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By: Mark Dietmar Kielnhofer

Action of www. WWW. is the worlds most famous invention but... What is the WWW.? Who invented WWW.? So many people use WWW. Why did this superb genius start the idea? How has it changed over time?

What does WWW. mean? WWW. means World Wide Web. It is one of the most popular services in the world. It is a collection of web documents and pages that for international connection between the internet.

What is the WWW.? The World Wide Web is a library of billions of pages of information and, videos and everything you need to know. The www. is a global network of linked websites and it can connect to different programs and browsers on your computer.

Who invented WWW. The genius who invented WWW. was Tim Bernes Lee in 1985, as a source of information for scientist. In 1995 the World Wide Web spread all around the world. In 2000-2011 millions of people used it. WWW. is really useful.

Why did the superb genius start the idea? Tim Bernes Lee invented WWW. because he was so frustrated in 1980 because it was very hard for him to get information. So he thought how hard it will be for the other people to get information TA, DA the WWW. was invented so now everyone can get information in one place WWW.

How has it changed over time? In 1961 all the computers in the world were all alone. Then engineers linked two computers so they can work together. Then the network kept a secret so when there was a nuclear war it was still able to work so the system was called Arpanet. By the 1990s Arpanet was called the internet.

World Wide Web  

This is a magazine about World Wide Web. You can find who invented it?, what is it for?, What is the WWW.,?Why did the suberb geniuse inven...

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