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A Christmassy Day By Toby  Frank  

Have you ever had the feeling of waking up on a day, like Christmas, waiting to go downstairs and open your presents? That’s how I felt today. I hopped up out of bed and tiptoed downstairs, then fixed my favorite breakfast, a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I opened the door to the garden and sat down on the porch in my favorite chair. The warm breeze hit me like a blow dryer as I ate my breakfast, wondering about all the different things that would happen today; playing trampoline dodge ball, eating cake at my goodbye party, and finally going over to Kyle’s to play and sleep over. Suddenly, I saw a rustling in the bushes near the playroom, so I instinctively grabbed my nerf raider CS-6 and aimed it at the bush, and then it jumped out at me! The nerf bullet I shot hit the creature right in the chest and it scurried away. It was just a squirrel! I sighed as relief washed over me, and let my thoughts wonder to my sleepover with Kyle. He’s a nice guy; he’s about my age and a good six inches taller than me. I finished my breakfast with a satisfying gulp and walked inside to pack for the sleepover. I quietly raced up the stairs as fast as a roadrunner. I felt excited for the day ahead of me. My brother, Miles was already awake. The sheets on his bed were clearly overturned. I grabbed my backpack and started shoving the objects I needed for the sleepover in my pack: my sleeping bag, a toothbrush, and some clothes for the next day. When I was done I scooped up the backpack and started out the door. It felt heavy on my shoulders like I was carrying a boulder. As I was walking out I spied something that I forgot, my good luck video game charm! I had won it in Hawaii when I flew there for my summer vacation. While I was wearing the charm I had never been beaten in a fair video game fight. So I grabbed it and shoved it in my back pocket, hoping I would finally beat Kyle later that day.

Max and I had raced out of the car and were just entering the House Of Air and had already spotted someone we knew. “Yo Kyle!” On our first round, only a couple of friends had arrived, but we dived in anyways. “3, 2, 1 dodge ball!” shouted the referee. I ducked into a building and found myself in the company of Kyle and Max. We were all good, but Kyle had played the most games here so he was technically better. Trampoline dodge ball is a mixture of ‘dodge ball’ and ‘capture the flag’. Max, Kyle, and I were defending the flag with a couple others. For the first ten minutes nothing happened in our little spot, then Max, our ‘watcher’ saw something. “There are two people right in front of us, about 20 feet away,” he said. “We should probably get them with a pincer move,” whispered Kyle. “I will go left and you two will go right, then we’ll get them from behind.” We all nodded, and then sneaked out the back of the building. Kyle peeled off to the left, while Max and I peeled off to the right. We sneaked up on them from behind as I hoped desperately that they didn’t see us. The seconds seemed like hours as we tiptoed behind them. It was eerily silent as we neared our opponents, and soon we were only a couple feet behind, when Kyle threw his ball. His ball hit the taller one squarely in the back “You’re out!” boomed the referee. A split second after, Max and I threw our balls. The other opponent was quick to react, but Max and I threw our balls so he couldn’t dodge them. He dodged, but was called out by my ball. It was an exhilarating feeling throwing someone out. Out the corner of my eye, I saw a teenager on our team make a bounding leap over the dividing line. We had won! We played dogeball till our two hours were up. It felt like the best day in my life.

While playing, I came upon other people I had invited to the party, Cooper, Conner (Kyle’s little brother), Will, and Kiki. Finally our two hours were up, “We want to stay in longer,” we all yelled. The adults were soon forced to pull out their trump card, “If you guys won’t eat the cake, the adults will,” bribed Will’s mom. It was then that we settled down for cake. We all ate cupcakes and joked around while I thought about the rest of the day. “What is not enough for one, just right for two, and too much for three?” questioned Arya. We all knew the answer; he had said it about one hundred times. The answer was a secret. “What could it possibly be?” Will sarcastically put in. “A secret!” screeched Arya like it was hilarious.

A funny thing I Remember was the candles on my cupcake were trick candles that my mother had bought, but I knew that, so when no one was looking, I took them out and replaced them with regular candles so when I blew them out, the flames didn’t reappear.

When eating cake was over, we ran over to the park and played soccer. It felt cold out, but we didn’t mind. At about 5 o’clock, everyone drove home. I drove home and with Kyle to have the sleepover.

As soon as the car drove into the driveway of Kyle’s house, all the kids (me, Kyle, Conner, and Miles) jumped out and raced inside. Kyle’s house is a big mansion with a pool and a tree house. We played and ate and played again, “Yay!!!!” we all yelled as we played. It truly felt as good as Christmas.

first published piece  

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