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YOU ARE  WHAT  YOU  EAT              

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You Are What You Eat

By Kaila Powell



March 23, 2011, the day

Health Authorities and with

materials. “Radioactive” does

when Fukushima’s nuclear

a Geiger counter.

not mean it’s deadly or

power reactor exploded. The

dangerous. We’ve been eating

radiation started to spread

Do you know anything

radioactive materials all

onto the animals, food, and

about foods with high

throughout our human

the environment. Japan had

radiation? Well, Stephen

history. It’s the levels you

detected abnormal levels of

Frantz, director of the Reed

have to worry about.”

radiation in milk and

College Research Reactor, is

spinach near the nuclear

quoted as saying, “When you

Wouldn’t it be safer if you

plant, but the foods posed no

ingest radioactive material,

ate something with little

immediate threat to humans.

as the material decays, some

radiation instead of

It was also reported in tap

of the radiation will hit the

something with high

water near Fukushima. My

cells in your body and


opinion is that foods with

perhaps do damage and

high radiation are

increase the chances of

So then what do you do to

dangerous if not checked by

cancer — if there’s a

avoid it ? I quote Alissa

sufficient amount of

Caldwell, a student at the

American School In Japan in Tokyo, from Mrs. Matai’s class, who tries to keep away from high radiation, “Since the earthquake we check if the meat and vegetables are from the North.” Are there any other ways? “See the news and find out what has radiation,” says Kaitlyn, another fifth grader, at the American School in Japan. I strongly agree with Alissa and Kaitlyn because it’s safer to check the foods, and also to check the news for more information so you can make better decisions about the food you can eat. Just remember that if you choose to eat something with high radiation you could develop cancer. If you don’t want cancer remember you have a choice, “Always think about where your food comes from, then choose”. Be wise, that’s all.

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