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Hi, Bye, Back to School. By Mailie Saito “We will now be landing in the Los Angeles Airport.” announced the pilot, “Cant wait until we get there!” I told my mom excitedly. I see the big Los Angeles Airport and I get excited, “Whoosh plop!” as the plane landed my ears started to pop. I’m grinning like crazy, I haven’t seen my uncle, aunt, and cousin for along time. Everyone is rushing to get out of the plane, I thought I was going to get trampled on. “Mailie, hurry before the line to get out of the terminal gets really long,” my mom explained to me as we walked out of the plane. “Ill go before you just in case the line is already a big line.” I told my mom. I arrived to the line and my mom came soon after. “Passport please.” My mom and I walked out of the terminal, I see my uncle. “Uncle Ken!” I shouted happily as I walked towards him. “Anna, Mailie glade you guys made it safely.” My uncle answered “Were going to go out to eat with Euge.” My uncle explained, (Anna is my moms name, Euge is short for Eugene, a family friend.) “Oh and Shinchan will be there too.” My uncle added, (Shinchan is also a family friend.) I get even more excited to be here, I feel like I cant get even more excited. I was wrong Shinchan and Eugene brought their kids! Everyone started to talk about how much I’d grown, it made me feel uncomfortable. I played with Yuri, Sahoko, and Kaya, (Yuri is Eugene’s son, Sahoko is Shinchan’s daughter, and Kaya is my cousin.) I felt so warm and comfortable around them because I know them so well that they are like family. I love spending time with every body because I am an only child and so I get lonely some times and sometimes it feels like a light is turned off in a dark room and I am the only one in there. So I love spending time with everyone for as long as I can. “High ho high ho its off to work we go.” My mom sang as she walked into my room with my cousin “Mom why are you singing?” I asked as I groggily woke up. “Were going to Disney Land!” My mom announced. “Yes!” I shouted happily.

“Disney Land was fantastic, thank you guys for taking me.” I thanked as we drove back to my uncles house. Today my mom and I are going back to Tokyo, I felt sad to be leaving L.A because I don’t get to see my uncle, aunt, and cousin, very often. “Mailie are you all packed?” My mom asked me as she closed her suitcase. “Yah.” I replied as my uncle carried my suitcase. “You guys all set?” My uncle asked us as he put our suitcases into his car, “Yup.” My mom and I replied, “Bye, thank you.” My mom and I thanked as we hugged my cousin and aunt because they couldn’t come to the airport with us. We got into the car and drove off to the airport. “Is this all right?” My uncle asked as he parked his car, “This is great.” My mom replied as I jumped out of the car. “Bye, thank you again Ken.” My mom thanked as we hugged my uncle. “Bye!” I shouted as we walked off into the terminal. “Please fasten your seatbelt, we will be soon landing in Narita Airport” announced the pilot. “Whoosh plop!” We landed. “Found it.” I told my mom as I carried my suitcase off the baggage claim, “Hi Mailie.” I jumped as I heard a mans voice, I looked behind me and I saw Mr. Bender! Back in Japan, back in school!


10/20/11 2:32 PM

when I was four years old I learned how to ride a bike with out the training wheels. My mom and dad helped me learn, it was so hard for me, I still remember falling off my bike and getting ng lots of scrapes and scratches. I wanted to quit but my mom didn’t let me she told me to keep on trying, teaching me was mostly my mom my dad just watched and he was the one who let me take breaks, my dad is the nicer one, they are both nice but if I were to say eho is nicer it would be my dad. Getting on my bike was easy but riding it was hartd I fell tripped, and one rime I almost went face first over my bike! It was very hard for me to keep my balance, especially because the road was a little bit slanted, if my mom hadn’t pushed me to keep trying to ride bike I wouldn’t have been able to ride my bike. If it wasn’t for my mom for teaching me a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to do lots of things like swimming, skiing, and more.

10/20/11 2:32 PM

10/20/11 2:32 PM

Hi, Bye, Back to School  

This is about my trip to Los Angeles after the eartth quake in march. I hope you will enjoy my story.