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BY: Luca

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Parts of Satellites

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Types of Force

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Types of Satellites and Job

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Artificial satellites

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About the Author

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Introduction Satellites are machines that help us. They can navigate people, bring information from other countries, and a lot more. Satellites are used for several different reasons. For example, navigation satellites are for navigating people. Satellites are useful machines.

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Transmitter Booster

Parts of Satellites Satellites have some parts that help them. Satellites have a booster, so that a crew at the ground station could control the rockets to increase speed, to make satellites keep orbiting the Earth. The transmitter of satellites sends signals to the ground station. The satellite’s antenna receives some signals that are sent from the ground station. These are the parts that satellites need.

Types of Force There are two force; pull and push. If an object is flying above the atmosphere with great force it will never land. It will keep orbiting Earth. When the satellite slows its speed, Earth’s gravity pulls the satellite. It enters Earth’s atmosphere, but the air pushes the satellite and while it falls down it burns up. These forces are important for satellites to work.

Types of Satellites and Jobs There are a few types of satellites and jobs to do with satellites. Navigation satellites navigate people who are using navigation system. People watch T.V. shows in other countries by Communication satellites. For example, people in Europe could watch American T.V. shows by using Communication satellites. Military satellites are used for navigation, communication, and reconnaissance. Reconnaissance satellites collects information from other governments to report it in the news or newspapers. Meteorological Satellites can see whether a storm is coming or not and where is it coming to. They also take photos for scientists to study the atmosphere and clouds. Scientists study Space using Scientific satellites. The US made the world’s first Rudimentary communication satellite. Satellites are very useful to make a lot of discovery.

Military Satellite

Artificial Satellites and Natural Satellites There are Artificial Satellites and Natural Satellites. Artificial satellites are satellites that are man made. Those kind of satellites could communicate with a ground station. Natural satellites(non man made satellites) can’t communicate. Natural satellites orbit natural things. For example, the Moon is a natural satellite because it orbits Earth. Satellites are not just man made but, some are natural too.

Glossary Booster = boosters are part of satellite that increase its speed. transmitter = transmitter is part of a satellite that receives signals. antenna = antenna is part of a satellite that send signals. satellites = satellites are machines that study Space and does a lot of different things. Artificial satellite = artificial satellites are satellites that are man made. Natural satellite = natural satellites are satellite that are natural.


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About the Author

Luca is a 5th grader in SAS. Luca learned in SAS for 2 years. He was born in South Korea. He has 4 family members including himself. Luca’s favorite book genre is fantasy and adventure. His hobby is baseball and basketball. Luca’s favorite subjects are science and math. In science Luca likes Space and he likes to experimenting and making something that moves by them self. In math he likes algebra.


A Non-ficton book by Luca about Satellites.