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Being a Bridesmaid By Kaitlyn Wu

The wedding organizer was telling my sister and I what to do because we missed the rehearsal. She explained that we would walk Rocky, our uncle’s dog down the walkway, where there were chairs on the side and our uncle in the front. There was a moment of silence between my sister and I, when suddenly an argument started. ” I want to walk Rocky down the walkway,” I shouted! “No I want to walk Rocky down the walkway,” she replied. We kept our argument reasonably silent so people couldn’t hear, though in the end we decided to walk Rocky down the aisle together. I was extremely nervous. My mom told me before when I was two or three years of age that I was a flower girl, and I didn’t go half way down the walkway because I was scared and ran off. I kept wondering will people be looking at me? Now that I am older I know that I won’t run off, but will I freeze for a moment and stop walking. The time had come. There I was standing at the very back of all the bridesmaids with my sister. I felt my hand get all sweaty. I thought that I would die if I did one thing wrong. When all the bridesmaids were in the front, the women organizer made a signal to go, so my sister and I started walking. Rocky was moving so much that he looked like a machine that wouldn’t stop unless he was unplugged, and when he did stop he was like a statue. Rocky was moving side to side acting uncontrollably like he didn’t know that we were at a wedding. Even though he was going side to side I still took slow and steady steps. I could hear the wedding march ringing in my ears as I walked. It felt very peaceful while I was walking.

When my sister and I were in the front, the older bridesmaid took Rocky and kept him still. “I did it,� I told myself. While the priest talked about rings I saw my dad give the ring to my uncle to give to Mary the bride. After all the talking we headed off to the dinner room. It was official, Mary was now my aunt and I experienced being a bridesmaid.

Being a Bridesmaid  

This is the time when I was a bridesmaid for my aunt and uncle's wedding.

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