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Bug  running  out   of  School By Anika

Ahhhhhh!!!!  Running   away  from  school!   Ahhhhhh!  Haaa.  Yeah   you  may  do  it,  Bug.

Hey  lemon,  guess  what  I’m  going  to   do  today!   I  am  going  to  run  away  from  school   because  I  hate  the  homework'ʹs  that  the   teacher  gives  me,   so  I  am  going  to  runaway  so  I  will   Never  ever  get  homework  again!  Do   you  think  it’s  a  great  idea?      

The  plan  is-­‐‑ Wait!  I  can’t  do  this   on  my  own!  WAIT!

Sorry  for  your   interruption  but  I   need  to  got  to   class!  Bye!

“Oh  well,  I  could  just  go   by  myself.”

International   School Wow,  I  can’t  believe   it,  I  ran  out  of  the   school  building   and  I’m  running   away  from  school!

Oh  no,  security   guard!  I  can’t  be   seen  by  them.  I   must  runaway   far  from  them    

I  can’t  believe  I  wasn’t   caught  by  the  security  guard.   Wow  look  at  this,  I’m  in  a   junkyard!  This  looks  like   great  place  to  walk.

I’m  sorry  I   didn’t  mean  to   runaway  from   school! Detention!!

What  are  you  doing  out   here  when  your  suppose   to  be  in  class? Well,  this  earns  a   detention  for  a  month.

I  should’ve  not   runaway  from   school  and  I  hate   these  homework'ʹs,   there  making  my   brain  hurt!  

Ahh.  That  homework   really  hard.  I  didn’t   even  know  what  2  +  2   was.  

Sorry  Principal   Clinby,  I’ll  go  to   detention!

What  are  you   doing  out   here!!  You   should  be  in   DETENTION!

I  don’t  want  to  go   to  detention  again   and  I  even  hate   that  principal!   Maybe  I  should   run  away  again.

Wow  I  like  running   away  from  school!

Oh  no,  it’s  the   school  Security   guard!  I  must  hide   from  them! Oh  no!  

Hey  Bug,  your   suppose  to  be  in   school.  You  know   your  teacher  and   your  principal   would  very   disappointed  in   you.  

Okay,  Principal   Clinby.  

This  is  it,  Bug   but  I  have  to   make  you  have   detention  for  a   year!

Hey  guys,  I  know  what  I    learned  today.  I   learned  that  I  will  never  runaway  from   school!  If  you  feel  like  running  away  from   school  because  the  homework  your  teacher   gives  you  is  so  complicated,  well  I  suggest   you  not  to  do  it  because  it  could  get  worse   like  detention  for  a  month  which  I’m  still   have,  and  having  even  more  harder   homework.  Bye  guys,  I  got  to  go  to   detention!  

Bug getting out of school