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Memoir Frances Ramirez   Have you ever had to leave someone or something very special behind? We had to leave a great friend behind to come to Tokyo and so we left him behind with my uncle in the mountains. I didn’t want to, but when my parents told me he’d be happier there, I felt like we did the right thing. Mom told me we gave him the best life possible. I think he is the luckiest dog I’ve ever known. I remember one sunny day in Austin, Texas, my mom drove past Petco, an animal store. She saw some dogs out in a crate fence, so she hopped out of the car to take a look. A puppy, a blood hound mix, started following her around the fence and as she started to leave, mom heard the puppy howling so, she walked back and he stopped. Mom tested the dog again just to make sure it was what she thought but had the same results. Amazed at what she had just witnessed she hurried back to the van to get her purse. On her way, she could hear the puppy still howling. Mom walked back, not into the store but to adopt the pup. The dog chose the owner. It was when I came out of school that special day, I thought it was another boring day, until I saw the puppy. He was sleeping in the back seat with my sister who didn’t go to school because she was sick. I am not exactly sure why Mom started having problems with Anjo, so she returned him. My brother, my older sister, and I all started to cry when she told us and I was so mad that I told my dad the moment he stepped in the house. Dad was quiet as if he wanted to cry. He walked to his room in silence. The next day, mom took us to the place where she left Anjo. There he was, still there. No-one had adopted him yet. We hurried inside the small building. A couple came in a few minutes later. After them a man came in too, they all wanted to adopt Anjo but they were too late, mom was already signing the adoption papers. A lady came out of a room with Anjo on a leash! Yay! We took him home cuddling him the whole way. Dad almost started to cry when he saw him. Lots of things happened to Anjo and us. Dogs bit his ear, he was very sick, he even chewed on my homework. No lie. He also had a bucket stuck on his back once. He also met a nice dog, learned to do a bunch of tricks, he left a tooth in my mom’s shoe. I was even able to get Anjo to sleep on my lap! I taught him

how to play fetch, only with me, because with others he wouldn’t let go of the ball. It took us a few weeks to see a little piece of his tongue missing! The last day I was with him I took lots of pictures of me and him. I had time to remember the feeling of sadness when I stepped inside my house. I slowly turned my head to look at Anjo. My eyes were the first ones to shift to him when I shut the door to say goodbye. My hands felt sweaty. My feet were stuck right there. I bet if he could Anjo would have held on to me. He looked at me with sad eyes. I felt like crying because I probably would never see him again. Those were my last moments with Anjo because the next day he was gone. I stared at the plain backyard with nothing there. It broke my heart to know that he was gone. My dad had taken Anjo early that morning to my uncle’s house and I remember being really sad. When my dad returned, he told me that Anjo looked happy when he saw the dogs. I was glad to know that the dogs wouldn’t chew him up and spit him out. Of course, even now I still think of him. I wonder if he still thinks of us. Anjo was more than just a pet, he was my best friend.


My Best Friend  

This story is about how my best friend became a part of my family.

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