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Did Daytona Speedway’s President ever drive here? Answer inside on Page 3

March 23, 2012 # 1



an you believe it! The 2012 racing onight also will be the Super Stocks, season at “America’s Favorite Home Sportsman and Bombers. As I menTrack” is already upon us. It seems like tioned, we’re starting off this season with a just a month ago we were witnessing one “Big Bang” as our plans are to return next of the best Snowball Derby’s ever. Friday, March 30th, with the first of 5 Allen ur plan this year is to bring you just Turner Hyundai Pro Late Model 100 lapas much, if not more, exper’s. Then just two weeks after citement. Tonight, it’s the “Pepsi that, on April 13th you surely don’t Next 100” presented by Buddy’s want to miss the Extreme Sprint Home Furnishings for the Super Cars as they invade Five Flags Late Models. This will be the first for the very first time. These are of 5 Blizzard Series races for Winged Sprints with powerful the SLM’s. You’ll see a strong 410 c.i. motors, and you can alfield of cars as they are already most bet the track record will fall. looking for a guaranteed starting Chris Davidson # 41 Add a 50 lap Modified race, and spot for the 45th Annual Snowball Derby. motorcycles all on Friday the 13th. They know how important it is to attend all n closing, every one of us at the speed5 races and try to land a top ten position way would like to send our thoughts and in the Blizzard Series points after the final race on September 21st. Just ask Chris prayers to the family of long time speedDavidson how important it is. That’s how way employee Joe Huff. Joe lost his battle with cancer on February 15th and will truly he got in the Derby last year. be missed at the pit gate atop turn two. Joe’s photo along with 2 regulars from the pits, Leonard Craig Sr. and Ricky Davidson are remembered inside.



Mar 30th PLM 100 #1 SP, B April 13th MSRXSS Winged Sprints, Mod 50, plus Motorcycles April 27th Blizzard Series #2 SP, B May 11th SPORTSMAN, Mod, SS, B May 25th Blizzard Series #3, SS, SP, B June 8th PLM 100 #2, SP,B; Bike Races June 22nd Blizzard Series #4,Mod,SP, B July 13th TBARA Winged Sprint Cars, Mod, SP, B July 27th PLM 100 #3, SS, SP, B Aug 10th UCP Nite, SPORTSMAN, Mod, B, DEMO DERBY Aug 24th PLM 100 #4, SP, B Sept 21st Blizzard Series #5, SS, SP, B Sept 29th PLM 100 #5, MOD, SP, B Nov 17th Snowball Derby Preview (Open Test Day) Nov 28th- Dec 2nd Snowball Derby

Packy Mitchell Honored With 2011 Rex E Brooks Ironman Award

A familiar face in the pits, parking lot, and all over is Packy Mitchell. He was honored for the years of lending a helping hand, shoulder and equipment here at the speedway. Packy has been the announcer at Tate High athletic events for years, and in January was also honored by the Northwest Florida Blood Center for donating 96 gallons of blood. The Rex E Brooks Award has been given for the past 7 years to volunteers and employees who go above and beyond. Way to Go Packy, and thanks.

Rusty Wallace Racing School Rescheduled to April 7th

National Anthem Shailee Roshong


Miss Snowball Derby

Funny Line..

Marty White of WXBM at the Pilot Club Charity Auction of race stuff. “Now this item is from a very popular driver, although a lot of people don’t like him.”

EKS is the Official Payment Processor of Five Flags Speedway & the Snowball Derby We offer a FREE 3 Page Website for your business when you process payments with us. Services Include: Merchant Processing, Website Design and e-commerce, Electronic Donations Custom Online Payments & Web based POS. 55 South “A” Street, Pensacola Phone: 850-677-1949

Did Daytona’s President ever drive here?

Yes, Joie Chitwood III, drove a special small car, really it was more like a go cart, at 5 Flags Speedway as part of his father’s Joie Chitwood Jr. Thrill Show. Young Joie was 8 years old when he came zipping down the front stretch. His dad and the other “Danger Angels” as they were called, preformed here in 1977. Another bit of trivia, their announcer, Mike Juran, later became a Catholic priest.

Joe Huff

Ricky Davidson

Leonard Craig Sr

We lost a long time employee, and two good pit buddies this winter. Genial Joe Huff, who smiled people thru the pit gate left us last month. Joe loved the people at the track, and at the Beulah VFD. Ricky Davidson owner of Tina’s #81 died in February after a long struggle with cancer. Leonard Craig Sr, father of Bomber driver Leonard Jr, died in January. Your friends all miss you all..

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