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"Every encounter that touches our soul, leaves behind a trace that never disappears completely."

Kata Budai, the Hungarian coordinator of the Dovetail project was tragically killed in a car accident on 9 September 2013. She played a very active role in organising Hungarian literary and cultural life and participated in creating and running the 5K Centre from the beginning. We are thankful for her work and dedicate the following poem to her memory:

Gone! Her Voice Flying on Dovetail A warm stranger held my hand She had a crown of fiery flame Gentle and kind she held my arm Like a couple of others in the group She walked with me across the slippery snow As we ventured into Nottingham Castle Marching along like a herd of cattle In the icy flakes that give me nightmares. In Budapest, she went out of her way Warm and welcoming to all Making sure we had wonderful days Suddenly without warning she departs from us Gone! Her voice on the waves, flying on Dovetail We hear the heavens rejoice and hail. by Naa Ahinee Mensah


Budapest Anthology 2013  

The Dovetail project gives people in Nottingham, Karlsruhe and Budapest the opportunity to tell each other their stories using creative writ...