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Civil Rights Case Study   Name:  Anika  Marsh  

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Case  study:  Slavery  and  the  Civil  War    

What happened?   summarize  the  event  

-­‐ In  the  1860s  slavery  was  legal   -­‐  In  the  South  everybody  wanted  slavery  to  go  on,  because  they  think  that   owning  someone  is  like  making  them  do  all  the  work  and  you  don't  have   to   -­‐slavery  allowed  plantations(big  farms)  to  exist.  Crops  like  tobacco  and   cotton  needs  lots  of  labour   -­‐  In  the  North,  people  hated  slavery  and  wanted  it  to  be  banned  because   they  think  it's  wrong  to  see  a  slavered  person  do  all  the  work  but  master   doesn't,  they  think  it's  unfair  and  not  equal  the  the  person  whos  being   owned   -­‐  The  Slave  states  joined  a  different  Union  called,  "The  Confederacy"   -­‐  Abraham  seccesfully  broke  the  Confederacy  by  bringing  the  Union  army   to  attack  against  the  Confederate  army   -­‐  The  Civil  War  started  when  Fort  Sumter  was  attacked  on  April  12,  1861   4:30  AM   -­‐  More  states  seceded  from  the  Union  and  joined  the  Confedracy   -­‐  America  had  two  Union  and  one  became  bigger,  but  the  other  Union   needed  the  Confederacy  to  break   -­‐  The  Civil  War  was  the  first  American  War  in  the  1800s   -­‐  In  the  Civil  War,  slavery  was  still  in  the  country  until  5  years  after  the  war   began,  Abraham  gave  a  speech  called,"Emancipation  Proclamation,"  which   made  end  to  slavery  and  made  it  illegal     -­‐  the  Union  army  made  destruction  to  all  the  Confederate  military   -­‐  the  Confederacy  split  into  two  in  Mississippi  River   -­‐  the  Union  was  back  together  and  there  was  only  one  Union  because  the   Confederacy  couldn't  hold  as  a  Union  since  the  Confederacy  split  up   -­‐  The  next  day  after  Civil  War  started,  Abraham  Lincoln  brought  up  a   speech  called,"Emancipation  Proclamation,"  to  all  the  southerners  who   wanted  slavery  to  go  on,  even  the  Northerners  wanted  to  hear  it   -­‐  Abraham  made  America  one  Union  stronger  and  a  better  place   -­‐  Abraham  ended  the  Confederacy   -­‐  Abraham  Lincoln  hated  to  see  another  Union  form,  so  he  had  to  change   it  by  bringing  an  army  to  the  Confederate  military  and  destroy  it   -­‐I  would  call  Abraham  Lincoln  a  leader,  because  he  led  the  amy  to  split  the   Confederacy,  destroy  the  Confederate  river  navy,  and  making  destruction   of  the  infrastructure  of  the  Confederacy  along  the  way   -­‐Civil  War  ended  in  1865   -­‐Abraham  Lincoln  gave  a  speech,"Emancipation  Proclamation."  The  speech   changed  the  southerners  to  make  slavery  illegal  and  for  the  whole  country   -­‐  Years  after  the  destruction  of  the  Confederacy,  the  seceded  states    

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Why is  this  a  problem?     Which  human  right  is   being  violated?  

Summarize two   perspectives  on  this   issue?  

decided to  go  back  to  the  Union  because  the  Confederacy  was  spliting,   and  the  2  Confederacy's  couldn't  hold  as  a  Union,  so  the  states  returned   back  to  Union   -­‐  Civil  War  happened  and,  nothing  changed  America'   -­‐If  you  ever  want  to  own  somebody,  don't,  or  else  you  will  be  in  jail   -­‐  Abraham  Lincoln  will  always  be  famous  for  giving  the  speech,"   Emancipation  Proclamation,"  because  it  ended  slavery  and  it's  the  3rd   most  famous  speech  in  the  world   -­‐  Abraham  is  famous  by  leading  the  Union  army,  and  breaking  the   Confederacy  and  bringing  back  the  Union  and  the  seceded  states  who   joined  the  new  Union               Slavery  is  a  problem:   -­‐The  black  people  have  to  do  all  of  the  work  and  the  white  people  did  not.   -­‐Black  people  would  feel  angry  and  lonely  because  their  all  alone  doing   work   Since  black  people  were  slaves:   -­‐would  not  be  educated   -­‐families  would  get  seperated   -­‐Blacks  would  feel  sad  about  being  a  slave   Perspective  1:   -­‐  the  black  people  hated  to  be  a  slave  because  they  had  to  do  all  the  work   and  the  whites  don't  do  anything   -­‐  blacks  hated  to  be  not  equal,  they  even  didn't  like  the  pain  of  the  work     -­‐  the  blacks  didn't  like  to  work  and  they  didn't  like  to  see  their  family  be   seperated  

Perspective 2:   -­‐  the  white  people  wanted  to  have  slavery  because  they  liked  how  they   don't  do  anything  but  they  also  eat  cotton  and  tobacco  that  needed  cheap   labour       -­‐  these  people  didn't  care  if  the  black  people  worked   -­‐  whites  don't  even  think  about  other  people,  all  they  want  to  do  is  be   bossy  to  the  slave    

Civil  Rights  Case  Study  cont.    

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Who made  a   difference?   name  the  person  or   group  

What did  the   person/group  do?  

What type  of  strategy   would  you  call  the   action(s)  of  the   person/group?  

What changed  as  a   result  of  this  event?  

-­‐ Abraham  Lincoln   -­‐  General  Ulysses  S.  Grant  

-­‐ Abraham  said  that  having  a  another  Union  wasn't  a  good  idea,  so  what  he   did  is  he  set  his  army  to  destroy  the  Confederacy   -­‐  Abraham  hated  slavery,  and  he  didn't  like  the  the  slaves  have  to  do  all  the   work  and  masters  don't   -­‐  Abraham  saw  that  more  Union  states  were  seceding  to  the  Confederacy,   Abraham  called  for  war  to  bring  back  the  seceded  states  back  to  the  Union,   but  when  the  Confederacy  and  the  Union  were  at  Mississippi  River,   somehow,  the  Union  broke  the  Confederacy  in  to  two,  and  this  was  the   time  when  the  Confederacy  ended     -­‐  Abraham  hired  General  Ulysses  S.  Grant  to  lead  the  Union  army,  and   successfully  General  Grant,  led  the  army  to  the  right  direction  and  the   Union  army  won       -­‐  Abraham  Lincoln's  strategy  would  be  to  read  military  books  if  don't  know   any  experience  on  military   -­‐  Abraham's  strategy  about  war  is  to  block  the  Confederate  army  then   attack       Negotiations  failed  since  the  Southerners  would  not  change  the  law  of   slavery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Violent  Protest..war-­‐He  decided  to  fight  for  the  end  of  slavery    -­‐  Abraham  Lincoln  spoke  his  famous  speech,"Emancipation  Proclamation,"   to  the  Southerners,  that  slavery  isn't  a  peaceful  thing,  in  strong  words  but   even  though  they  doubt  you,  they  could  still  change  their  minds  about  the   subject   -­‐  Abraham  hated  to  see  the  Union  break  apart,  so  what  he  did  was  he   fought  against  the  Confederacy,  since  the  Union  was  more  confident  and   stronger  they  won  the  battle  and  the  Confederacy  was  over.    

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What can  we  learn   from  this  event?  

We can  learn  that  Abraham  wasn't  just  a  president  taking  care  of  the   country,  but  he  was  the  one  to  stop  slavery  from  expanding,  he  also  fixed   the  problem  of  the  seceded  states  joining  a  new  Union,  "  The   Confederacy."  Abraham  fought  for  what  was  right,  and  now  this  was  what   he  wanted  the  country  to  be,  one  Union  and  Nation.   We  could  learn  that  if  you  ever  had  something  that  you  hated  soo  much,   then  tell  the  people  that  it  is  wrong  to  have  a  situation  so  hated  to  the   other  people  like  how  Abraham  hated  slavery,  and  he  tried  to  stop  it   without  getting  distracted  with  another  problem,  and  he  bravely  went   through  the  Civil  War  and  the  Confederacy  then  finally,  he  banned  slavery   by  making  a  speech  called,"Emancipation  Proclamation."   No  matter  if  your  hated,  you  could  still  change  the  world        

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Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War  
Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War  

Study about during the 1860s