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I dedicate this book to my best friend Nirvaan


Have you  ever  wanted  to  really  know  what  anima3on  is?  You   probably  think  it’s  just  a  short  film  or  an  art  piece.  I’m  sure  to   tell  you,  it’s  more  than  that.  Anima3on  is  basically  your   modern  tech  world.  Anima3on  is  the  video  games  you  play,   the  movies  you  watch,  and  even  a  single  movement  is  s3ll   counted  as  anima3on.  But  anima3on  is  more  than  that.  Read   this  book  to  find  out  more  about  this  kind  of  moving  art.

What is Animation? Animations are graphics representing art pieces to show a movement in the series of pictures. To make the object, in the animation, have movement they need to be slightly different and in rapid speed to show change. It is an illusion made with a story made with normal pictures. Animation is so easily made, a person can make a ball bounce with only 6 pictures.

Different Types of Animation In the animation world there are different types of animation. The most common one is Computer animation. There is also Cell animation, paper mate animation, digital 2D animation, Digital 3D animation, stop motion animation, Clay animation, cutout animation, paint-onglass animation and Experimental animation.

Bouncing Ball Animation 10 pictures per second

The History of Animation The History of Mickey Animation first started in cave drawings. And between 1404 and 1438 they started to have a bunch of drawings that spin around in the middle that would create an illusion of the people in the drawing really dancing. Though the final piece was brought to life in 1893. This is called spin animation.

The First successful Animation

Mickey Mouse has a very interesting timeline. Mickey’s first appearance was in 1928 called Plane Crazy. Soon the creators decided that Mickey Mouse should have thinner eyes with no pupils. That is when they started to make Mickey colorful. Soon Mickey mouse wore a magic hat and instead of pants he wears a red robe. Then Mickey goes back to pants and yellow shoes and he stars in the show Mickey Mouse Club House.

Steam Boat Willie (even though his name is Mickey)

Computer Animation What is computer Animation? Computer Animation is mostly used for video games but it also spreads into movies and television for special effects. Using 3D software, models of figures can be made for the animation. Using the right key pose you can control your figure to fall, bounce or even smash into one another. But you are going to need to analyze and recreate the figure to make physical movement. How to create computer animation

Future Animation Animation Of The Future Hollywood is making a great effort on chasing monsters through realistic looking actions. Researchers at the Max Plank company have now made a technology that simplifies the production of body sense. The Actor’s movement are caught on many cameras to transfer the actions in the animation film to be extremely realistic and very simple.

Newest way to make animation

Glossary Graphics: special pictures that have 3D Illusion: a mystic wave of color Appearance: a seeing Spread: goes to or moves Analyze: scan Production: the making Transfer: put it

Cited Sources This book is full of facts but for more information you can check out these sites too!

About The Author My name is Michael, I like to play basketball and draw. I wrote this book because I realized Animation was not that appreciated even though it is basically our lives.