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The History of Airplanes

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About the Wright Brothers


How an airplane moves


Kinds of Planes


How airplanes changed




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Airplanes have a long history and the shape of them has changed a lot. Few people accomplished making airplanes. The inventors made them for people to travel easier. Airplanes had started off a long time ago. At that time, only one person could ride on the aircraft, and when the time past a large number of people could ride the airplane. It was a hard accomplishment. Airplanes had made people’s lives much easier.

The Wright Brothers Who knew when people would fly like birds and fly from country to country? Many people were frustrated that people were stuck in their land before the airplanes were made. Eventually, two people accomplished making a successful airplane. They were called the Wright Brothers. Their real names was Orville and Wilber Wright. Wilber Wright was born on April 16, 1867, while Orville Wright was born on August 19, 1871.

In December 17, 1903 the first airplane they invented was called the Wright Flyer. You would have to lie down and there were propellers which pushed them forward. Wilber and Orville Wright (right to left).

How Airplanes Move

How airplanes move is interesting. It all depends on the sizes of the airplane. If it is big, they have motors, and if they are small, they would have propellers.

Motors move by sucking air in and shooting it out. That forces the airplane to move forward. Propellers move when air

moves across the wings, and then lift is created and you take off.

Diagram of how a motor works

Kinds of Airplanes

The four main kinds of airplanes are . Advertisement Planes, Military Planes, Special Purpose Planes, and Transport Planes. These planes are the most useful airplanes.     

Transport Plane

Military Plane

Advertisement Plane Special Purpose Plane

Advertisement Airplanes are airplanes that fly around showing people advertisements . Transport planes are planes that let us travel one place to another. Military Planes are airplanes used to fight. Special Purpose Planes are what it sounds like. It is used for special purposes and can be used as any kind of the other type of planes.

Glossary Advertisement: a notice or announcement in public promoting a product, service, or event. Military: relating to a soldiers or armed forces Motors: a machine powered by electricity that gives motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts. Propellers: a mechanical device for propelling a boat or aircraft.

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How Airplanes Changed Airplanes long ago was very delicate and would crash often. Only one person could ride it. Also all airplanes were moved by propellers and planes usually crashed a lot. Now airplanes are more stable and less crashes are seen.

Airplanes are now very quick. Now most airplanes move by motors instead of propellers. Now numerous people can ride airplanes. There is more safety and less crashes. Flight is easier because now there are flight attendants. They help you if you have a problem. How airplanes changed was wonderful and more safe.

About the Author Sean was born on December 31st in

Korea, Ulsan. Sean enjoys riding riding airplanes and wanted to know how airplanes move. When he had to write a non-fiction book he decided to write about the history of airplanes.

History of airplanes  
History of airplanes