround in our economy.The first was a 490 point spike in the stock market, showing the highest gains in three years. Much of this was due to Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, investing Federal Reserve funds into the global market, hoping to provide some stabilization of the european markets. The NYSE signaled it as a good move, and many Americans with 401(k) retirement savings, breathed a sigh of relief. The second one has to do with jobs, and came as somewhat of a surprise to many in our nation. We gained 120,000 jobs in November, resulting in unemployment numbers dipping from 9 percent to 8.6 percent. This is the first time the country has seen these types of numbers since early 2008. Economic forecasters remain cautiously optimistic, but those in the media are calling this a turnaround, an indicator that positive things are to come in the near future. At first glance, I wouldn’t disagree with the view that things are turning around. However, as the former U.S. Rep. Tip O’Neill, once said, “all politics is local.” No matter what the statistics are saying, if it is not felt by you and your neighbor, then it is not reality. So I think

about small business owners on Welton, that come into my office asking for help accessing capital for their businesses, or the many individuals that call everyday looking for work and asking for financial help. I think about the overwhelming number of “new homeless” which makes up about 35 percent of the 6,700 in Denver. The real life encounters that happen in District 8 represent the percentages that have been presented to us nationally. As I reviewed U.S. Department of Labor numbers I was shocked to find that although the national average has dropped, unemployment among AfricanAmericans has risen from 15.5 percent to 15.8 percent. I find this both troublesome and sad. As councilman for this district, African Americans can expect to see a series of initiatives from my office to help mitigate this issue: • Small business loans through Office of Economic Development (incentives for business who hire people of color). • WIN program with FasTracks RTD Eagle 3 (which is a $1.3 billion investment in northeast Denver); working with Urban League identifying local Cole, Clayton, Whittier, Five Points residents of color to be employed on the project. • African American round table: agencies, fraternities, sororities and businesses coming together and identifying how to get African Americans back to work. Councilman Albus Brooks Denver City Council District 8 2713 Welton, St. Denver, Co 80205 720.337.8883

Robinson & Associates Law Office, LLC Specializing in Employment Law

If you believe that you have been the victim of workplace discrimination or are involved in another workplace related dispute – Contact us today! 7900 East Union Avenue, Suite #1100 , Denver, CO. 80237 (303) 866-9793

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It is a well-known fact that Denver’s Five Points corridor is an emerging multicultural entertainment and business district rooted in African-American history, arts, culture and entertainment. But did you know that Five Points is also the home to the Denver Preschool Program? Headquartered at 305 Park Avenue West, the Denver Preschool Program is the resultof a voter-approved initiative to provide preschool tuition credits for Denver’s families and quality improvement resources to preschools. The passage of this initiative in 2006 made Denver the only city in the country where voters spoke loud and clear about their desire to level the academic playing field for children of all incomes and backgrounds with quality preschool. The program is universal and provides every Denver family with a child in his or her last year of preschool before kindergarten with access to tuition credits that can be used at any participating preschool provider. All Denver families, regardless of income, are eligible, and today there are over 150 preschool providers throughout the metro area enrolled in the program, including four in the Five Points community (Mile High Montessori Edna Oliver Early Learning Center, Threats Childcare Center, Gilpin Elementary - Denver Public Schools, and Montessori Academy of Colorado). “Denver is ahead of the game through the Denver Preschool Program because children’s brains are 80 percent formed by the time they’re five years old,” says Denver attorney and Denver Preschool Program Board President John Plotkin. “To miss the opportunity to begin the learning process at this young age is to miss the opportunity to reap the benefits of academic and long-term success for Denver’s children and the community.” The program’s long-term impact on communities and the business sector has not been lost on the Five Points Business District (FPBD). “We are proud to have the Denver Preschool Program headquartered here and applaud their work giving children an invaluable start to their academic journeys,” said Tracy Jenkins Winchester, executive director of the Five Points Business District. “What better way to invest in the economic future of Denver – and of Five Points – than making sure our little ones are getting the start they need and deserve.” Winchester has a son currently enrolled in a Denver Preschool Program site as well. As the Denver Preschool Program celebrates its fifth year and recently ushering its 20,000th child through the program, it is important to note that the program’s efforts are not just important to parents, but to entire communities, according to Denver Preschool Program CEO Eileen Piper. “As children leave preschool ready to learn and ready for kindergarten, we are making sure that this initial investment benefits the children, their families and, ultimately, entire communities. It’s an investment with benefits that go on and on.” For more information about the Denver Preschool Program, visit –Tracey Williams

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Holiday Edition 2011 8


Holiday Celebration in Five Points brings with it the new FPBD Director

L-R: FPBD Board Member, Anthony Graves, Interim Director, Dante James, Newly appointed director, Tracy Jenkins Winchester, and former director Wil Alston

The Board of Directors for the Five Points Business District (FPBD) has named Tracy Jenkins Winchester as the new Executive Director of the FPBD. The business development office has been led on an interim basis by Dante James, a local attorney who was formerly the Executive Director of the Center for Progressive Leadership. Winchester joins the FPBD after serving as the President & CEO of CoLours TV, where she has worked since its inception. She is a twenty-six year cable television veteran, who has held several executive and management positions in programming and marketing at the corporate headquarters of Jones Intercable, Inc. (acquired by Comcast Cable) and the regional office for Fox Family Channel (acquired by ABC Family Channel) prior to becoming Vice President/General Manager and then President/CEO of CoLours TV. Ms. Winchester built the channel from a regional audience of 250,000 in the year 2000, to 17 million households nationwide. Early in her career, Winchester also worked in Washington, D.C. with Members of the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate as a Press & Legislative Assistant. Over the course of her career, she has served on several boards of directors including the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) and the Colorado Convention Center. Winchester has begun her new role and says, “I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the new Executive Director of the FPBD! I look forward to working with the business owners, residents and board of directors for the FPBD to advance the revitalization of Welton in a way that honors the rich history and culture of the area while attracting neighborhood serving businesses. I am committed to promoting Five Points as a destination and polishing this jewel in our city.”

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Deep Rock Water Purchased by Atlanta Company

Former Deep Rock CEO, Thomas Schwein

Stephen Kostitch, a pharmacist who moved to Five Points in 1896, dug for water, in an era when many fortune seekers were in the Rocky Mountains digging for gold. It wasn’t long before, Kostitch struck a pure Artisian source. With his water in

high demand, Kostitch changed careers, and created Deep Rock Water Company. Deep Rock, has been in business for 115 years. Today, the company has 120 employees, with operations in Five Points, Colorado Springs, and Greeley. Its rich history, products, customer service, and ability to grow in a tough economy, were strong attributes in Deep Rock’s recent purchase by Atlanta’s DS Water. “For the next six months I will be helping the new company with an integration plan,” says Thomas Schwein, Deep Rock’s outgoing CEO, who successfully grew the company since 2005, placing a strong emphasis on corporate-social responsibility. “DS Water is the largest home and office water company in North America. They are a great company. Like we do (Deep Rock), they have great products; they have great service. Knowing that, it’s a great marriage; it’s a great partnership, and I am glad we ended up where we did.”


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20th Annual Harambee Luncheon

Community stakeholders turned out to participate in the Engage 8 listening session at Red Line

L-R: Ahmani Nobel, Winifred Tina Carter, NCNW President Elizebeth Lee, Dr. Margie Bell-Cook, and Alexis Fleming

City Councilman Albus Brooks’ campaign promise—to connect diverse communities, is reflected in his district-wide Engage 8 listening tour. Brooks has been holding facilitated visioning sessions, in partnership with the Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, listening to a wide range of stakeholders, including residents, business owners, nonprofit organizations, faith-based institutions, seniors, youth, etc. A recent session was held in 5 Points/ Curtis Park at Red Line, with participants answering questions such as: What drew you to live in this community? What did this community look like when it was at its best? How can the community move forward, and what role are you willing to play in the future of District 8? “When people come together and talk about their community, and what is best, there are common aspirations no matter their diverse backgrounds,” says LaDawn Sullivan, Denver Foundation Program Officer, and District 8 resident. “Across the district, we are hearing people care about maintaining a diverse community, and

that’s not just ethnicity, that’s also economic diversity, and an inclusive environment where all voices are represented.” Many Engage 8 facilitators and participants were former opponents of Brooks during the city council race. Now they are working collectively in the best interest of the district. “The ideas that have come out of these community meetings are only as good as the implementation that follows,” says Tony Pigford, Engage 8 Executive Director. “Upon completion of the tour Engage 8 is hoping to have all eight of it’s empowerment committees staffed and ready to begin the real work. Ideally, this work is made easier through collaboration with existing organizations, and we have been learning about the wonderful work already being done in various neighborhoods.” The next Engage 8 listening session will be Wednesday, December 21, 6:30 p.m. at the Eastside Human Services Bldg–3815 Steele. If you would like more information about Engage 8 call 303.704.5043 or email:

The Denver Section-National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) held their 20th Annual Founder’s Day Harambee Brunch this month in memory of Gloria Parson-Gray (May 22,1942-August 30, 2011), who led the Denver Section, and was affectionately referred to as Madame President. The Harambee Brunch commemorates the memory of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, who founded NCNW in 1935. Dr. Bethune (July 10, 1875 – May 18, 1955) was a renowned educator, civil rights activist, and advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hundreds gathered at the Doubletree Hotel in support of NCNW’s mission of leading, developing, and advocating for women of African decent, as they support their families and communities. “Former President, Gloria Parson’sGray’s desire was to involve all local national affiliates toward this goal,” says current president Elizabeth Lee. “It is my hope and prayer that we will continue working toward the goals that were set forth by our founder, Dr. Mary McLeod

Bethune.” This year’s theme was Women United and Moving Forward Together. In addition to celebrating Dr. Bethune, Dr. Margie Ball-Cook and Minister Tina Carter were also acknowledged for their incredible community impact. Alexis Fleming, Ahmani Nobel, and Chibueze Agwu are young people also celebrated for their community work and accomplishments. “Harambee is a Swahili term meaning, pulling together, and moving forward,” says NCNW Historian Dr. Claudette Sweet. “ I wholeheartedly endorse the concept. It embraces the vision and the legacy of our founder, Dr. Bethune. NCNW has grown to become a council of 39 affiliated national African American women’s organizations with over 240 sections, connecting nearly 4 million women worldwide. Elegant, engaged, and refined, are a few words to describe these women and community servants. Never out done, nor out dressed, no Harambee Brunch is complete without stylish hats, and Hattitude. –brother jeff

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Hatitude & the National Council of Negro Women

JAKE’S RINGS IN THE NEW YEAR MOTOWN-STYLE Jake’s Food & Spirits, located at 3800 Walnut Street, will be hosting the premier

New Year’s Eve party for the Five Points community with “Motown New Year’s Eve.”

Guests will be treated to a musical journey – by a live DJ – that will take you back

in time, featuring the best music of yesteryear and today. In addition, all guests will be

served by a full supper buffet including Jake’s signature dishes, a complimentary cham-

pagne toast at midnight and party favors. Admission is just $20 per ticket and advance tickets are currently available at Jake’s. The festivities kick off at 8:00pm and be sure to dress to impress!

And following New Year’s Eve, Jake’s will host a weekly Motown Saturday Night

with live DJs, surprise musical guests and more. Each week will feature a different din-

ner special and musical hits ranging from contemporary to classic 60s and 70s Motown. One of the newest additions to the Five Points Community, Jake’s opened its doors

in the fall of 2010 and recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a celebration

thanking its loyal customers. Jake’s has been very active in the Five Points Commu-

nity, having recently hosted gatherings for Mayor Michael Hancock, Councilman Al-

bus Brooks, Reverend Leon Kelly’s “Flip the Script” Graduation Ceremony, the Cole Neighborhood Holiday Social, the Five Points “Meeting of the Minds” luncheon and others.

Jake’s opens daily at 11am and has a full lunch and dinner menu in addition to a

late night menu (the kitchen stays open until 1am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays). Menu highlights includes Jake’s signature wings, burgers, catfish, cheese steak and

chicken and waffles. For lunch each day, Jake’s features its “9 for 9” special; a hearty lunch with side and soda for just $9 in nine minutes or it’s free. And on Wednesdays,

kids (under 12) eat free after 4:00pm and wings are just $.50 apiece all day and all night for all flavors.

Beyond the great food and service, Jake’s is the only restaurant in the Five Points

Community to have 10 big screen televisions – perfect for watching football. Sundays

feature Jake’s “Main Game Special” whereby the price of your next pint of PBR equals

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Jake’s is ideal for hosting small and large events. For more information, visit www. or call at 303-295-3800 and ask for Steven Sampson, the general manager.

Granny Dances for 20 Years

5 POINTS NEWS journalist Aliyah Fard

Cleo Parker Robinson’s “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” is about a person named Granny who is teaching her grandchildren about dances she has done all around the world. She shares the holiday cultures and traditions of many different people. Two years ago, while watching this production, I really enjoyed the music, singing and dancing, so the following year, I decided to audition to become a part of the cast. I was very excited when I received a phone call saying that I would be a part of this 20-year tradition. Everyone was very supportive backstage. People helped with costumes, and getting to our places for whatever act we were doing. I had a great experience both watching, as well as being a part of the production. I encourage you to go see “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” because it is a great play and I think you will have a great experience too. –Aliyah Fard


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