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A New Destination By Dohyun Kim There was water splashing everywhere, and the rush of the sea smell toppled us over. I felt so cool. A drop of sweat sled down my cheek. “I love this boat ride!” I happily shouted. I was on a motorboat, not elegant, but swift. Just then, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. “Huh? What is that thing?” I asked myself in my mind. I never saw such a thing on the surface of the sea before. “Dad. Dad? Dad! Dad? Where are you,” I demanded impatiently, even though he was only a meter away. I called for my Mom too, to ask about the mysterious thing I just saw. I bellowed and yelled. However, no reply. Just silence. Well, actually, I cannot exactly call it ‘silence,’ for we were currently roaring through the sea. So probably they could not hear my desperate shouting. Still, my question was left unanswered. What was that I just saw? Was it a sea animal? The boat ride was almost finished. I stepped down to the golden sand. I sure was enjoying the vacation currently. It was quiet and peaceful. I thought that this was the perfect time to ask my mother about the “thing.” I marched over to my mom. I conferenced to my Mom about it. “Mom, why is there weird stuff on the surface of the huge ocean?” “Do you mean? Are you talking about garbage?” She replied. I clapped my hands in agreement. “Yup,” I yelped in delight, “That’s exactly what I mean.” “But… Why are there such things on the sea?” “Dohyun, not all people care for the Earth, you know…” my Mom uttered, and that’s how the conversation ended. “Why can’t my mom answer properly? Parents have to answer to their child’s curiosity!” I murmured, frustrated about my question. After this event, I figured that if you uncover the veil of the ocean, you could see the real feelings of the sea, forgotten by the attraction. I could tell that they felt indifference. I never knew that something could be forgotten this perfectly. Before I saw the reality, I had enjoyed the ride. However, now I could not, even if I

wanted to. The attractions had made me unconscious about the environment around me. It was not my eyes that showed it to me, it was the mind. If your mind was caring and connected to the nature, you could see. There were assassinators to the sea, right in front of me -- garbage. First I thought they were completely normal, but they were not. Now it seemed completely weird, no, cruel. Sea animals would be threatened because of these. The sneaky garbage looked like they were searching under the sea for an objective of mischief. Now my mind about the nature completely changed. My heart ached a bit. What would happen to the sea animals that would be their victim? I kept wondering why the people threw the garbage in the sea, as if it were their trashcan. I did not expect people to act like this. Politicians always presented to the public about having to save the Earth, but so far, I could see no progress in my eyes. They were only babbling instead of showing in actions. At that time, thought that if the leaders of the world would act, people would slowly follow their thoughts. For that one small second, I felt ashamed that I was one kind with these people. That night, I read a National Geographic Kids magazine. There was an article about environmentalists around the world, fighting for the nature. On one hand, I was very relieved. At least there were some people caring for the Earth. However, on the other hand, I was quite upset because there were only a few people like this around the world. I wondered if there were more people like this that volunteered, not had it as a job. My dream started mainly at these two moments: the boat ride, and the magazine. That small pet bottle in the corner of my eye changed my dream. A wonderful thought struck my head. I whispered hopefully to myself, “I’m going to be an environmentalist that cares for the Earth.” I wanted to stop the pollution. “I” wanted to be the inspirer, not other leaders. However, what I keep wondering, is that how a normal vacation turned into an alternation in the route for the train -- not some normal train -- the train that leads to my destination in the future.

A New Destination  
A New Destination  

Hello. This is my personal narrative about how I became to have my dream that has never changed in five years! Enjoy reading!