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By Anika  

Tsunami Poems!  

The only books that separate ground water and surface water are our law books. Duane Smith

Water flows humbly to the lowest level. Nothing is weaker than water, Yet for overcoming what is hard and strong, Nothing surpasses it. •


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• Being a new picture • My dog Jack • Worst Tsunami in 2011 • Main Idea About Splat! • The Biggest Wave • The big Wave

New Picture    

By Anika  Marsh            I  was  a  newly  framed  art  piece  entering  a  museum.   I  felt  like  I  was  going  to  a  new  school  for  the  first  time.   I  fretted.  What  if  other  pictures  were  different  from   me?   What  if  I  was  the  only  picture  with  a  big  frame?  What   if  I  needed  to  go  on  a  diet?   I  approached  the  museum,  and  it  didn’t  look  so   bad,  but  when  people  fastened  me  onto  the  wall…   Ouch!    I  got  used  to  it  when  they  screwed  the  last   corner  to  the  wall.     I  saw  other  paintings  afraid  of  being  in  the  new   museum,  which  made  me  realize  I  wasn’t  the  only  one   scared.  I  also  saw  families  and  friends  pointing  at   paintings  and  heard  them  talking  about  the  pictures.            For  days  and  days,  I  stayed  in  a  museum,  where   people  could  see  me.  I  was  scared  when  they  looked   at  me  in  a  surprised  way,  but  at  the  same  time  I  felt   really  happy  that  people  watched  and  videotaped  in   front  of  me.  For  years  and  years  people  came  by  to   take  pictures  of  me,  and  the  more  they  took,  the  more   I  felt  more  like  an  ordinary  picture.    

My Dog,  Jack      

By Anika     One  day,  when  I  was  1  year  old,  my  family   bought  a  dog  that  was  a  few  months  old.  His   name  was  Jack.  He  was  just  a  little  puppy   ready  to  find  a  home.  Jack  grew  a  lot  bigger   over  time.     Now,  since  9  years  have  gone  by,  Jack  is  9   years  old,  which  is  67  years  old  for  humans.   This  is  an  old  age  for  Jack,  but  he  is  still  a   healthy  and  a  good  dog.  Now,  it  was  close  to   October,  Jack  was  turning  10,  that  mean   he’s  going  to  turn  70  in  humans  years.                                                              


Worst Tsunami  in  2011   3/11/11    

By  Anika  Marsh      I  was  in  my  house,  with  my  head  full  of  excitement,  I  couldn’t   think  for  a  minute  because  of  the  sleepover  with  Mina.  I  was  ready  to   go  to  Mina’s  house.    As  we  went  I  finally  settled.  When  I  got  to  Mina’s   house,  I  felt  even  more  excited.  We  had  some  snacks,  ate  dinner  and   played  until  we  needed  to  go  to  bed.               Next  Day,  I  watched  Mina  and  her  brother  play  a  game,  then   after  that  I  played  with  Mina  until…    

The Tsunami!!     I  felt  shaking  around  the  house.  We  calmly  went  under  the  table  and   waited  for  it  to  stop.    When  the  shaking  ceased  we  went  back  to  our   playing.    However,  nothing  really  happened  to  us.     I  didn’t  think  about  the  shaking  for  several  days  because  no  one   told  me  about  it,  no  one  talked  about  it.    Why  is  that?    Did  I  forget?  I   had  not  felt  any  shaking  around  the  house  until  this  time,  until  now.  I   like  to  ignore  those  kinds  of  things  but  I  think  it’s  because  I  never   read  any  earthquake  books  and  it  wasn’t  on  the  news  either.  Even  my   mom  or  dad  won’t  tell  me  because  they  might  have  forgotten  the  last   time  they  had  earthquakes  or  they  might  have  remembered  but   doesn’t  want  to  scare  me.   Then  when  we  saw  the  news,  the  tsunami  was  covering  the   whole  east  side  of  Japan.  We  went  outside  to  feel  the  shaking  again,   but  it  stopped.  Silence.  Mina’s  mom  called  my  mom,  because  of  the   tsunami.  We  played,  with  fear  in  the  back  of  my  mind,  until  my  mom   got  to  Mina’s  house.  When  my  mom  picked  me  up  and  arrived  home,  I   always  remember  the  moment  of  the  tsunami.    

The biggest  Tsunami,  and  later  on,  we  prayed  for  the  ones  that   got  hit  by  the  tsunami.  There  was  no  tsunami  bigger  then  the  March   11  Tsunami  and    

         This  is  why  we  call  this  a  very  popular  tsunami  that  we  can  write  

about and  talk  about  how  big  the  tsunami  was.       Next  day,  I  thought  maybe  I  could  donate  and  make  money  for  the   people  in  Tohoku  Area.    I  knew  that  would  be  very  helpful.         I  like  to  help  people.     I  like  to  care  for  people  who  were  in  the  Tsunami.  Caring  each  other   is  very  important.  I  will  pray  for  people  who  were  in  the  tsunami.                                                               We  will  never  ever  forget  this  moment!!!!                                                                                                                                                                        

Main Idea  About  Splat     1.  Bad  kids  get  in  trouble   a. They  may  get  away  with  it  a  few   times   b. Eventually  get  caught     2.  Kids  are  bad  because   a. They  want  to  get  noticed   b. Get  attention   c. Bored     3. Bad  and  Good  Humor   a. If  you  have  a  good  humor   nothing  would  go  wrong   b. If  you  have  a  bad  humor  you   would  get  in  trouble  and  it  can   get  worse   4. What  bad  kids  do  like  Alex  and   Keegen?   a. Throw  tomato’s  

b. Pushing people  in  the   bathroom  and  off  a  hill  when   their  not  suppose  to     5. Being  Bad  is  sometimes  fun?                               a. Throwing  tomato’s  at   people   b. Pushing  people  when  they   are  in  the  porta-­‐potie   6. Bad  people  like  Keegen  and  Alex   eventually  did  things  fun  not  bad?               a. Throwing  tomato’s  at   people         Splat!!  

     If  you  want  to  be  bad,  you  can  read  Splat!    This   book  makes  you  want  to  be  evil,  but  you  can’t  be   as  bad  as  Alex  and  Keegen,  because  they  always   get  in  trouble.  Do  you  want  to  be  an  ordinary   character  that  doesn’t  change  much?  Or  do  you  

want to  be  a  person  that  gets  in  trouble  but   makes  some  big  changes,  like  holding  a  tomato-­‐ throwing  event  like  the  stars  of  this  book.        


The Biggest  Wave   By     Anika  Marsh    

One March afternoon when it was very cold, The trees started to Shiver, Then everything shook shook Shook!! A big wave appeared more than 8 feet tall, Like a giant who didn’t like the land at all Everything started to rumble tumble and Crumble! Like a piece of paper getting crumbed Then everything was still like a Quiet Room,

Nobody liked this Typhoon. Never liked it.

The Big  wave  pg,  3-­‐10   By  Anika  

The Big  Wave  takes  place  at  long  time  ago  Japan.   Most  of  the  actions  happen  on  a  farm  and   seaside  fishing  village.  If  I  lived  there  I  would  be   scared  of  the  ocean  and  erupting  volcanoes  that   was  threatening  the  village  people  didn’t  know   how  to  handle  the  big  wave.                Jiya  said  their  enemy  was  the  ocean  because   the  same  ocean  attacked  land  many  times.     Pg  10-­‐22     Compare  Jiya  and  Kino     The  two  boys  Jiya  and  Kino  have  different   feelings  about  the  sea.  They  are  friends  roaming   free.  They  live  in  different  parts  of  Japan.  Kino’s     a  farmer,  and  Jiya’s  dad  is  a  fisherman.  Kino   doesn’t  dislike  the  sea  but  Jiya  is  the  opposite.   The  tsunami  wasn’t  a  problem  for  Kino  because   he  lived  up  the  mountains.  Jiya  frets  even  more   than  Kino,  because  he  lives  on  the  ocean.  If  I   were  one  of  the  main  characters,  I  would  stay   calm  and  live  a  happy  life  in  the  present.              

Essay About  How  Environment  Affects   Me   My  Time  in  Paris  

By Anika  Marsh  

Before  I  first  came  to  Paris,  I  thought  it  was  just   a  plain  country.  When  I  saw  it  for  real  the  first   time,  Paris  had  lots  of  history  for  example  the   Eiffel  Tower,  which  was  bigger  than  the  Tokyo   Tower.    The  language  they  spoke,  French,  was   very  fancy  and  interesting.  This  place  had  lots  of   interesting  stuff.      We  got  a  Eiffel  Tower  key  chain  to  remember   this  place.  Paris  is  my  3rd  favorite  place.  We   came  here  many  times,  but  we  will  not  forget   the  first  time  we  came  to  Paris.  Paris  is  the  place   that  looks  so  magnificent.    The  trip  made  me  feel   like  a  traveller  and  adventurer.    It  was  nice   seeing  my  dad  so  happy.  Travelling  is  great  for   my  family.  It  was  also  nice  meeting  other  family   members  as  now  I  know  how  important  they  are   to  me.    

September and October Writing  
September and October Writing  

September and October Writing