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Famous Diamonds

By: Madeleine Tsung

Famous Diamonds Author: Madeleine Tsung Year: 2014 Place: Niseko, Japan Published by: Japan Press

Table Of Contents Introduction --------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 Fun Facts About Diamonds ------------------------------------Page 2-3 The Bad Luck Of The Blue Hope Diamond ----------------Page 4-5 The History Of The Excelsior Diamond -------------------- Page 6-7 How Much Can A Diamond Be Worth? -------------------- Page 8 Glossary -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 About The Author ------------------------------------------------ Page 10 References ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 11-12

Introduction Diamonds are beautiful. They sparkle like stars, and they are strong and unbreakable. People use diamonds as wedding rings to symbolize that their love is unbreakable. These stones are so hard that they can cut other things. Diamonds are crystalline from of carbon. The discovery of the diamonds was first found in India then in Brazil. Diamonds got its name by being sturdy, which came from the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning “unbreakable”. Diamonds were formed thousands of years ago. These stones can last forever. If you have a diamond, it could be from thousands of years ago. You could be wearing something that’s legendary, or something that is a piece of history.

These are the terms they use to describe a diamond

The shapes of the different cuts



Fun Facts About Diamonds Do you know lots of fun facts about diamonds? Here are some facts that you might find interesting. Did you know that the hardest natural material on earth was diamonds? Diamond is the birthstone of April, which symbolizes innocence. There are also lots of natural colors for these stones; there are blue, pink, red, black, yellow, and white diamonds. Sometimes, the color of diamonds are related to royalty, wisdom, and honor. These are some of the facts that make diamonds interesting. How people cut a diamond


This is a example diamond that is really clear. The price of this white diamond could cost millions of dollars.

Did you know that if a white diamond has just a tiny bit of yellow inside, it could make the diamond’s price lower? If the white diamond has less white in it, the diamond will become more clear, which shows the real color of that gorgeous stone. Then the value of the diamond will become more expensive. If the white diamond has lots of white inside of it will make the diamond translucent. You won’t be able to see entirely though the diamond, so the price will become lower. The price of the diamond can be low and high, it all depends on how the diamond looks. 3

The Bad Luck Of The Blue Hope Diamond

Henry Thomas Hope

The history of the Blue Hope diamond is terrifying. People thought the Blue Hope diamond, which was 45.52 carats, was a part of the Blue Tavernier diamond. Throughout the French Revolution, the Blue Tavernier diamond was stolen. Then Henry Thomas Hope acquired the Blue hope diamond. The son of Hope suffered the loss of his fortune after buying the diamond. The may have been the end of suffering for the Hopes, but the diamond is still cursing owners. 4

Later on, Mrs. Edward McLean purchased the Blue Hope diamond. She lost almost everything she had after purchasing the diamond, her currency, her family, and her only child was accidentally killed. There seem to be no reason for her to live, so Mrs.McLean committed suicide. Eventually, Harry Winston, bought the Blue Hope diamond. Clients were to afraid to be “cursed” by the stone, so they refused to touch it. The Blue Hope diamond is now at Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Because of the long unfortunate history of the Blue Hope diamond, people are frightened that it will “curse” them by bringing them bad luck and taking away everything they cherish in their life.

Harry Winston, a famous New York jeweler


The History Of The Excelsior Diamond Have you ever wondered how the Excelsior diamond was found? The 970 carat diamond was discovered in June 30, 1893. The stone was found by a miner named Kaffir while he was shoveling gravel into a truck. He secretly hid the great find from his supervisor, but eventually, he handed the diamond to the mine’s manager. In return, Kaffir got money, a horse and was released from the contract. How the Excelsior Diamond was found is surprising.

This is the Excelsior Diamond


Even though Kaffir got an expensive reward, he shouldn’t have turned the diamond in. It was very unfortunate for Kaffir to hand the stone in because he could have kept the diamond to himself. The day the diamond was found, the contract expired between the mining company and the London diamond buyers. When the contract expired, the miners didn’t have to turn in anything they found in the mine anymore. If the diamond was to be found before Kaffir found it, it might be as famous Hope diamond or Cullian Diamond.

This is a design for the Excelsior Diamond.

This is how the Excelsior Diamond looked before it was cut


How Much Can A Diamond Be Worth?

The rich people and kings had always collected diamonds throughout history, because diamonds never lose their value. These expensive stones have become more valuable, so most people want to buy and save them. Have you ever wondered what the most popular and expensive diamonds are? The most expensive diamond is the Koh-I-Noor diamond, which is priceless. Then it is the Sancy Diamond which is also priceless. The most expensive diamond that you can actually buy is The Culllinan Diamonds; It is 400 million dollars. After, it’s The Blue Here are some of the famous diamonds. Hope Diamond that “curses” people; it is The Heart Of Eternity Diamond ($ 16 million), The $350 million. Then its The De Beers Moussaieff Diamond ($7 million). Then the last but not Centenary Diamond at $ 100 Million least, The Allnatt Diamond, at 3 million dollars. All of these dollars, The Steinmetz Pink, 25 million diamonds are the diamonds that are worth the most in the dollars, The Wittelsbach Diamond, $16.4 whole world. million.



Page 1 crystalline- Having the structure and form of a crystal.

Page 1 carbon- Carbon is the chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. Page 2 innocence- Innocence is a term used to indicate a lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, or wrongdoing. In a legal context, innocence refers to the lack of legal guilt of an individual, with respect to a crime. Page 2 wisdom- The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. Page 3 translucent- Allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through; semitransparent. Page 4 acquired- Buy or obtain Page 4 Suffered- Experience or be subjected to something bad or unpleasant. Page 5 cherish- Protect and care for someone lovingly. Page 6 miner- A person who works in a mine. Page 7 expensive- Costing a lot of money. Page 8 valuable- Worth a great deal of money. Page 8 Priceless- So precious that its value cannot be determined.


About the Author The author who wrote this book is Madeleine Tsung. She is eleven years old and goes to SAS. Her hobby is to dance, and her favorite colors are neon yellow, turquoise and green. Madeleine chose the topic, Famous Diamond, because she thought it was cool that a stone this small could be last forever and never lose it’s valuable price. 10

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This book will tell you about two famous diamonds, the bad luck of the Blue Hope Diamond and the story of the Excelsior Diamond. If you are not sure what a diamond is, there will be a introduction of diamonds and fun facts about diamonds. If you ever wonder how much can a diamond can be worth, this book will also talk about it. Let’s learn more about Diamonds!

Published by: Japan Press

Diamond Book  
Diamond Book  

This book will teach you about the Blue Hope diamond and the Excelsior diamond. This book will also give some fun facts about diamonds. I ho...