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The First Time I did the Solo By Kaila Powell My heart started pumping really fast. The curtain started to rise as I saw the audience. The music began. “ I must start.” As I said this in my head I put my foot out and began. I danced all around the stage with the light shining on me. I moved my legs and arms like a swan batting its wings. The back of my neck began to become cold and wet. The light turned red like a rose as the music became faster. I had to move quickly to catch up with the music. I thought I did a wrong step but I didn’t. My teacher was in the corner of the back stage watching me as if she was a goddess protecting me from a devil. The music became slower and I moved slower too. I did my last move and…Bam, I’m done. The lights turned off. I slowly moved out of my position and walked to the front of the stage. The lights turned back on. Everyone’s eyes were shining like diamonds as they watched me get ready to bow. I started to bow then a loud roar of clapping began. I slowly turned my body around and walked off stage. I was proud of myself because it was my first time to dance a solo and I didn’t get a step wrong. I hurried off to the stairs and then to the dressing room. I opened the door and stepped inside. “Time to change into my last costume for this recital.” I whispered to myself. I finished my last dance. The curtain closed. Everyone started to move forward to the door that led to the hallways. “Let’s go meet them.” My mother told me. I met my brother, my father, my grandma and my aunt at the hallway, they were all proud of me. I received lots of bouquets (bundles of flowers that are arranged) and lots of photos were taken. They also told me that my dance was beautiful.

I told them with happiness in my voice, “See you later!” I started to walk toward the dressing room holding the bouquets. I quickly wiped my makeup away and changed to my normal clothes. I told everyone good by. I will never forget that day, when I danced a solo on the stage. That memorable time will always be in my heart. The time I danced my first ….solo.

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10/20/11 2:32 PM

I will write about the time I learned how to trot on a horse and how to tack the horse, groom it, shower it and when I learned new special words just for horses. The people with me were, the horse named Kensin that I rode on, my coach named Jenny and myself. This happened this summer in North Carolina, at a farm. What also happened was that when we tacked him up he was very calm so it was very easy when we put the things on like the saddle, girth, pad and bridle. What happened was when we groomed him with two types of brushes one was for his body and the other one was for his hair. When I trotted for the first time on Kensin it was a very bumpy ride because I was not very good at it, I also had to stop him very quickly. It was scary. We then gave him a quick shower. At the end we gave him carrots and apples.

10/20/11 2:32 PM

The First time I danced a Solo  

This is about when I first danced a solo on stage.

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