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Micro-Ingredient Proportioner


Micro-Ingredient Proportioner The Micro-Meter is another building block in AP's exciting Integra product line designed to simplify and add profit to livestock production. The Integra product line utilizes simple practicality that is balanced by the latest in advanced technology. For years when it was time to medicate animals, there were three choices: get out the syringe, turn on the water medicator, order medicated feed, or some combination of the three. Thanks to the Micro-Meter from AP those days are behind us. The Micro-Meter gives you the ability to add approved premixed medications right at the feed line. Instant in and instant out! Fully computerized operation calculates the correct dosage based on four simple inputs and delivers it into the feed line accurately and evenly. All functions are fully accessible from remote locations via modem with the use of the optional communication device. Medication history can be automatically graphed, stored, and downloaded into a spreadsheet for recordkeeping. If desired, all medicators can be programmed and locked out from a central production location.

Micro-Meter Control


Quick Disconnect

Lower you're up front cost per head by using this optional kit that makes your Micro-Meter portable. This unit comes with a convenient handle that doubles as a mounting bracket. Everything quick couples for a fast and easy swap to another feed line. The control is mounted right on the unit. Great for sites where you are only supplementing basic feed mill programs or using mainly to implement Paylean.

Cost Savings Injectables and water soluble medications are more expensive and more time consuming to implement than their dry feed medication counterparts. Every day that you can use the feed-med version is money in the bank. Using medicated feed could be very effective but you have no way to introduce it instantly when needed. This problem is solved with the Micro-Meter.

Flexibility The AP Micro-Meter lets you start, stop, and change medications anytime. If a change is needed, simply empty what is left in the Micro-Meter hopper and refill with the needed medication to start a new regimen. No waiting for feed down or feed recovery from the feed tank. The Micro-Meter can also be set up to dispense to just one or more treatment pens at the beginning of the feed line.

Easy to Use Micro-Meter Pulse Program

No mixing required, it’s all done for you! One fill of pre-mix handles most therapeutic treatment regimens with no refilling needed.

It Is Automatic Micro-Meter Step-Up Program

Step-up, step-down, pulse, it's all automatic! Whether you are looking to pulse on and off at regular intervals or step-up your chosen article at a predetermined time, it’s all made easy and automatic with the Micro-Meter.

Record Information The Micro-Meter keeps a database of what medications were given, to what animals, and when. With the optional communication device you can operate the medicators, view usage on graphs, and download the information to spreadsheets for your records. This can be done from a PC at any location with a phone line and modem.

History information downloaded into spreadsheet

Micro-Meter medication history chart



The INTEGRA product line is an integrated management system that lets you access real-time data on feed and water consumption, animal weight, and environmental conditions.

e g a t n a v d A

Agnet Software

Agnet Network Sample Layout

For the ultimate in a fully integrated management system, the Micro-Meter controller can be connected to a communication device allowing access to medication history through proprietary Agnet software. In addition to monitoring the Micro-Meter system, Agnet software also provides monitoring and control of Airstream environmental controllers, Weigh-Trax sorting scales, Agri-Alert alarm systems, and a variety of AP timers and feed system controllers with a single software package.

Feed-Link System The Integra Feed Link network collector connects up to fifty-bin display units providing access to feed inventory & feed and water consumption information for an entire site from a single location. Data can be accessed from the network collector by utilizing the Feed Link software package on a PC either directly connected to the network collector or remotely via modem. The network collector's internal fax modem can be programmed, using the Feed Link software, to send feed inventory and water consumption status reports and low feed level warning reports to your home, office, feed mill or any location equipped with a fax. With the easy to navigate Windows based Feed Link software package, the status of literally hundreds of sites can be monitored from a single PC via fax modem. The software package is also used to enter site information, fax numbers and parameters for the "fax out" feature of the network collector.

Agnet Software Screen

Feed-Link Software Screen 4-06


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The Micro-Meter is another building block in AP's exciting Integra product line designed to simplify and add profit to livestock production....