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Or would she tell you to walk down Andrassy Avenue and marvel at its beauty? Would she tell you about the law of nothing being able to be built within Budapest and its city limits higher than the cathedral? Would she whisper about the New York New York cafÊ? Would she teach you how to spend her Forints? Or lead you to dance upon Heroes Square underneath the founding forefathers of Hungary? Would she lead you to where the last chink of light hits the last sparkle upon her bed at night? Would she let you scale the castle walls to lay on the grass of the gardens in Buda? And marvel at all her glory from up above? Would she show you the opera house with her bare breasted sphinxes standing guard outside? Would she let you look at the castle replicas and touch the Anonymous writer's pen? Now you see the Danube she whispered to me the secrets‌ Those secrets will be with me for the rest of my natural life. YOU showed me the Jewel of the East. And for that I am forever grateful and feel blessed and I am forever in your debt. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

by Serita Blake


Budapest Anthology 2013  

The Dovetail project gives people in Nottingham, Karlsruhe and Budapest the opportunity to tell each other their stories using creative writ...