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White Tigers


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Introduction Have you ever seen a White Tiger? They are really cool animals! Read this book to find out more about these animals. Here is a little fact too! The White Tigers are also call the Bengal Tigers. Their scientific name is the Panthera Tigris Tigris.


Appearance The adult White Tigers are about 3 meters long. Their color is one of the most attractive parts of them. Their color is unusual; it’s kind of like a zebra, black and white! Their fur is very soft and smooth. The unusual color has made them popular in zoos. They’re are about 3 meters long and weigh about 108-285 kg.

Fact box The White Tigers’ fur is rare because people kill them to get their fur to make bags, carpets, coats, shoes and other things.

Fact box Did you know that the White Tiger was stripe less!? But that changed in 1820.


Fact box Did you know that the White Tigers favorite food is wild boar, monkeys and gaur.


The White Tiger is a solitary animal. This lets it sneak up on them to make it easier for them to hunt in the jungle. Even if the White Tigers are not nocturnal, they still do most of their hunting at night. White Tigers have amazing hearing and great eye sight so this makes hunting for them easier.

The White Tiger is a carnivore. They only hunt at night because they are not the only one who needs to find food to feed themselves; there are other animals like jaguar, lions cheetah etc. Because of this they only hunt at night.

Fact box The White Tigers only eat meat to get more nutrition. White Tigers like to eat me!


Habitat /Behavior Where you can find White Tigers? Fact box Did you know that the White Tigers are not just in India but they are also in China and Africa!

Fact box Did you know that White Tigers have been in India for more than 100 years!

The White Tigers habitat is in jungle and mangrove swamp. They live in the Indian subcontinent. You can find a lot of White Tigers in India. Their habitat is getting ruined because people cut down so many trees and jungles are disappearing! #4


Male and female white tigers are attracted to each other by roars and scents. Once mated they go their separate ways, and then the mother gives birth to her baby cub in three and a half months. The mother gives birth to five cubs. At first they are blind and only weigh one kg. The cubs can be orange or they can be black and white, they don’t have to be the same. After four months the cubs begin to follow their mother and hunt with her. After 18 months they leave their mother. They can only live up to 12 years old in the wild.


Endangered Before people started wasting paper the White Tigers were everywhere but now they have become ENDANGERED. This is happing because people are cutting down trees and White Tigers live in jungles so that is a big threat. The White Tigers are being killed for their fur; bags, phone covers, earrings, shoes, pencils and lots more. People use their meat for soup! Not only are people killing them and destroying their homes, they are taking them in to zoos. White Tigers can live longer in zoos but they are not happy. Compared to other tigers the white tiger is more endangered.


Gaur-A large wild ox Carnivore-Something that only eats meat Solitary-Something that lives alone Nocturnal-Awake at night   and sleep during the day

Attractive- someone who looks nice Subcontinent-A large chunk of land in a continent Threat-A danger to something



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White Tigers  

By Elizabeth

White Tigers  

By Elizabeth