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Sunburn by: Zenon Sadler It was a hot sandy summer morning, I had just arrived in a cabin with my family. The room number was 179. The room only had 1 floor, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi outside some rocking chairs and a T.V. It seemed like a boring and relaxing place at the same time! I even liked the pool with the diving board outside. Day 2: A day later I was boiling, so I had the idea of asking my parents if we could go spend some time at the pool and they answered back “of course what a great idea!” Even Liona and Egan agreed. My personal favorite was the diving board, that was awesome. The first ones who went up were me and Egan. My dad and Liona were right behind and I went up first. I jumped and did a stunt called a” big cat”. It’s basically where you tuck your arms with your elbows, cross your legs and try not to get a belly flop. BOOOM!!! When I swam up, pain shot up my body as if I’ve been crushed by a truck. I soon realized that I had received a gigantic belly flop. I tried to act as if nothing had happed, but it was pretty hard considering the pain. “Did it hurt?” Egan asked with a worried expression on his face. “Nah nothing at all” I lied rubbing my hurtful stomach. “ You liar!” Egan blurted out “you didn’t even last a second!” “That’s enough boys” my dad replied. “what are you going to do?” I asked Egan “I don’t know, maybe a potato.” What Egan did was something called a “potato” it’s really just a cannonball, except it’s completely upside down. He jumped, he leaped, he jumped again and SPLASH!! What had happened? I don’t know. Let’s see. When Egan swam up, he started laughing. I was really hoping he’d get a belly flop, but his cap just fell off. That day we spent the rest of the time there. I had to admit it was pretty fun watching my family members doing belly flops, back flips and all sorts of other crazy things! Me and my dad had a freestyle race together and he beat me by a second. If it was something like 200 meters then I would have won. Afterwards it was pretty relaxing and we even jumped in a Jacuzzi! I had a good night sleep. Day 3:Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! My brain ordered me. “Whoa! Okay I’m up” I replied sleepily. “Were heading up to the beach today” Liona replied excitedly. “It’s quite a nice weather today” my mom told me and my brother. “Really? Great” I muttered. It took us an hour to pack up and then

we were off. We first started walking at this narrow path that led us to a steep rocky, watery area. Mom said it only took 5 -10 minutes, but it felt like 20. “ Dad are we near yet?” “almost” He replied. Finally we were there: the beach and it was certainly much more hotter than I had expected I had just wished that I put a tiny bit more of sunscreen, well later on I was going to find out that I needed much more than that! “Wow!” It sure is hot” Egan replied panting “you’re telling me?” I complained wiping sweat off my forehead. “Well what are you waiting for let’s jump right in!!” Liona cried excitedly. We had a lot of fun there like tubing, jet skiing, canoeing and a whole bunch of other stuff too! But after 4 hours I got sunburn and we had to leave immediately. Well it took a week to heal and by the time it healed we had to leave. 2 weeks later: Well all I can say is I better study up, because I’m going to a mandarin summer camp for 4 weeks and I admit I think I’m a bit nervous, but at the same time I also think I’m going to have a great time!

Memoir: Skiing by: Zenon Sadler


I went skiing down the slope after the trip on the ski lift. “Here I go!” I yelled as my cheeks started to feel numb. It was my first time skiing and I had to admit I was pretty nervous. At the time I didn’t have any poles and it was quite hard turning and swaying.

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