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If you are looking for easy ways to make money online then the good news is that there are literally THOUSANDS of easy ways to make money online. And, you only need a couple to start padding your bank account quickly. Quick, answer this question: "Do you want to sell something OR do work and get paid for your results?" Each one of these are easy ways to make money online but they each have pluses and minuses. The positives for selling another's product is that your income is virtually unlimited. If you are a great marketer then you can literally pick your income. But, there will be days (and weeks) where you make zero dollars and many people can't handle that! If you get paid for your results then you have a safer path that is still a fairly easy way to make money online. However, your income is limited because there are only so many hours in a day. And, unless you figure out a way to get your hourly wage up, you are stuck at a certain income level. But again, it's quite a bit safer for those risk adverse folks out there. Regardless of what you choose, here are my top four easy ways to make money online: #1. Sell your stuff! - With the advent of eBay and other similar sites, it's never been easier to find someone that wants to buy the stuff in your garage. The key here is knowing how to post your product for ultimate profit. The key to doing it right is learning how to properly describe your product, it's condition and to take great pictures too. Finally, research your competition to see what others are charging for shipping and even the product themselves. If you target the price correctly you can clean out that garage and stuff your wallet in no time at all! An advanced version of this strategy is to sell OTHER PEOPLE'S stuff. If you know the true value of a product, like a Rolex Watch, then you could develop a relationship with the local jeweler. And, you could offer to sell their products online for a share of the profits or a flat fee. The same could occur for cars, boats or clothing! There are many business owners who don't understand some of the easy ways to make money online. And, you can profit from that! Keep your eyes open for opportunities because they are all around you. #2. Build a niche blog - Blogs are the easiest way to get your message out. And, with so many affiliate programs out there that are willing to give you a share of their profits, it's really easy to make money online. The formula is simple. First, start a free blog wrapped around a topic. Second write a blog post and put your affiliate link in the article. Repeat the process every day and experiment with various products. This is NOT an instant money maker but is a long term formula

for success #3.Amazon - either through their affiliate program or their reseller store there are many easy ways to make money online through their affiliate program. Like other affiliate programs they will give you a special link that gives you credit for every sale made. Unlike others they sell tens of thousands of products. So, if a person visits their website through your link and if they buy any of Amazon's products you will get credit. And, because of the tracking process Amazon uses you could get credit for a year or more after they initially visited! #4. Surveys - Most people think that taking surveys online are a waste of time. However, this is one of the true easy ways to make money online if you know what you are doing. And, if you're patient! To really be profitable then you should do surveys that give you products as a cash reward. Then, you can sell these products through sites online auction sites and get cash. I do not like survey sites that only have payouts in cash because they typically give you less money as a reward. I've found it to be much easier to make money online (and more profitable) by getting a product and selling it through a different channel. There you have it, my personal list of the top four easy ways to make money online. If you look around you'll soon see that there are easily four hundred ways to do it, if not more. But, you must think "outside the box" and always have an entrepreneurial mindset. And amazingly, once you see a few opportunities you will often have a paradigm shift which allows you to see others. It's like a new world emerges and in this world there are unlimited and easy ways to make money online. Good luck!

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==== ==== After evaluating countless different Online business opportunities and money making methods, ONLY ONE brought in a significant income. Click link below to find out: ==== ====

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